The Star That Didn’t Get It’s Fair Share of Shine (My 1 on 1 with Korie Lucious)

Updated: September 16, 2013

Some people may remember Korie Lucious and some people may not but I got to catch up with one of my all time favorite college players to give you the real scoop on his reason for leaving MSU and Attending Iowa State and the NBA Summer League and now playing in Poland. Lucious was named a phenom at the age of 14 in Milwaukee for his basketball skills which propelled him to Michigan State University under the leadership of Tom Izzo. At MSU Korie didn’t get that much playing time until his sophomore season where he averaged 20+ minutes a game 5.6 points and 3.4 assists a game. The thing that caught my eye about Korie is that he had games where he dominated but just wasn’t give the opportunities to actually excel in his career. Korie had transferred to Iowa State where he brought the Cyclones to the NCAA Tournament and averaged 11 points a game last season. Korie also opened up about the good and the bad in a tell all interview with me where he didn’t hold back anything about his life and career.


Q.What or Who is your motivation to keep you pushing to be the best you can be?


A. My mom, all my life we struggled I was brought up we had no money. Many players have that same story but all my life I just wanted to help her out and get in the position to make enough money to provide for her and give her the things she wanted. She works 2-3 jobs and her struggle is my motivation. She was trying to put the food on the table and put clothes on me and my mothers back so my main motivation is to give it back.


Q. How did you end up playing basketball?


A. I was born in Gary, Indiana my dad left us so we moved to Milwaukee around 1 or 2 and she met my stepdad who I call my father now. She met him on a basketball court and I was just crying because I wanted to play. He gave me a basketball and I was trying to shoot with the older guys on the court and thats where it started. From there I started playing organized basketball around age of 7 so I would say that he started me off and I’m where I’m at now because, of that moment.


Q. Most memorable Moment in your basketball career?


A. I would say 6th grade National Championship I won but, I have to go with making it to the back to back Final Fours with Michigan State. A lot of people don’t get that opportunity although things didn’t workout at Michigan State thats one of the biggest stages in basketball besides the NBA Finals and I will hold that close to my heart.


Q. Did your MSU situation become a thought like I really messed up and can’t get back? Or was Iowa State where you said I would rekindle the moment?


A. Both when I got kicked off the team I felt I really messed up because, I made dumb decisions while I was there. I was young and made mistakes but I got a second chance with Iowa State and I had the chance to clear my name and make the best of another opportunity. It was good and bad but I was blessed to have another chance to show people I was a good kid and try to show them what I was made of when I got to Iowa State.


Q. Do you think the press misinterepted the Michigan State suspension? I feel like ESPN beat around the bush I wanted to give you the platform to get everything off your chest to address your fans and leave it in the past.


A. I was smoking I don’t want to tell a lot of people that but I was smoking a lot of weed at Michigan State. Thats the real reason I got kicked off the team and I let my mom, family and friends down. To be honest Michigan State was a great program I’m not taking anything from Coach Izzo or the team but that wasn’t the place for me to be. Coach Izzo playing for him it wasn’t the yelling or anything it was the fact he just didn’t respect my game. Coach Izzo used to always call me an “And-1” player like even if I dribbled in between my legs and he would just yell at me and say “this isn’t And-1 Streetball”. I mean it was to the point I couldn’t shoot floaters or do nothing there man and he just put me in the position only to be a 3 point shooter and didn’t let me showcase my true talent.


Q. Who was your favorite player growing up?


A. Kobe Bryant hands down I mean ofcourse coming up everyone watched Jordan but, since the day Kobe was drafted he was my favorite player. He’s the Black Mamba everyone has to respect his game and his never say die attitude.


Q. Strength and Weakness’?


A. Strength would be my shooting because, I work on my shooting all the time. My handle would be a strength too a lot of people from NYC say that my handles are the best that they have seen ever and NYC is the mecca of basketball. My strongest strength would be shooting the ball to me. My weakness’ are my size and turnovers but I need to get stronger in the gym so I need to get in the gym a lot more.


Q. Talk about playing overseas in Poland?


A. It’s a lot different its fun though but its totally different from American basketball trust me.Its a lot more physical you won’t ever get a fast break over here they always foul you and every time they get a chance they will foul you hard. Players overseas don’t care about intentional fouls they will not let you penetrate and get to the basket. It’s different like in the NBA you can take one step before you dribble and over here you have to dribble before you move or it will be a travel. I had to get adjusted to making a lot more swishes because, over here they slap the ball off the rim but I’m getting used to it.


