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By Gary Norris Gray- BASN Staff Reporter

There is a new dawn arising in the National Football League. It is called the Mobile Option Quarterback. This not so new idea has resurfaced again.

The N. F. L. has a dilemma stating that the mobile option quarterback is not fit for the NFL. Try explaining that to Michael Vick or Vince Young who guided the Atlanta Falcons and Tennessee Titians to the playoffs. This past weekend part of The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Dream was implemented on the football field; nine men of color started the game at the most important position on the field, THE QUARTERBACK.

The Mobile Option Quarterback defies the odds stating that Black athletes are not intelligent on the field. This position requires that you have to make thousands of choices in each game. Nine brothers are showing the world that they can indeed direct a football team to victory. Nine Brothers that made history on September 7, 2013. This writer will be rooting for all nine of them except when they play my New York Football Giants.

The sad news is that an individual on the Rules Committee (Jeff Fisher) who wants to put an end to this mobile option quarterback experiment. Fisher has tried to install rules for these special quarterbacks. Most of the mobile option quarterbacks are African American.

If Fisher has his way the NFL-(NOT FOR LONG) meaning no mobile option quarterbacks on the field will end. This has become his mission since leaving the Tennessee Titians organization, ending running quarterbacks careers.

Jeff Fisher’s future plan is when quarterbacks pull their arms down from the throwing position to run they can then be hit by the defense in the pocket.

It has been a history in the NFL to protect the quarterback. Just ask Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, Aaron Rogers of the Green Bay Packers, Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Manning Brothers of the Denver Broncos and the New York Football Giants. This new proposed rule fly’s in the face of protecting the most valuable player on the team, THE QUARTERBACK.

In 2009 Jeff Fisher then head coach of the Tennessee Titians went 0-6 The Titians got beat up 59-0 by the New England Patriots then owner Bud Adams had enough informing the head coach to put the University of Texas Longhorn quarterback Vince Young in the game. Jeff Fisher and Vince Young had a stormy relationship because the head coach wanted Young to stay in the pocket. Fisher reluctantly put Young in the next game and the Titians went 7-1 missing the playoffs by one game. Now imagine if Fisher had started Young earlier in the year?

This is still the kind of nonsense African American quarterback have to endure to gain a starting job behind center in the NFL-NO FUN LEAGUE .

The NFL coaching administrators still want pocket quarterbacks like 2nd year standout Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts, who stands tall in the pocket guiding his team down the field like a field general. Andrew Luck maybe the last of a dying breed, the pure pocket passer. The problem currently is bigger, faster, and stronger linebackers and linemen are chasing these quarterbacks for sacks and loses.

Remember Archie Manning-New Orleans Saints and Greg Landry-Detroit Lions who ran for their lives.  Dallas Cowboy Roger “The Dodger” Staubach, Minnesota Viking-New York Giant Fran Tarkington who ran for divisional titles, Chicago Bear Bobby Douglass, Miami Dolphin Dan Marino, or Doug Flutie from the Canadian Football League, Jim Zorn from the Seattle Seahawks, and last Steve Young of the San Francisco 49ers who ran for Championships. Nobody complained about these guys scrambling all over the field in fact they are called geniuses.

Young Black College quarterbacks started to emulate these quarterbacks and played better than their predecessors hence we arrive at opening day of the 2013-2014 season. 

Forever September 7, 2013 will be historic for African American Football Fans.

The Philadelphia Eagles 33-The Washington Football Club 27,

The Seattle Seahawks 12- The Carolina Panthers 7,

The New York Jets 18- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17,

The Oakland Raiders 17- The Indianapolis Colts 21,

The Buffalo Bills 21- The New England Patriots 23,

The San Francisco Niners 34- The Green Bay Packers 28,

This was an historic event in the National Football League, Black men taking snaps from center and directing their teams to victory. Black men changed the quarterback position forever just as they have changed professional hockey, baseball, and football.

You will never hear that from ESPN The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, CBS The Columbia Broadcasting Network, NBC The National Broadcasting Company and Sports Network, or The Fox Sports Network. These Networks either do not have a clue or they do not want the American public to be informed about what they were about to witness on this historic weekend.

The special weekend started with the early games and the West Coast men in Silver and Black with The Pride and Poise Boys. Everybody expected the Oakland Raiders to get completely blown out and pounded in Indianapolis, it did not happen and the reason was number 2 Terrell Pryor behind center was why. If it were not for an interception at the end of the fourth quarter at the Colts 11 yard line the BLACK AND SILVER would be 1-0 and the talk of the league. Pryor outrushed the entire Colt team and kept the Raiders close. RAIDER NATION have smiles on their faces again and are hopeful in the next game. There is still a nagging problem Pryor still has to play in the shadows of Matt Flynn.

For those conspiracy theorist the NFL had three games with two starting Black quarterbacks playing against each other Cam Newton of the Panthers vs. Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks, Geno Smith of the New York Jets vs. Josh Freeman of the Tampa Bay Bucs and the last game of the weekend the Monday Night thriller with Philadelphia Eagle Michael Vick vs. Robert Griffin the Third of The Washington Football Club.

