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Updated: August 4, 2013

NBC Saturday Night featured three bouts, Curtis Stevens challenged Saul Roman for the NABF middleweight title, Eddie Chambers fought his first fight at Cruiserweight division against Thabiso Mchunu and Tomasz Adamek needed an impressive against the former Heavyweight prospect journeyman Dominick Guinn.

Chambers-Mchunu started the night as Chambers finally fought at the weight he should have years ago instead of trying to be a heavyweight. Chambers was a good heavyweight but he didn’t have the punch to challenge the Klitschko’s brothers, so he moved down to a division where his speed would aid him and his lack of power would not hurt him as badly.

In a slow first round, Mchunu showed he was not intimidated by his surrounding as he fought his fight outside of his native South Africa as he was able to counter the veteran Chambers. Over the next two rounds, Chambers abandoned his boxing style to pursue Mchunu but the South African often beat Chambers to the punch.  Chambers problem with Mchunu showed up halfway through the fourth round as Chambers trapped Mchunu along the rope only to be nailed by a quick four punch combination and this forced Chambers to retreat. 

Halfway through the bout, Chambers had connected on only 12% of his punches as he could not solved Mchunu style.  With two rounds left, Chambers looked perplexed as he was simply getting beat to the punch as Chambers simply looked slow against Mchunu.  Chambers showed no adaptability, surprising due to his veteran status and Chambers’ corner told him to rumble and mix it up. Mchunu simply dominated his opponent and gave the former heavyweight contender a boxing lesson.   Mchunu won an easy decision and Chambers looked like a slow heavyweight but Chambers should stay in this division simply because he is not going to be a heavyweight champion.  On this night, he was against an awkward fighter whose hand speed decided the event.

Dominick Guinn was once a heavyweight prospect but after winning his first 24 fights, he has been 10-9-1 over his last 20 fights.  Adamek has been both a light heavyweight and cruiserweight champion as well as a top heavyweight contender and he wanted to win impressively to get one more shot at the heavyweight title.

Guinn had a solid first round as he managed to connect on solid rights but at the end of the second round, Adamek landed a five punch combinations to end the round.  At the end of the third round, both fighters butted each other head accidently and a cut open over Guinn right eye.  Over the next two rounds, Adamek showed boxing skills as he nailed Guinn with solid combinations before moving out of range. With the fight half over, Adamek took control of the fight.

Over the next three rounds, Adamek threw more jabs than Guinn threw altogether as Adamek accuracy was nailing Guinn, who couldn’t simply get his punches off. Going into the ninth round, Guinn right eye was nearly swollen shut and Adamek simply threw one punch after another with very little coming back. Guinn biggest problem in his career was that he never threw enough punches in big fights and tonight was no difference after the first round as Adamek simply treated his foe as a training partner.  Adamek won an easy victory as he showed that he is still one of the best heavyweights. 

Curtis Stevens has been moving up the Middleweight division over the year and faced a tough fighter in Saul Roman.   Stevens started the fight fast as he jumped Roman quickly and at the minute mark, a combination punctuated by a left hook that sent Roman down.  Roman got back up and tried to fight back and past the two minute mark, Stevens landed the perfect left hook that sent Roman down for good. Stevens’ power simply proved too much for Roman and put himself into position to fight for a Middleweight title. 

What did we learn tonight?  Adamek is still a leading heavyweight contender; Chambers has work to do as a Cruiserweight while Mchunu shows that he is a potential contender.  The biggest thing we learn is that Stevens is ready to challenge for a Middleweight title.

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