Geno, Cam, EJ, Vick, Kaepernick, Wilson; These Mobile (Black) QBs Will Redefine The NFL

Updated: September 10, 2013

“Hey Geno . . .  Boy, what they call you up-there in New York!?”


They call me Mr. Smith . . . !


What did they call him . . . Lazy n’ arrogant, not a leader, self-centered . . . “not the brightest bulb nor the sharpest knife.” No I’m not describing the Republican TEA Party’s summation of President Obama, . . . no instead I’m speaking of Geno Smith, Quarterback for the Big Apple Bobbers, the New York Jets.


Like  Mike Vick has done, and like Cam Newton, RGIII, Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, EJ Manual   . . . are, as we speak doing – Mr Smith is yet another Ebony Signal Caller who’s defied the toilet bowl low-expectations the vast majority of White, yes White,  sports writers, pundits and fans have established for them.


How’s ol’ black crow taste boys?


You won’t hear my perspective on ESPN or the NFL channel, buy you will hear it all across Black America;  from Austin to Boston, LA to Tampa Bay, backyard BBQ’s to bachelor parties and bowling alleys, Afro-American sportsfans are discussing the dismantling of the myth Black men are mindless monsters incapable of being Boy Scouts, let-alone  officers and gentlemen


Geno Smith found a way to navigate his duck-tape held-together, wooden propeller propelled  jet plane, as questionable as it is  . . . to an ugly victory. He delivered the bombs and straped the field. Mr Smith wasn’t suppose to be  mentally able nor emotionally capable of putting his plane in a position to deliver a win.


I’m just saying . . . that’s precisely what the “experts” were saying, from the Yahoo Rednecks to the Bleacher Report good ol’ boys . . . not to mention the sport’s message boards and sports talk radio all were abuzz with doubt and questions surrounding all these “new”  mobile field generals.


Colin Kaepernick confirmed Ron Jaworski’s thoughts . . . The coffee-colored Cadillac appears to be the new prototype of what a pro-QB is suppose to be – over 400 thru the air . . . wow,  for an ”Athletic (Black) QB . . . ?. “Playing in the pocket.” Playing at the level of the Mannings . . . is that not a feat deemed  impossible in the estimations of  Mainstream White America.


Kinda like Black Astronauts and scientist.


Who are the naysayers asking if the Black QB  can remain calm, not break-rank and run? Could  Kaepernick stand-up to the pressure Clay “Thor” Matthews would apply? He did. Not to mention – the “can CK read the defenses . . .  ? When will that question be laid to rest? But honestly “ Who” I ask are those asking these probing inquiries? Dare to “put a face” on them my friend! Are they not the same guys who based on “tradition”  support the term “Redskins” – and while  off-the-field these same fellahs predictably politically support Rednecks like Rush Limbaugh, Rand Paul and Tom Cruz?

Cam Newton was, even in defeat errorless and efficient, a non debatable 97% QB rating. Russell Wilson was Roger “the Dodger” Staubach like, EJ Manuel came back from pre-season knee surgery to almost defeat Tom Brady’s bunch of liars n’ cheaters . . . while Terrelle Pryor was much more than respectable in the Pride n’ Poise Boy’s loss to the Colts – over 200 in the air, over a 100 0n the ground . . .  shut-up!


Pryor was suppose to be a NFL reject according to his critics . . . instead, in a mature and class move, he placed his team’s defeat squarely on his shoulders


Mike Vick, demonized and degraded Mike Vick, who can’t say he’s “sorry” enough  for many. . . who even minimized and rationalized Riley Copper’s Redneck verbiage,  Mr. Vick on Monday Night Football  began “the end” of the parked, stationary, immobile stature-like QB.  Vick’s going to show you what RGIII, Braxton Miller, Bridgewater , Jameis Winston and a whole strew of men are going to look like and play like . . . . the new era in the NFL – the Mobile Field General . . . i.e., The era of the Black Signal Caller. Guys who can throw like Slingin’ Sammy, Y. A., Johnny U,  Starr, Montana Marino, Brady, Peyton, and yet, yes believe it . . . run like the wind.


