Chavez Wins on The Cars; Not In The Ring!

Updated: September 30, 2013

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr began his comeback against Brian Vera, a tough Texans but someone not in Chavez’s league.  Vera was picked because he was tough but also limited when it came to fighting elite fighters.   Chavez last fight was against Sergio Martinez and for 11 rounds, Martinez gave Chavez a boxing lesson before Chavez nearly stopped Martinez in the final stanza.  Now Chavez was prepping for a second shot at a title. 

HBO began the evening with a light heavyweight title between Adonis Stevenson, who was last seen stopping Chad Dawson in one round and now faced Tarvoris Cloud, a power hitting light heavyweight. Stevenson began the first round with a two solid lefts that forced Cloud to retreat as he felt the full power of Stevenson.  Stevenson added movement in the second round as Cloud move forward but he did little to cut off the ring and Stevenson proved economical with his punches. 

In the fourth round, Stevenson came out aggressively and started to hurt Cloud with his patented left hand but added a powerful right jab.  For Cloud, his first big punch was at the end of the fifth round when he landed a wicked left hook.   Throughout the sixth round, Stevenson nailed repeatedly Cloud with his left on Cloud’s left eye, which started to bleed.    Throughout the seventh round, Stevenson power shots pounded Cloud and when Cloud went back to his corner, his corner stopped the fight.  Stevenson showed that he was not just a puncher but a boxer who could punch as he showed versatility.  This was sheer domination as Stevenson connected on nearly triple the punches and had a higher connect rate. 

As for Chavez, he came into overweight and Vera got extra money to keep him in the fight.  The past year has seen a suspension for testing positive for marijuana and coming in over weight; there are serious question on Chavez dedication.

In the first round, both fighters connected on equal number of punches but Chavez punches had more pop.   Through the first three rounds, Vera threw more punches and connected on more but Chavez punches had more impact but Chavez allowed Vera to throw more punches.  

Throughout the fifth round, Chavez connected on solid shots but Vera continued to move forward as he ignored the heavy shots landing.  Vera landed a few solid shots of his own as Chavez seemed content to box and Chavez threw one punch at a time. 

Chavez big shots landed at the beginning of the sixth round hurt Vera; who attempted to fight back with hard shots of his own.   Vera nailed Chavez with several shots and forced Chavez to retreat until a Chavez left hook spun Vera 180 degrees with time running out at the end of the seventh round.  Vera dilemma was that he could not hurt Chavez and Chavez threw the heavier punches but Chavez never seemed to throw in combinations and Chavez right eye started to close in the eighth round from Vera combinations.   Vera took advantage of Chavez lack of activity as he threw punches in bunches as he appeared to steal rounds with his punching volume.  Over the final three minutes,  Vera continued his activity as Chavez never seem to get off with combinations.

Chavez won the decision 96-94, 97-93 and 98-92 but while one could agree with a possible 96-94 in favor of Chavez but there was no way that Vera lost 7 or 8 rounds. Vera connected on more punches and threw more punches but he got not credit for his effort. (I had Vera winning 96-94)  Chavez won but looked unimpressive as he allowed Vera to out hustle him. After the fight, Chavez complained about Vera “dirty tactics” but the reality was that Chavez was lucky to win. 


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