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 This sports web site “Rant Sports” – The Clubhouse, continues to play games with the idea of white supremacy in female sports. Question why make such a list like this? Question, why re-release this horrible list? which has only one Asian-American and zero African Americans.  This sports website continues to sexualizing female athletes with their so called list of The 25 Hottest Female Golfers In The World by Riley Schmitt.

REALLY?  A few of these ladies are scantily dress or wearing (bikini’s) two piece bathing suits. Is this golfing attire? Many of these ladies have not won a single major. Do you know these names Danielle Montgomery, Blair O’Neal, or Russian Maria Verchenova? Did not think so!!!!

Let’s be real here the South Korean Golfers have dominated the tour the past 10 years with only one American currently in the top ten world tour.

1Inbee Park South Korea

2Stacy Lewis United States

3Suzann Pettersen Norway

4Na Yeon Choi South Korea

5So Yeon Ryu South Korea

6Shanshan Feng China

7Karrie Webb Australia

8Jiyai Shin South Korea

9I.K. Kim South Korea

10Yani Tseng Taiwan

The list is totally bias and racist and this web site continues to espouse xenophobia, because it pulled the same stunt with female tennis players a few weeks ago … check out the article on

This list of female golfers is much worst because these young ladies are unfamiliar except for Korean-American Michelle Wie from Hawaii, Paula Creamer, and Cristie Kerr from the United States. This list does not include the number two player in the world. American Stacy Lewis became the first non- Asian to win a major in the last 11 Tournaments. Lewis won The Women’s British Open Sunday afternoon.

This golfers list demeans the talent of the great minority players with the Korean contingent who have five in the top 10 that’s half of the field.

This gentleman is trying to tell the world that we should forget about the young African American golfer Cheyenne Woods who became a professional after playing four years at Wake Forest University. Woods, much like her uncle Tiger Woods, shows great golfing skills. She won the Atlantic Coast Conference Championship. Ms. Woods made her debut in the Wegman’s LPGA Championship. Maybe this writer should check out the website African American Golf Digest. Maybe he should look up the statistics of Shasta Averyhardt or young Amber Peden.

Less we forget the youngest Black women to ever play in the US Women’s Open Championship, Zakiya Randell “Z” is her nickname and power golf is her game. Zakiya won a gold medal for her age group and first place in qualifying for the Open.

Like Doctor Fred Whitted stated many times on our blogtalkradio radio shows “WE MUST TELL OUR OWN STORIES”. The Winston Salem State Ram graduate is correct.

Don’t look now Mr. Schmitt, 18 year old Mariah Stackhouse from Riverdale, Georgia might challenge you and beat you on the links. Stackhouse was ranked 19th in 2010 in The Polo Gulf Rankings for Juniors. She was the First African American women to accomplish this fete.

Before making a list like this research should be done, like The Black Jewels Ladies Golf Association, The Chicago Women’s Golf Club, The Keney Links Women’s Golf Club or The Ridgewood Ladies Golf Club.  These ladies could teach Mr. Schmitt about the game of golf.

Just as Bryan Lutz tried to sexualize female tennis players a few weeks ago, Mr. Schmitt is trying to Anglicize the golfing world as well as sexualize them. The western sports media has done this in the past so apparently both of these writers think it’s o.k. to continue. Mr. Schmitt is trying to stir up an old feud between western and Asian female golfers. It’s not going to work because the South Koreans are the ones winning tournaments. Schmitt wants to also ignore the growing numbers of Black golfers. Well, at least Bryan Lutz made a half hearted attempt at calling these fine athletes- athletes. Mr. Schmitt does not even do that.

This writer might want to take a trip to Mexico to have a discussion with Champion Lorena Ochoa who took the woman’s tour by storm, winning 27 LPGA victories. Becoming The Rookie of the Year in the Futures Tour in 2002, and LPGA Rookie of the Year in 2003. Ochoa won five straight Junior World Golf Championships before turning professional. She was the youngest and the first golfer to receive the Mexican National Sports Award. Lorena Ochoa captured her lifelong goal to be the number one golfer in the world. Many in the golf world thought Ochoa retired early but Lorena knew that she wanted to be home with her family and friends. Ms. Ochoa retired in 2010 on top of her game.