Mike Vick vs. RGIII: an NFL opening moment akin-to  the “bad” Black man against “Good House Negro . . . .  Ali, the “Ain’t no Viet-Cong called me nigger” the 1965  Ali . . .  pitted against George Foreman, the Foreman running around the 68’ Mexico Olympic’s stage, waving “Ol’ Glory,” not the contemporary appliance-pushing big George.


Nonetheless Vick showed what he can still do with a offense crafted to his skills, to a Black QB’s skill-set.  15/25 for 203, 2 TDs, 113 QB rating, and another strategic,  defense-breaking 56 yards on the ground.


Making a Black QB comfortable . . . that really hasn’t been done until the last couple of years. . . because the league was hesitant, resistant, reluctant and only half-ass willing to half-heartedly incorporate Black Quarterbacks . . . because it meant the end of the Great White Hunter myth “only White men are Alpha Males,” possessing both brains and brawn.


Now the NFL will go the way of Boxing, track, Basketball, MLB in 1977 – The Black man . . . is now legitly, accurately  the man.


Surely we all understand this game-changing transformation ought have taken place in the 1960’s and 70’s . . . but the powers-that-be, the White-male dominated gridiron establishment was not going to have it, none of it, they just weren’t. So the game has been orchestrated, pushed, shoved and molded into something that demanded the limited skills of White QBs. Now, today the obvious can no longer be denied . . . the Afro-American Aerial commander is a legitimate dual threat weapon which creates a number of mismatches.


These Black QBs will redefine the NFL, and as we today search for Great White Hopes at the tailback and wide receiver positions,  soon,  very soon relatively speaking the White male dominated NFL fan base will be looking under rocks for . . .  Johnny Footballs?


Perhaps there’ll be a Hobbit’s handful of White guys who’ve the mental skills to run the read option while deciphering the weakness of defensive backfield alignments, so as to know where to fire their pig skinned projectile.  Maybe a few will have the emotional  guts to take-off and pick up the 1st down without risking an interception . . .


Jesus blinkin’ Christ, I can’t tell you how painful it is to watch some of the starting QB’s across the league prematurely collapse before any form of initial contact, fall-short of the marker.  Is it smarts or no heart? Is it lack of athletic ability?


Aren’t these the type of insulting questions asked of Black quarterbacks today by the sports press? It is a two-way street, no?


Improvise, adapt . . . overcome. The Black Alpha-Male Golden Boy Quarterback . . . going further n’ doin’ more – with less, and never forget . . .  against all odds.


  1. Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter

    September 10, 2013 at 2:51 pm

    My Man Desi does it again … I was going to write about the historical moment of NINE STARTING BLACK QUARTERBACKS IN 2013


    September 12, 2013 at 3:22 am


  3. b. allman

    September 15, 2013 at 9:48 am

    Well the white-dominated fan base has already found their ‘johnny football’ in Manziel @ Texas A & M. Since the conclusion of the game with Alabama yesterday, they have been falling over themselves praising all the things they routinely have criticized mobile black quarterbacks for. Some of them, (primarily on ESPN radio), even are saying he’s NFL ready and they prefer watching him than most NFL quarterbacks. They are comparing him with Colin at SF, and saying he’s at his level already, and if they had a choice they would prefer watching Johnny. They have now fallen in love with what they were hating on in black mobile quarterbacks. Also they are just barely mentioning his two reckless passes that resulted in picks, in their rush to deify him. Had a black QB had two interceptions like this, they would have pointed to that as proof of the black QB flaws, but in Johnny’s case it’s just a minor issue and makes him more exciting.

  4. Walt winston

    January 18, 2014 at 9:30 am

    Sorry these black abd can’t cut it in the not. Because most blacks want to put their identity if you will on things like politics they end up destroying it. Look how they become mayors of these cities like Detroit and destroyed it by not doing it the right way but their way. Look at cam newton how he screwed up and lost by playing like a one read then run black an. Sorry it won’t work as their way doesn’t.

  5. Walt winston

    January 18, 2014 at 9:38 am

    Notice how one of the most successful coaches in not history has a very white team? The 3 shows winning teams were and the 2 that lost only by 7 pts combined on 2 huge lucky plays were white. Look what Brady did with 2 white receivers?

    To add to what I said earlier most blacks are immature when they come into the nil. Gina Smith refused to get off his cell phone. So they arrested him for being an immature little boy. Look at Vince young and Russell their maturity took them a long ways…..idiots.

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