Arreola Wins Big

Updated: September 9, 2013

Efrain Esquivias faced the former champion Rafael Marquez in the opening bout of Showtime Saturday night card.  38 year old Marquez established a jab and landed a few rights behind the jab while Esquivias landed a few rights over the first six minutes of the fight. Marquez seemed to better of these early exchanges as he added the upper cut and left hooks in the second round.

Esquivias picked up the pace over the third round and fourth round as he landed some big rights to Marquez and forced Marquez to the rope.  In the middle of the fourth round, Marquez landed two big rights but over the last minute of the round, it was Esquivias landing the bigger punches.

Esquivias started to walk the older Marquez in the fifth round with some effective body shots as he continued to hit Marquez with his rights but added left hooks to the body. Marquez power still was effective as Esquivias’ eyes were starting to swell.  

Esquivias started the second half of the fight by pounding Marquez with punches and bunches as Marquez forced to retreat throughout in the sixth round.  Esquivias used angles inside as he accurately nailed Marquez with repeat combinations starting with hooks to the body followed by rights to the head and added a few uppercuts; punches that Marquez was nailing him over the first two rounds.

Throughout the seventh round, Esquivias continued to pound Marquez for two minutes forty five seconds before Marquez left hook to the body hurt Esquivias and he followed up with another left hook as he forced Esquivias to the rope.   Esquivias may have been stunned at the end of the seventh round but he stunned Marquez over the first minute with right hands as he punched Marquez all over the ring.  Marquez couldn’t get out of the way of Esquivias punches and Marquez looked hurt at the end of the round.    Esquivias stopped Marquez with a right hand in the opening seconds of the ninth round.  Marquez got up at the count of five but he wobbled to his own corner and the referee stopped the fight.

Esquivias won his biggest victory and for Marquez, this may have been the end.  Marquez had been a great fighter with championship in two different weight divisions but now father time eroded the  skills of the former champion.    Marquez won the first two rounds and pushed the action but after the third round, Esquivias took charge of the fight.

Seth Mitchell faced his toughest test in Chris Arreola, a heavyweight who had fought for one of the Klitshcko’s.  Arreola has been one of those fighters who squandered a possible great career but he had one more chance against Mitchell.   Mitchell looked like a rising star but a lost to Jonathan Bank and an unsatisfying victory over Banks in their second bout slow down his meteoric rise.

In the opening sixty seconds, Arreola nailed Mitchell with a right hand that stunned Mitchell and Mitchell held Arreola for dear life as Arreola threw him to the ground.  Mitchell got back up but an Arreola left hook and right hand sent Mitchell down. Mitchell got back up but Arreola continued his assault with left hooks and right hands.  Referee stopped the fight as Mitchell could not defend himself as he kept getting hit with power shots.

This was a fight in which one fighter was a solid pro who spent his life in the ring and the other fighter who was a good athlete who became a boxer.  Mitchell showed heart but he also showed that he is not an elite fighter as he proved to be easy prey to Arreola’s right hand.  In his last four fights, opponents’ right hand bedeviled Mitchell and he has yet to show how to stop it.  For Arreola, he got one more chance.

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