SHOBOX Triple Hitter Shows Off Future Stars

Updated: August 10, 2013

Shobox presented a trio of fights starting with undefeated Jermal Charlo against Antwone Smith, a veteran who has made a career of defeating young prospects.  Charlo  worked his jab and threw combinations behind those jabs over the first three minutes, while Smith unleashed wild combinations.  Charlo continued his jab in the second round and again he landed combinations of left hooks and looping right hand.   Around the two minute mark, Charlo landed a jab before nailing Smith with  a sharp right, forcing Smith to retreat.  Charlo landed a looping right hand that sent Smith down.  Smith wobbled up while holding on the rope and the referee stopped the fight.  Charlo won a decisive fight against a veteran fighter and stayed undefeated.

In the second event, Francisco Vargas faced Brandon Bennett in a battle of undefeated prospect. The first round, Bennett jabbed and kept Vargas from pressuring him.  If the first round was fought in the middle of the ring, Vargas pushed Bennett to the rope throughout the second round as he closed the distance from the first round.  Bennett threw quick combinations throughout the third round but his punches were having little effects as Vargas pressured Bennett with body shots supplemented by head punches.

At the halfway mark, Vargas took control of the fight and nearly ended the fight with a right hand that stunned Bennett near the end of the fifth. Vargas left eye was cut due to accidental head butt but he was forcing Bennett to fight toe to toe.

Bennett attempted to fight back in the seventh round but Vargas continued to nail Bennett with hard body shots which forced Bennett to the rope and going into the final three rounds, Bennett looked like a beaten fighter.  The final three rounds were a repeat of the previous six rounds, with Vargas chasing Bennett and forcing Bennett on the rope.  This fight was a case of Vargas overwhelming Bennett, who didn’t have the power to keep Vargas off him but his chin took Vargas best shots to survive the fight. 

The final fight saw undefeated Deontay Wilder faced wily and former Heavyweight champion Sergei Liakhovich in a fight that would show where Wilder was.   Liakhovich jabbed the opening seconds of the fight and Wilder jabbed back.   Wilder caught Liakhovich with a short left hook, followed by a jab before a right hand spun Liakhovich’s head around and a second right sent Liakhovich down.  Liakhovich legs spasm as he hit the ground. The referee didn’t even bother with the count.

Liakhovich was past his prime but still Wilder showed one punch power when he sent Liakhovich down quickly, doing what others have not done; stop Liakhovich in the first round.

This evening, we saw an American heavyweight showing the physical tool to challenge for a title shortly. He is certainly the best American Heavyweight and has the tools to take his game to another level.  Francisco Vargas showed he is ready to make that jump from prospect to contender  while Jermal Charlos showed the patience and skills to join his twin as a contender for a future champion.

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