Testing the Testimony of Tebowism (The final chapter?)

Updated: September 7, 2013

We, at Blackathlete.net, felt this story entitled Testing the Testimony of Tebowism should be re-publishing, especially after Tim Tebow was cut from the New England Patroits.

NORTH CAROLINA, (BASN)—To a population of indigenous people, the thought of a white man with a Bible, who claims God speaks to him and directs his path, should be viewed with extreme caution.

Hear my warning.

And take heed to my words.

Remember, our elders warned us that those who don’t know their history, are doomed to repeat it.

Why? Because, religion mixed with a little racism plus a few hours of riotous rhetoric on sports talk radio is a recipe for our mental and spiritual demise.

And when you sprinkle in some white supremacy, a dash of spookism, it becomes a poisonous concoction that can kill the souls of many men, women and children seeking salvation, who dare to sample it.
The Lion and the Hunter

With that said, there is an African proverb, which states “Until the Lion tells his own story, the tale will continue to glorify the hunter.

Let’s not forget, as much as we love seeing Tebow praying on bending knee, he walks in the footsteps of past Christian missionaries, who spread their brand of Constantian Christianity throughout the Globe in order to mentality enslave and oppress people of “color”.

What do I mean by Constantinian Christianity?

That means the faith of the oppressed became the religion of the oppressor. In other words, Constantine domesticated the one called “Jesus” to the empire. In effect, the empire, now, is using Jesus to push their imperialistic agenda.

For instance, Constantine, who became the emperor of Rome in 306, was convinced that he needed divine assistance before a crucial battle. As a result, while praying, he believed that God sent him a vision of a cross-bearing the inscription “in hoc signo vinces,” which meant (in this sign you will be victorious.)

Therefore, Tebow, in the same tradition of Constantine, believes his prayers to God will lead him to victory on the football field.

Tebow, in essence, is no different from these white televangists on television.

In other words, he is Pat Robeson with a football. He is Jim Baker with a helmet. He is Jim Staggart with shoulder pads. He is Joel Osteen in the huddle. He is Jerry Falwell in the locker room. He is Peter Popoff in a shotgun spread offense, trying to sell the league some type of magic handkerchief, miracle water or snake oil.

Honestly, why in the Hell is Peter Popoff on B.E.T anyway. (Sorry, I digress)

Please, don’t misinterpret my analysis of Tebow’s faith as hatred.

Honestly, I find him to be a positive force on the football field, a great competitor, and an excellent ambassor to the NFL..

But, unfortunately, his love for the one he calls Jesus is being used as a political tool by the Christian Right or better yet the Christian wrong.

As a result, his faith is fueling their limited view of “God.”

Now, little Timmy Tebow, no fault of his own, has become a CULT figure in a climate of consumerism to sell jerseys and football tickets.

Football and Religion

For those, who are upset or confused by my strange analogy, try to understand, football is a form of religion, which captures our imagination every Sunday.

Therefore, we (as Black people) must consciously be aware of the propaganda being spun on television and sports programs.

Why? Because, this 24 hour Tebow marathon had little to do with football and more to do with religion.

These myth-makers, in fact, worked tirelessly to paint Tebow as some “Mile High miracle worker “on the field and some type of white Christian superhero, worthy to be worshipped and praised.

Must, I remind you, that during this Tebow-mania, the Florida Family Association, a Tampa Bay group, were leading a campaign urging companies to pull ads from the TLC produced reality TV show called “All-American Muslim, which chronicles the lives of a group of Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan.”

Therefore, sport networks like ESPN were playing a dangerous game with all of their foolish debates about divine intervention and fourth quarter comebacks.

Why? Because, thoughts like those were no different than the Manifest Destiny philosophies of the past, which led to the slaughter of millions of Native Americans and the enslaved of African people.

The Theology of Tebow-ism
Unfortunately for the sports world, the Reverend Skip Bayless, whom Charles Barkley labeled the “jackass of journalism” has infected the airwaves with his brand of Tebow-Theology, while confessing his belief in the divine.

