Cotto Comes Back

Updated: October 6, 2013

Miguel Cotto has had a good career with only four losses but those losses included soon to be half of fame Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather along with slick boxer Austin Trout. The one loss that may have rankled Cotto the most was to Antonio Margarito who later was found fighting with additional plaster before his fight with Shane Mosley.   He revenged that loss later and now he was facing the tough Delvin Rodriguez in one of those cross road fights to see what he has left. 

Cotto had lost his last two fights in a row coming into his fight with Rodriquez. He gave Mayweather a good fight but that was followed up by a loss to Austin Trout, who outboxed him.  Cotto teamed up with the legendary Freddie Roach to see if Roach magic could take him back to the top.  In normal times, this fight would be a mismatch since Cotto is an upper echelon fighter and Rodriguez is a good fighter but not in Cotto ‘s class.   The real test is whether Cotto would win easily as if he fought Rodriguez in his prime or if he lost or struggle; then maybe his career was over.

Cotto began the first round pursuing Rodriguez, who wanted to use his jab and box to set up counters.  At the minute mark, Cotto landed a vicious hook to the body. This was followed by more body shots that caused Rodriguez to flinch.  Rodriguez own attempts to counter Cotto, proved ineffectual over the first three minutes.

At the beginning of the second round, Cotto went from hooking the body to hooking the head as he landed those hooks to Rodriguez’s head.   Cotto consistently cut off the ring; forcing Rodriguez to fight.  Halfway through the second round, Cotto added a solid right hand to the body and Rodriguez was covering up his body.   Near the end of the round, Cotto landed a right hand followed by a left hook that buckled Rodriguez knees.  The bell ended the round before Cotto could do any more damage.

The beginning of the third round, Cotto forced Rodriguez to the ropes and he threw a right hand to the body; partially blocked by Rodriguez.  Cotto then launched a short, sharp left hook that nailed Rodriguez’s face.  Rodriguez slipped to the canvas as his knees buckled and he even managed to dragged the judge to the ground with him.   The judge didn’t even bother to count as he simply waved off the fight 

Cotto looked like the Cotto of old and not like an old Cotto.  Cotto moved aggressively throughout the bout and he used body shots to set up head shots.  Cotto unleashed his entire arsenal of punches and now he put himself into a position to once again fight in a major event. There are plenty of fighters to choose from and this Cotto who fought in Orlando, Florida against Rodriguez could be a good competitor to Canelo Alvarez, when Alvarez is ready to come back after his loss to Mayweather.  Cotto had Alvarez in sight but a loss to Austin Trout derailed that bout.  Cotto showed that he still has the skills to be an upper echelon fighter. 





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