Updated: October 15, 2013

Updated: October 14, 2013


By:- Gary Norris Gray- BASN Staff Reporter

Black Quarterbacks

5-1  Russell Wilson- Seattle Seahawks -Wilson has solid second half to beat Tenn.

4-2  Colin Kaepernick-San Fran. 49ers- Niners defense help Kaepernick 253 yards 2 touchdowns keep San Fran one game behind Seattle

3-3  Geno Smith- New York Jets- Rookie-Steelers had two weeks to prepare for Smith and they took advantage. Smith threw two interceptions in New York loss

2-3  E.J. Manuel- Buffalo Bills- Rookie-Did Not play injury

0-1 Thad Lewis – Buffalo Bills- played very well in overtime thriller lose, Bills now have two solid quarterbacks

2-3  Michael Vick- Philadelphia Eagles Did Not Play injury

2-4 Terrell Pryor-Oakland Raiders – Very bad lose in second half too many mistakes and too many interceptions. Pryor during well on the NFL learning curve

2-3 Cam Newton- Carolina Panthers – solid game by Newton 242 yards two touchdowns Clean game no mistakes that makes a winner

1-4 Robert Griffin III- The Washington Football Club- In the first half Griffin looked like the number 10 of last year but did not get assistance from teammates

0-3 Josh Freeman-Tampa Bay Bucs Waived week 4

Josh Freeman – Minnesota Vikings did not play

Total 21-27

Black Head Coaches

No Black Head Coaches hired in 2013 they were 7 openings

The Rooney Rule is now being questioned with three NFL Black Head Coaches

Marvin Lewis – Cinn. Bengals 4-2

Leslie Frazier- Minn. Vikings 1-4

Mike Tomlin- Pitts Steelers 1-4

Ron Rivera- Carolina Panthers-Latin Head Coach 2-3

Total 8-13

Black General Managers
4-2 Detroit Lion Martin Mayhew, Surprise team in the NFC Central

3-3 Baltimore Raven Ozzie Newsome, Ravens might have lost too many players over the summer then came the injuries to create difficult year.

2-4 Houston Texan Rick Smith, Houston’s falling apart as quarterback Matt Schaub goes down in third quarter and crowd cheers could be end of the road for Texans.

2-4 Oakland Raider Reggie McKenzie, The Aaron Pryor project in progress

0-6 The New York Football Giants Jerry Reese,-Big Blue is feeling just that BLUE losing to the Chicago Bears 27-21 Thurs Night Eli Manning throws three more interceptions as the Giants slip to the awful 1970 teams

Totals   11 -19

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