ESPN IS RELOADING (Football style)

Updated: September 2, 2013

by Gary Norris Gray, BASN Staff Reporter

In 1981 (ESPN) The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network was a wonderful idea with a multitude of various sports venues. In 2013 forty two years later The Sports Leader has fallen to the crassness of the today’s media racial circus. The managers, producers, directors, and broadcasters should rise above the fray and report the sports news the way it’s supposed to be. ON THE GAME!!!!

The Mouse is getting ready to make its move on the sports world, getting ready to make the 3rd wave of attacks on African American Males who play the games they love. Beware sports fans and check this article six months from now, the words will be sobering.

Follow the yellow brick road as football fans have great respect for the retired quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, Ron Jaworski and his yearly evaluation of future quarterbacks in the (NFL) National Football League but Jaws has also fallen for the racial trap and the ESPN agenda.

Jaworski gathering his coveted list put all of the African American quarterbacks outside of his top ten. We all get that Aaron Rogers of the Green Bay Packers, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, Payton Manning of the Denver Broncos, and Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers are top ten QB’s but after that it is a tossup, anybody can fill the next five positions.

ESPN quarterback analyst Ron Jaworski put Washington’s Robert Griffin the 3rd at number 13, San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick at number 11, and Seattle Seahawk Russell Wilson at number 12 outside of his top ten then Jaws installs Indianapolis Colts rookie quarterback Andrew Luck at number ten.

He placed the other three Black quarterbacks Philadelphia Eagle Michael Vick at number 25, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Josh Freemen at number 21, and Carolina Panther Cam Newton at number 19 bunching them together.

The question should be asked WHY? One of these fine quarterback could not crack Jaws top ten. Many football fans are very disappointed in Ron Jaworski’s choices this year because he seemed like the only voice of reason at Bristol, Conn.

The ESPN beat goes on with the top ten NFL QB’s being white. Is this the same racial issue with Black quarterbacks in the leadership position? Two of the Black rookies made the playoff so this should be a mutt point.

Sports fans are gaining positive alternative networks with each passing day. The (CBC) Canadian Broadcasting Company, (TSN) The Sports Network-Canada, Fox Sports Net, Fox Sports One, Comcast Sports Network, NBC Sports Network, and CBS Sports Network. Less we forget the local area sports casting networks like (MSG) Madison Square Garden and WWOR in New York with the Superstations TNT, and (TBS) Turner Broadcasting System, in Atlanta and WGN in Chicago and last the internet sports network.


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