NFL bean counters must have stated we cannot have all nine Negro signal callers winning their first game of the year-that would be football blasphemy. This opening day schedule guaranteed there would be at least three losing Black quarterbacks. But as my friend at 1450 WCLM AM Radio Cowboy Reggie Howell states, “I Digress”

Philadelphia Eagle Michael Vick started this new parade of option quarterbacks four years ago. The Green Birds gave him a second chance. He seems like a new man with this new offensive system of Coach Kelly, from the University of Oregon. Mr. Vick seems to have found his stride once again in South Philly. Vick overcame many obstacles to become the new quarterback. Vick understands the position now and is not just a thrower. Number 7 is a BAD MAN and the Eastern Conference will find out this year. The Eagle offense was too fast for the Washington Football Club’s defense to catch up.

Robert Griffin the Third, last year’s sensation at the quarterback position looked a-little rusty in the first three quarters of the Eagles-Washington game. Griffin finally got his feet under him and The Washington Football Club looked like a well oiled machine ready to roll over people. Griffin just solidified the continued march of the option mobile quarterback. Griffin will also continue to deal with a head coach that is a control fanatic, Mr. Shanahan could jeopardize number 10’s carrier in The Capitol City.

The Buffalo Bills Rookie E.J. Manual displayed outstanding composer giving the New England Patriots a scare. The Foxboro bunch won’t take the Buffalo Bills lightly when they come calling in Massachusetts the last game of the season. Manual has given hope to Northern New York football fans. The 4th quarter Buffalo moments impressed many on the field. The Bills should have won the game.

Geno Smith of the New York Jets got his chance to shine when starter Mark Sanchez went down in the pre season Battle of New York with a shoulder injury. Smith guided the team down the field in the closing moments of the fourth quarter. Ending with a New York Jet winning field goal. Mr. Smith had to deal with the media label of being the new JaMarcus Russell (Oakl. Raider-QB), He also had to deal with being dropped to a lower round in the 2012 draft. Fair or not, Smith has to prove otherwise and if the first game is any indication, Watch Out NFL.

The San Francisco 49ers made it clear that they were the team to beat in the National Conference West division as they had a knock down drag out battle with the Green Bay Packers on the Candlestick Park Field. Colin Kaepernick showed the world that last year’s Championship team was neither a joke nor a fluke and the Niners may return to the Super Bowl this year. Kaepernick is the perfect Mobile Option Quarterback with all of the skills needed to perform his duties behind center.

Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks is one of the most intelligent quarterbacks in the league. He creates plays from broken patterns. He has the abilities to make decisions within seconds. So the question remains are Black football players smart? Wilson answers that question. This is the mark of the Mobile Option Quarterback. Wilson with his short stature finds ways to win ballgames and will continue to do so if the line protects him. Wilson also has the assistance of the 12th man on the sidelines of Seattle.

The Colin Kaepernick- Russell Wilson quarterback rivalry has returned the Western Conference to national prominence.

Cam Newton broke all rookie records and won more games in two years in Carolina than any other quarterback in a black and powder blue uniform. Newton seems to have grown muscles on top of muscles to become one of the strongest quarterbacks in the league. Newton can be very difficult to stop and last year proves the point. It may be impossible this year if he ever get an offensive line to protect him. He does have a right to wear that S on his chest and be called Superman. At least on the football field he could put on the cape and fly over defenses.

The Sports Media will not let the issue of the alleged Miss. State-Auburn money scandal go away so Newton has to play above the fray and control his emotion when asked frequently about the incident.

Josh Freeman of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could be a man about to lose his job and it’s not his fault. He was on the losing end of the New York-Tampa Bay game last weekend and it continues to be hard luck in the NFL. Freeman is the most consistent quarterback record wise but he does not have the team around him to succeed. The Coach and Freeman do not see eye to eye on the Buccaneer offense. Josh wants to use his running abilities to move Tampa Bay down the field while Head Coach Greg  Schiano wants him to stay in the pocket. Do not see Freeman wearing the Red and Pewter colors too much longer.

These young Black quarterbacks are following the history of Frederick “Fritz” Douglass Pollard-Hammond Pros, Willie Thrower-Chicago Bears, and Charlie “Choo-Choo” Brackins-Green Bay Packers. They are following Jefferson Joe Street Guilliam-Pitts. Steelers, James “Shack” Harris-Buffalo-Los Ang., and Doug Williams-Tampa Bay-Wash., and we cannot forget the first option mobile Black quarterbacks Marlin Briscoe-Denver, Warren Moon-Minn.-Hou. Oilers, and Randal Cunningham-Phila.-Minn.

What will Jeff Fisher do when more mobile option Black college quarterbacks like Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater, Clemson’s Tajh Boyd and Fla. State’s Jamis Winston enter the National Football League?

We still have work to do on MLK Jr. historic words that America needs to judge individuals on the content of their character not the color of their skin. When will we see Michael Louis Ingram, Tony McClean, Reggie Howell, Desi Cortez, Eric Graham, Gary Norris Gray or Art George playing the game of football without the notion of color just their special skills and talent on the field?

The league is getting closer with NINE starting Black quarterbacks but we still have a long way to go in the NFL. As ex New York Jet Head Coach Harmon Edwards stated many years ago “YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME”. Some teams still have not received the message

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove on Disabled Community Activist. Email at

©Copyrighted Gary Norris Gray @ Gray Leopard Prod


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    September 15, 2013 at 12:49 pm

    Like Doctor Fred Whitted from Winston Salem State University stated many times we have to write our own stories

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