How about them Cowboys?

Updated: October 5, 2013

NORTH CAROLINA-(BASN)-Undeniably, they have one of the most talented football teams in the league.

They definitely play in the best stadium. They, without argument, also have the most famous cheerleaders on the sideline shaking their pom-poms.

And, without question, we have to admit, there is something special about those Dallas Cowboy uniforms with those big, bright, blue shining stars on the side of those helmets.

But despite all of the glitz and glamor, the Cowboys continue to struggle with Tony Romo at quarterback and Jason Garrett at head coach.

Even with the switching to Monte Kiffin’s 4-3 defensive scheme, the Cowboys are still only (2-2), with loses against the Kansas City Chiefs in week 2 and the San Diego Chargers last Sunday.

And to be completely honest, they should have lost to the Giants in week 1, which they walked away with a (36-31) win on Sunday Night Football.

Now, with the undefeated (4-0) Denver Broncos on the schedule this Sunday, the Cowboys are at a critical point of their season.

Because, after Kiffin’s tries to slow down Peyton Manning this week, the Boys in Dallas have a difficult task of trying to stop RG3 the following week.

After RG3,they have to face Michael Vick and former Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelly, who posted 62 points against Kiffin when he was at USC.

Next in week 7, Dallas’s weak offensive line will try to block the Detroit Lions Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley.

With that said, this October stretch could rejuvenate Kiffin or it could quickly age the 73 year old defensive coordinator as well as Cowboy owner Jerry Jones.

Why? Because, the Cowboys in the last two seasons are 4-6 after November. Therefore, they need to win as many games as possible in October, especially before injuries, which have plagued them in the past, catch up with them.

Why? Because, according to their schedule, in December, Dallas will have to bare the cold in Chicago on Dec.9, followed by the Packers on Dec 15, then Washington on Dec.27, before ending the season against the Eagles on Dec 29.

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