Who Influences Our Youth’s Pockets More Sports Stars or Entertainers

Updated: September 9, 2013

Right now in America people are complaining about the economy and how hard it is to find jobs and also how hard it is to get good paying jobs. My question to the person worrying about their financial stability is “What was your biggest financial mistake that you made in your life?” In my situation growing up in the urban parts of Boston Massachusetts I always wanted to be in with the popular kids and be like Mike. But in all reality all it did was dig me into a big financial grave just to look cool for a lot of people that aren’t even involved in my life full time right now. No one wants to be bullied and growing up in school if you didn’t have the latest fashion or wasn’t a sports star in your school 9 times out of 10 people were cracking jokes on you or trying to haze you some how. Is it right no but it just happened just like the Soul Glo phase back in the days. Growing up kids wanted to be like Mike more than they wanted to be like Albert Einstein and it showed tremendously when Michael Jordan and Nike had to switch the Air Jordan release dates from weekdays to weekends because, our youth would skip 1st period at school just to get a pair of brand new Air Jordans that were coming out. Principals in many schools across America were complaining and even were sending letters to Nike about the situation which forced Nike to make changes for the better.

Nike’s success has been driven to an all time high since the early 2000’s because, thats when they gave Jordan his own sneaker line called “Jordan Brand” what this would do is have any athlete from any major sport under his Brand and Nike would get a cut from it. Athletes like Andre Johnson on the Houston Texans, Derek Jeter from the New York Yankees, and Ray Allen from the Miami Heat were some of the original faces of the brand. Everyone knows about RUN DMC and their Adidas but now these brands have gone beyond and given a lot more music artist sneaker endorsements because, the generation now a days is watching TV and watching what their favorite celebrities are wearing. Adidas has many athletes under their brand like Derrick Rose and Robert Griffin III to name a few but they went for the urban feel and have signed Teyana Taylor,Nicki Minaj, and Big Sean who are some of the music business big names that have huge followings for their fashion and music. The reason why this is so smart for Adidas is because, kids wanna be like these celebrities and the celebrities are promoting the sneakers in the music that these kids are listening too and its making them run to the stores to get them I call this “Musical Brainwashing Marketing” if your favorite artist is doing raffles for their sneaker and bringing up Adidas in their music all the time people will want it because, of the face or name on it and thats why Adidas is making a strong comeback in the sneaker industry.

Nike saw what Adidas had done with the entertainers and did the same grabbing up Wale the rapper and DC native to push the Nike Foamposite which is Penny Hardaways shoe and DC and Wale brought it back and made it a huge success. Nike has the 3 best NBA players under them which is Kevin Durant,Kobe Bryant,Lebron James and not in that order but, Nike has them pushing signiture shoes and everyone wanted to be like Mike but its looking like everyone wants to be like KD,Kobe or LBJ and Nike is making sure they milk the situation. What Nike does that is so smart is they have Lebron,KD, and Kobe pick the people that they want to wear their shoes and get them early so KD will send his to Drake and Lebron can send his to Jay-Z. Nike uses the word of mouth method and the players also use their social media to leak pictures of sneakers coming out. Nike also gave Kanye West his own sneaker line called the “Yeezy” and what he did was for everyone that bought his last album they were entered into a raffle for his Yeezy sneaker that comes out in October which will be rare and hard to find. Just to be brief Reebok signed Rick Ross to the brand and dropped him because, of a line in the song U.O.E.N.O where he said “I’d die over these Reeboks, you ain’t even know it
Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it
I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it
” so this shows that Reebok and still trying to have a great brand but why would you sign a rapper when you know he talks about things like that. Which leads us to the question was who influences our youth’s pockets more???

Well the answer to that would easily be both if you really want to get down to the bottom of it but if I had to choose one it would be the entertainers. The entertainers can get a sneaker months in advance and put the picture on Instagram or Twitter before the athlete gets to it because, the athlete isn’t worried about a shoe that they already have but an entertainer wants to show that they were first with it which sends people running to the stores to get them. Entertainers are the ones that make songs about sneakers and drop lines in songs about sneakers and also wear the sneakers at concerts to get publicity. People complain about money but then they are lined up trying to get these sneakers that range from $150 to max $350 just to be in style and have what their celebs have on when in all reality some people spend their last dollar on a pair of sneakers. Nike keeps tricking our people by switching up colors on different sneakers and we keep running to the stores because, of how rare and how cool a new colorway looks that our favorite celebs put on their social media.

Kevin Duarant vowed to keep his sneaker under $100 and as soon as people started buying them the price jumped up to $130. When Lebron’s sneaker wasn’t as popular it was $150 and now his new shoe coming out this NBA season is going to be $200 and Michael Jordan’s sneakers stay content at $160 but if a limited pair comes out they go up to either $180 or $230 now just imagine Nike drops atleast 4 sneakers for each per month that comes out to $1760 a month and thats not even including Kobe Bryants sneakers because, he drops like 1 or 2 a month. So when it comes down to having priority take it from experience save the money and get the ones that you really like and just pick and choose your poison because, Nike and Adidas and Reebok are trying to take advantage of the celebrity value on their product.






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