Q. Whats the minimum wage for an American basketball player going overseas?


A. It depends on how long you have been playing overseas but for a rookie its $60,000 to $100,000 coming out of college unless your a big name prospect.


Q. What NBA  teams fit your talents right now?


A. (Knicks,Clippers,Lakers,Miami and Brooklyn) I can bring a speedy point guard and a floor general to the team and bring heart to the teams. I can bring my scoring ability to each of those teams and just prove that I belong.


Q. Talk about draft night waiting for your name to get called? Also talk about how not getting picked motivated you.


A. It boosted my motivation a lot not hearing my name but, at the same time I knew I wouldn’t get drafted because my name wasn’t out there a lot. I had a couple teams interested in me but I didn’t get my hopes up at all. I know I’m an NBA player in my heart and I just know I could of had a better my year at Iowa State then I did. But during the draft The Pistons had a late second round pick and went with Peyton Siva which I believe it was between either me or him for that pick. It was a heart breaker so I went to the gym the next morning and was preparing for the summer league to show the Pistons that I belong on the team not Peyton but I was highly motivated.


Q. Favorite movie and hobbies?


A. He Got Game and my hobbies I’m playing video games or watching all cartoons besides Dragon Ball Z. I’m a huge cartoon fan my TV stays on Cartoon Network.


Q. PS4 or XBOX One?


A. PS4 only because the controller on the XBOX is too big and also PS4 has free internet you can’t beat that.


Q. Favorite Sneakers to play in all-time?


A. I was an Adidas man all the way until college but here we go I would go with these in order. Oversea’s in Poland right now I’m playing in the Nike Lebron Elite 10 “Superhero”

1. Adidas Pro Models

2. Jordan 13’s

3. Jordan 14’s


Q. What music is in your roatation right now?


A. Man I’m listening to that new Drake – Nothing Was The Same that right there is a banger trust me. I also listen to Wiz Khalifa and Lil Boosie a lot too.


Q. What’s something that a lot of people don’t know about Korie Lucious?


A. I’m really down to earth and I’m always willing to meet new people. If I could I would talk to whoever for an hour or so as long as they ain’t an asshole then I can pretty much talk to them. I can talk to anyone I’m just a peoples person to be honest.


Q. What do you have to do to bring your game to the NBA level? 


A. Just keep grinding to get this exposure and show teams I can lead and also I have to show I can play the point guard role without turning the ball over. As a college player I wasn’t a captain but I was a leader in the locker room and the first one cheering my teammates when I wasn’t playing. I’m a leader and I gotta show that I can lead and produce when I get the opportunity and I just have to pray to God and just continue what I’m doing until I get that chance.


Q. Where can everyone find Korie Lucious on social media?


A. Twitter – @414_Lucious

Instagram – @Lucious34

Follow and I’ll Follow Back and I respond to any body I’m always willing to talk to everyone.







  1. Michael Ingram

    September 16, 2013 at 9:34 pm

    great piece, trav!

  2. RunState

    September 17, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    C’mon Korie, the Spartans love you. You hit one of the most memorable shots in Spartan history. Quit while you’re ahead with the Izzo talk. Maybe Izzo was calling you and “And 1” player because you shot less than 32% from the field…or was it that you averaged over 2 turnovers for your career? I guess that was because Izzo didn’t respect your game, right? Man, if you want more freedom you gotta earn it, you didn’t learn that yet?

  3. Regrets

    September 17, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    Sadly what’s not being said is that when Lucious showcased his ‘true talent’ @ MSU it would usually end in a turnover. Loved to watch him play and appreciate his effort at MSU but to look back like this and dog a program you admittedly got yourself kicked out of is pretty poor form.

  4. Mark S.

    September 17, 2013 at 4:43 pm

    The Star That Didn’t Get It’s Fair Share of Shine

    It seems an odd headline for a guy who smoked his way off a team. How about: “The star that let his coach and teammates down by getting stoned too much.”

