RGIII’s Redskin Career In The Hands Of Ruthless Rednecks . . . ?

Updated: September 3, 2013

Who’ll disagree the Redskins “little General,”  Mike Shanahan, and his boss, Dan Snyder  are under the moonlight, the serious, serious spotlight of the sport’s world’s court-of-fan-opinion . .. and it’s of their own making. They handled Robert Griffin III like a race horse or a race car . . . not like a man.

Washington’s head coach, Shanahan, is a up-close n‘ personal buddy of former President  George W. Bush. . . while Snyder, team-owner, has, for all intense purposes announced to the world that anyone, including  American Indians who are offended by the term “Redskins” . . .  well, they can just go straight-to-hell.


Neither move endears either men to Americans-Of-Color.


No, not even. Instead this troublesome two-some’s  associations and actions scream, like a Southern politician campaigning in a Tipolo Mississippi trailer park – how low their collective lack-of-empathy and respect for this nation’s conquered, pimped, played and exploited population is obvious.


I’m sorry, these gentlemen don’t strike me as Progressives or Liberals.


Instead my spider-senses tell me they’re both “indifferent” to the plight of America’s “little people.” What you’ve here is two arrogant, ruthless, pompous “little men” who see most people as pawns they can control and manipulate in their blind pursuits of power.


Both are in-search of . . . immortalism. And if they have to crucify this gridiron era’s Black Jesus. RGIII –  in order to attain fame and acclaim . . .  that’s acceptable. For in their small minds Robert Griffin III is a chess piece . . . nothing more.


Griffin himself had to have that poignant point proven to him –  last season did it. He learned he was an “replaceable” toy soldier.


I hope this kid can broaden his Black conservative Booker T. Washington perspective – and stop believing these White men who support the Republican TEA Party  are his friends and allies. He must accept both his career and health is in the hands of  two ruthless characters like these. Honestly,  I’m uneasy, perhaps even alarmed when it comes down to the nitty n’ gritty of it – Griffin’s best interest and personal welfare. I can’t call either one of these men “good White men” in the vein of a Branch Rickey.


This set of pigskin circumstances alarms me, worries me,  leaves me troubled n’ perplexed. I think I’ve dissected their real, true intentions. . . .  Both are indifferent to RGIII’s destiny.


Note the day-to-day Broadway soap opera playing out in the Chocolate City . . . “like grains of sand thru a hourglass . .  so are the days of RGIII’s knee recovery   we’ve learned Robert Griffin III was expendable (of an object) designed to be used only once and then abandoned or destroyed.:


“We all ought-be concerned, not just Washington’s team doctor, James Andrews.


And now, after what we’ve witnessed from day one; the team’s strategic selection of Kirk Cousins in last year’s NFL draft . . . after the selection of Griffin with the second overall pick . . . despite their understanding this was a move which would instantly ignite drama. Not to mention Kyle Shanahan’s  play calling which let millions to believe Griffin was nothing more than a sacrificial Black sheep . . . .


I can’t help but wondering “who” the Shanys and Snyder are hoping leads this team to the Promise Land. And when you’re talking biblical destinations . . . I’d take the Black Jesus over Captain Kirk


Here me out: consider Mike Shanahan’s daughter roomed with George W’s daughter Jenna while in college, and when Ms. Bush wed, Mike and family were there throwing rice. Also, Shanahan, along with Broncos owner Pat Bowlen employed the glitter and gleam, the name and fame of the NFL flagship franchise, and star players to campaign for George W. Bush when he sought/stole the Oval Office.


Recall Mike was desirous of BYU product John Beck leading his troops, he practically declared this guy as the Messiah . . . it made no sense . . . but yet perfect sense


And good lord, surely I can’t dismiss the Off-Broadway drama surrounding Donovan McNabb’s stay on Snyders Redskin Reservation; the Shanny’s  questioning his intelligence, calling him lazy . . . it was another one of those situations where everyone in the room, everyone  thought it wreaked of typical  “White guy racism” except for, of course, predictably White guys . . . and you know White people seldom, if-ever do –  “any” and “every” time the issue of White racism comes up  . . . its just some Black victim crying, playing the “race card.”


The nation-wide White American court-of-public opinion seems as bias and amnesia-ridden as the George Zimmerman jury.


Permit me to be both sharp n’ blunt; There’re people out there I wouldn’t trust this nation in their hands – Tom Cruz, Rand Paul. I believe they’d do harm to Black folks – overtly and covertly. So without hesitation I can say there are coaches in the NFL I wouldn’t want to see with the power to derail or sabotage a Black Quarterbacks career – The Shannys are in that group.


I have to wonder if either Shanahan wants to see, and be apart-of, actually “enable” and “facilitate” the rise of the Black Signal Caller in the NFL. And concurrently speed the demise of the Great White Alpha Male Myth. I don’t believe the father or son wants to be associated with confirming it has all been a whimsical, racist notion. They don’t want history to state they helped destroy the fairy tale – only White men possess the mental skills and leadership abilities to lead gridiron gladiators to victory – unquestionably Griffin’s career will help dismantle such non-sense.

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  1. Hector Cortez

    September 11, 2013 at 7:33 pm


    You are the most racist person I have ever known of. Why don’t you do an article on the millions spent by WHITE football fans on the jerseys of their favorite athletes, many of which happen to be black. They don’t care what color they are, and neither should you. If a player is not white, you have no use for them. While I’m at it, what is your stance on the thousands of blacks killed each year at the hands of other blacks. What about the black child killed last week by a black gangster? You focus on Zimmerman, and ignore the black elephant in the room. You need some serious help.

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