His attempt to indoctrinate football fans with Tebowism, has many journalists questioning his objectivity as well as his sanity.

Bayless’s blind support for Tebow really has crossed the line.

Now, reporters are forced to defend their faith instead of debating the facts.

With that said, the Bible clearly says “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God, because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”

Unfortunately for Bayless, spiritually, over the last seven weeks, he has been acting like a “false prophet” with his creepy obsession for Tebow.

But since the sports world along with Bayless wants to make Tebow, the face of holiness and publicly anoint him the athlete of the century.

Let me remind them that 1 John 5:21 it says, “Little children guard yourselves from idols.”

Notice that this commandment was given to little children.

Why? Because children can be easily influenced.

American Idol
But, what is the definition of an idol?

An idol is an image of god, used as an object of worship.

Have the people of Denver not made Tim Tebow an image of god and slowly started to worship him?

Some children have even been seen on the sidelines with No. 15 “Jesus” jerseys on.

As the shouting Stephen A. Smith would say, “You are so disrespectful!!”

So, instead of the cheering Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, these devoted Denver Bronco fans are now shouting Tebow, Tebow, Tebow.

Let me repeat, “Little children guard yourselves from idols.”

Even though, I am being satirical by using scripture to make my points against Tebow-mania.

There is still a lot truth in my words.

Hence, what is an idol?

An idol is an object of excessive devotion or admiration.

Can we say that Denver fans devotion to Tebow has become excessive?

But how can “little children” guard themselves from idolatry, when America is in the idol-making business.

Hence, shows like American Idol?

Shows like American Idol, in fact, work non-stop to find, design, and create idols that they feel are worthy of worship, which usually fit their narrow view of the world.

This cookie-cutter technique of making idols will be used whether it is a singer, actor, entertainer, politician or athlete.

And in the age of Tebowism, where faith overshadows football, we have a new idol to admire, in their opinion.


To any television producer or sports writer, who believes Tim Tebow’s faith is more powerful, more potent and more precious than any other player in the NFL, who puts on a pair of shoulder pads, buckles up his chin strap, and laces up his cleats in order to play this violent game called football, is psychologically disturbed.

Seriously, to single-out, an individual player’s faith as the single reason for the victory in the ultimate team sport of football is foolish.

Secondly, to highlight the faith of one white Christian athlete in a league dominated by Black athletes as being somehow superior is insulting.

This type of thinking reinforces those old racist images of Tarzan being the King of Jungle on the Africa continent that Hollywood produced and promoted in the past.

Again, I repeat, my critique of Tebow-mania, has nothing to do with Tebow as a player or as a person. Don’t get it twisted, Tebow has been living proof of having the “faith of a mustard seed”, especially with all of the criticism he has being getting from many sports analysts, who question his quarterback skills and throwing technique.

Tebow, however, is no different from any other player in the league. I guarantee, each individual player in the NFL could tell a story about how his faith has guided his career and impacted his life just like Tebow.

With that said, I compare Tebow’s faith with that of Muhammad Ali’s.

Ali while knocking out opponents left and right would often “give all praises due to Allah” just as Tebow gives all praises to Jesus Christ after his victories.

And even though, Muhammad Ali believed he was unbeatable due to his faith, he was eventually knocked out by the late-great ” Smoking” Joe Frazier. Just as Muhammad Ali was knocked out, Tebow will eventually be sacked into submission.

And when it happens, the Tebow-Mania will vanish along with the so-called God inspired comebacks and the one-on-one conversations with God on the sidelines.

And then, and only then, can we get back to playing some football.


Eric D.Graham, a graduate of Winston-Salem State University, where received a B.A. in Mass Communication, with a concentration in Radio & Television, and a minor in History, with an emphasis in African-American Studies, is currently the Editor and Chief of Black Athlete Sports Network, where his reports appear daily along with his controversial cartoon in the Bobbee Bee The Hater. Graham can be reached at lbiass34@yahoo.com

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