  5. Tim

    September 17, 2013 at 9:04 pm

    Korie didn’t get a fair shake at State? He smokes his way out of a top 10 program and Izzo was the bad guy?
    If he really had the best handles, why is he playing in Poland? That dude is a joke!!!!

  6. ElRod

    September 17, 2013 at 9:15 pm

    Travis Singleton – Tom Izzo has more basketball knowledge in his pinky than you do in your entire body. There were reasons this kid didn’t get to play a lot, even beyond his drug abuse. His game was not that good. He overrates himself as do you. His career field goal % was .35. That is just poor. He was a turnover machine. Average player at best. You and Korie each owe Izzo an apology.

  7. Oozing machismo

    September 17, 2013 at 9:23 pm

    Korie Lucious was high and banging Durrell Summers girlfriend when giving this interview…

  8. BillyTheKid

    September 17, 2013 at 10:37 pm

    Back in the day when he got booted from the team I heard from an inside source that he failed SEVEN drug tests before Izzo kicked him off. SEVEN! I loved the guy but man…..what a waste.

  9. Pingback: Korie Lucious dismissed from Michigan State for marijuana, says Tom Izzo ‘didn’t respect my game’ | CollegeBasketballTalk

  10. Mr. Tanfan

    September 18, 2013 at 12:22 am

    So wait a second – Korie admits to abusing (or at least using a lot of) marijuana while at MSU but somehow he’s the star that didn’t get his fair share to shine? On what planet is both Korie and the author living on? This is another example of victim mentality. Korie made a choice – he was an adult, albeit a young adult, who chose to use / abuse marijuana when he knew that, as a student athlete in a revenue sport, he would be under more scrutiny than the average college kid. How stupid do you have to be? When you know that you’re going to be drug tested and held to a higher standard as a student athlete representing one of the most respected college basketball programs, do you blaze and let your teammates and university down? Kid has no insight at all. I wish Korie the best, but he needs to grow the F up.

  11. SP420

    September 18, 2013 at 10:40 am

    It seemed at first that Lucious was taking responsibility for his actions, but then the blame and victim game came and he exposed his true colors. Izzo didn’t let Lucious down, it was the other way around. Korie wasn’t the best PG in the Big Ten, hell, he wasn’t even the best on his team. There is simply zero chance an undersized, poor shooting turnover machine will make the NBA. Some guy from NYC may once have told him he has a great handle but at the end of the day, Korie needs to realize his BA will take him a lot further than this hoops skills.

  12. Bg S

    September 19, 2013 at 12:19 pm


    Do you think this interview is going to wow the NBA teams on your radar? I know if I am an NBA exec, I read this and cross you off any list that you may have been on! You need to mature, accept responsibilities and shut up.

    Travis (article author)
    you claim that ‘where he dominated but just wasn’t give the opportunities to actually excel in his career.’

    what is your basketball background? knowledge? etc… apparently you must know more than Coach Izzo to make that statement..

    just wow on this article.. just wow.

  13. Spartan Alum

    September 23, 2013 at 12:40 am

    I see alot of negative comments. Most forget that Korie was a 4 star recruit coming out of high school. While Korie mad his fair share of mistakes, lets not let izzo off the hook. He is the worst coach in the country when it comes to making adjustments, and developing talent at the next level. I love izzo to death but he is way to restrictive as a coach which is one of the main reasons he never gets guys to the nba.

    Ask yourselves how a guy like kelvin torbert couldve went to the nba out of high school, but as soon as he came to MSU those dreams went up in smoke?

    We played UK in the elite 8 in 2005. Rondo and Neiztel were both freshman evenly matched. Who got to the nba? Kalin Lucas gave Kemba Walker buckets in FINAL FOUR. Who got to the nba? Keith Appling was ranked ahead of Ray McCallum coming out of high school. Whos in the NBA? NO wonder why Tyus Jones, Jabari Parker etc refuse to come play for him. Izzo is a great guy, but his system is outdated. 15 years after a national title he still (by design) is calling the same plays when cleaves was the pg. Great coaches find different ways to win. Thats why we talk about Bobby Knight, Coach K etc. Bobby Knight didn’t try and turn steve alford into isaiah thomas. Coach K didn’t try to turn Jason Williams into Bobby Hurly. Great coaches have to let players play to their strengths. I reject that notion that one has to “earn” the right to play to their strengths.

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