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Updated: September 18, 2013

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN)-In a league that has become so pass-happy, they are few big name running backs, earning big bucks, while carrying the football. So, in this segment of STRAIGT CASH HOMIE, we have highlighted some of them.

1. Adrian Peterson will be the highest paid running back in the NFL this season at $13.9 million.

2. The Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice may be small but his pay check is huge at $5,072,275 this year after winning a Super Bowl last year,

3. Aaron Foster will take home $8.2 million this season running between tackles for the Houston Texans.

4. Despite injuries, Jacksonville Jaguars Maurice Jones-Drew still runs with a chip on his shoulder and a $6.8 million contract.

5. The Tennessee Titans $12 million man, Chris Johnson, needs a big year on the ground if the Titans are going to be relevant in the AFC South.

6. The San Francisco 49ers Frank Gore still can carry the load, which is why he will be taking home a paycheck worth $6.4 million this year.

7. Marshawn Lynch, of the Seattle Seahawks, is a bruising back, and that type of running earned him $8.1 million this season.

8. Despite the dysfunction in Oakland, RB Darren McFadden will make $9.6 million this year for the silver and black. 

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