Here Comes The Hater vol.174

Updated: August 14, 2013

1. Joe Montana or French Montana?

Are you serious? Tony Montana.

2. Do you know who Yasiel Puig is?

Yes, he is the new Sammy Sosa without the skin bleaching cream.

3. What do you think about the NCAA?

They are the MOB. Straight Gangsters…

4. Clippers or Lakers?

Lakers. Don’t get it twisted. L.A. is still Kobe’s city.

5. Do you know who Dr. Michael Eric Dyson is?

Yes, he is an intellectual masterbater.

6. What do you think about KG coming to Brooklyn?

There is going to be alot of screaming in New York this year.

7. What advice to you have for Philadelphia Eagles’ WR Riley Cooper?

Buckle your chin strap. And, be careful going across the middle this season. Because, you will be getting chin checked. I betcha.

8. Stevie J or Jay Cutler?

Dr.J. Are you stupid?

9. Is former New England Patriot TE Aaron Hernandez guilty or innocent?

According to the Pouncey twins, he is innocent. Free Hernanadez. Maybe, they are taking about Keith Hernandez.

10. Have you been watching the Little League World Series on ESPN?

Nope, I have been in the bathroom, sitting on my toilet, with the door locked, reading some of my uncle’s old Jet magazines.

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