Good White Men . . . Versus Bad White Men – Pete Carroll versus Greg Schiano.

Updated: October 16, 2013

Good White men  . . . versus bad White Men.


The good ol boys over at ESPN and SI won’t admit it, but race is a factor in why a couple of NFL franchises are in the winless ranks; the New York Giants and the Tampa bay Buccaneers. These team’s  Head Coach,  Greg Schiano and Tom Coughlin – equate into “Bad White men.” Their whole Bobby Knight strung-out on Red Bulls and Clint Eastwood movies mentality . ..  just does not resonate with young men, and specifically young Black men . . .


It doesn’t sound far-fetched to see both Coughlin and Schiano as apart of that GOP crowd who wanted President Obama to spit on the late  Hugo Chavez – or Carpet Bomb North Korea. Who support Texas Senator Tom Cruz.  I guarantee you both these guys were in-favor of Big George W. n’ Little Dick Cheney’s  little dirty war in Iraq . . . for this is the pompous, reckless. arrogant   cowboy/patriot/rebel  mindset we see most WASP guys embody.


The self-anointed “Rugged Right” in America is composed of who?


Now wait, I’m not going to just carry-out this drive-by, I’m going to offer the flipside;  Seattle’s Pete Carroll and Kansas City’s Andy Reid translate into “Good White men.” Both have a different approach to molding and managing men. Both have started Black quarterbacks, with Reid risking the tag of “Nigger Lover” for giving the hated Mike Vick a 2nd chance to shine after he stayed with McNabb against  President Rush Limbaugh.


Negro lover . . . think Vice President Joe Biden .


And  Pete Carroll brings a whole different liberal, “Hippie” “Flower-Child”  vibe to the game . . . he’s a star-gazing beach-bum with gridiron game-plan who treats men like men, and he’s dared to bench the Great White Hope in favor of the Ebony Signal Caller . . . that takes guts in 2013 as a White man in America


I know this “racial” angle is a polarizing perspective, one White guys would rather leave-out of the debate concerning “why” these two teams suck . . . but I’m sorry – the coach’s attitude and approach to operating a football team matters. Parochial schools, Military academies and the Marines are not for most humans of any race. Furthermore if you consider the story of America, and the methods, tactics and tools employed by White males to accumulate and maintain their power are focused-on coercion, arm-twisting,intimidation and violence . . . it’s no wonder screaming, hollering and cursing-out grown men fails to do the trick.


I guarantee you . . . you White sportsfans across America – heed my words. No Real Black man wants to play for a White guy who’s an asshole. I know that’s hard for most Rednecks to grasp. Maybe no more complicated than how apparently its a nightmare for a White guy to have a Black boss of any disposition, type A, B orC . . .  But for whatever the reason . . . young Black men, who constitute the vast majority of both the Giants and the Buccaneers don’t best respond to angry, anal, militaristic disciplinarians . . . .


Is that a leap for many of you?


Nonetheless . . . White folks tend to believe “what them Black boys need is a swift kick in their Black asses” to get them going. It’s the identical mindset we saw for almost 300 years – the slave master didn’t spare the whip. Fear, intimidation and brutality remain today the emotional  cornerstone elements in the theories of “how to control your Niggers”


Greg Schiano and Tom Coughlin are of this mindset, and it is their desire to “break” these men of their bad habits n’ ways. Make them earn their millions . . . yeah, how far do you think that goes in the Giants locker-room. Coughlin’s men have already mutinied before.


Unquestionably Schiano was brought in because Raheem Morris, the former Black Head Coach was tagged a “players coach,” the teams woes were  deemed, by White sportsfans and reporters – to be the lacking-of discipline and organization – the two elements of leadership which White folks claim to have some “inherent monopoly” on . . . because they say so.


Ain’t that a bitch?


Now look at how he’s treated Josh Freeman The contempt and hostility Schiano had for Josh was obvious –  so-much-so the player’s union is asking for an investigation to determine if Schiano back-stabbed his QB by releasing classified information.


Horrifically, Schiano being installed is merely a logical reaction for the owner, a wealthy White aristocrat, who fired Black head Coach Tony Dungy then brought in the Golden Boy – Jon Gruden,  who many still attest won the Lombardi Trophy with Dungy’s Buffalo Soldiers, anyway . . .  might Mr. Glazer’s move to an unaccomplished neanderthal overseer, who  treats them boys all the same . . . like animals – an expected move within American society?


While the beatings, whippings, rapes, torture, verbal/mental and emotional abuse were all key characteristics of “plantation life” –  today the answer to the “Black Problem” is to maintain quasi-military type police forces – composed of angry White men who’re given the nod by the “White power structure” to do what they have to do to keep the niggers in the jar. Let’s not delude ourselves here – White America had rather, they prefer to . . . build more prisons than pre-schools.


Can you say George Zimmerman?


The NFL company ideology is accepting of Blacks, now dig this – because the numbers dictate they have to be. But we’re permitted beyond the field only as tokens to appease the critics. They’re but a few Afro-Americans allowed to be head coaches . . . and that’s by strategic design, not coincidence or happenstance.

Nor can we deny the Quarterback/Golden-posterboy position is a cultural battleground  all unto itself and the NFL does not want a Black Signal Caller as the face of the league. White American sportsfans/consumers want Manning and Luck, not RGIII, Russell Wilson and Cam Newton.


Why the preferences?


My thought – the Republican TEA Party land of dixie perspective prevails across White America;  Blacks are barely human – educated apes with child like mental capabilities – physical specimens, mental midgets – and therefore within the NFL, the “good ol boy network” of coaches and support personnel reflect this widespread white male opinion.


And I need-not explain the country-club elitist anti-worker mindset of the NFL plantation owners . . .  its been a battle trying to get these fat-cats to allow a Black man to operate their franchise – the pitifully low number of Black head coaches and offensive coordinators more than underscores and amplifies the glaring problem. These bastards don’t want to hire Black men, they’d rather hire Bull Connor,Simon Legree or some boy genius with a pigskin pedigree to coach their teams then give an over-qualified  Black man a shot.


Ponder the point sportsfan; just as in society, most of White America is more-comfortable with an illiterate Caucasian convict at the wheel . . .  than a Black Choir Boy/Eagle Scout with an MBA piloting their craft.


Now please note; there’re Black gladiators who’ll run through a brick-wall for coaches of all colors  . . . they’re plenty of Black men who respond to Mike Tomlin’s serious, serious no flippin’ approach to the gridiron – so the good ol’ boy argument  Black men don’t have the backbone, maturity and discipline to play for a true militaristic field general is but a racist notion.


Nonetheless,  to truly understand the need of Redneck gridiron fans to see a fellow White man leading Black barbarians –  understand this is a deep, deep-seeded desire, one seen when you look at the history of the US military – Black troops were always lead by White men . . .


Somehow White men, even NFL coaches can sleep at night knowing their “power” control and domination is fake, artificial and contrived.



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