She has created a tournament and foundation in her name for young Latina golfers to follow in her footsteps. This is the legacy Mr. Schmitt never knew. Could it be his mind was not on the game?.

A very important question how could you leave out the past Korean Champions? The famous Seoul Sisters, led by 1998 Rookie of the Year Se Ri Pak, the big sister to the younger Korean golfers with 25 LPGA victories and 5 majors. Pak paved the way for many others from South Korea to follow.

Mi Hyun Kim, 1999 Rookie of the Year with 8 LPGA victories. Kim followed her big sister’s footsteps making it easier for more young ladies to follow.

Jee Un Grace Park 2000 was her rookie year, winning 6 LPGA championships and one major. Jeong Jang 2000 her rookie year, had 2 LPGA victories, Jee Jong Park 2000 her rookie year, with 2 LPGA victories, Hee Won Han 2001 was Rookie of the Year with 6 LPGA victories, Soo Young Kang 2001 her rookie year with her lone victory at the 2005 Safeway Classic, Christina Kim her rookie year 2003 with 3 LPGA victories, Shi Hyun Ahn, 2004 her rookie year had one LPGA victory.

These young women are Se Ri’s kids. They all look to Ms. Pak for leadership on the golfing links all over the world.

We continue the Seoul parade with Aree Song 2004 Rookie of the Year, of Korean-Thai decent, Meena Lee 2005 rookie year with 2 LPGA victories,

Seon Hwa Lee 2006 rookie year with 4 LPGA championships.

Lydia Ko 2012 Rookie of the Year the youngest of the new Asian wave.

This year’s Champion Inbee Park caught fire as she has won the first three majors of the year. No player has accomplished that since 1950. Park will most likely be the Golfer of the Year at the end of 2013.

The march continues with this year’s rookie Esther Choe who is Korean American. Choe was a figure skater at a very young age but she got the golfing bug by watching her older brother and father. The wave will continue with future young budding South Korean stars like Kyoung Kim, Erynne Lee, Minjee Lee,(No relations), Su Hyun Oh, and Julie Yang.

Mr. Schmitt forgot to include the 2013 Rookie of the Year from Japan, Akiko Fukushima.  There are other golfers from the Land of the Rising Sun, Miki Saiki, Mamiko Higa, and Ayako Uehara. Then there is the Japanese elder sister Mika Miyazato carrying the countries flag well in international competition.

Representing Mainland China, Shanshan Feng, and Xi Yu Lin, are just getting started because their country would not permit them to compete on the international level until 2004.  Feng is the first player from the Peoples Republic of China to join the LPGA in 2008. Feng climbed into the top ten at number five this year.

Last year’s dominating champion Taiwanese Yani Yseng carried the torch for the island nation. She was Golfer of the Year in 2012. Yani became the youngest player to win three majors. Yseng has won 15 LPGA titles and has become the shining star for the Republic of China. A very young Candie Kung will follow in Yseng’s footsteps.

The Malaysian shinning stars are Cindy Lee-Pridgen and Jean Chua who are just starting their careers. Can’t wait to see when these two golfers win their first major.

From the Philippine Islands Jennifer Rosales won the Philippine Ladies Amateur championship five times in a row before turning professional. She attended the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Rosales was a force on the Pacific 10 Women’s Tennis Team. She was the first from her country to ever win a LPGA championship in 2004.

Thailand has their two young guns Ariya Jutanugarn, and Moriya Jutanugarn,(No relations).  They have a collection of trophies in Bangkok.

This sports website continues to lose credibility with this type of list and the sexist comments. Mr. Schmitt is not serious about the sport or the athletes. We will not print the list. List should be about talent and skills not about looks. This is the constant problem in female sports.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and apparently Mr. Schmitt cannot see anything beautiful outside of his culture.

Where is Forrest Gump when you need him?

Stupid is as stupid does.

Is a basketball list next?

Note: After Stupid is as Stupid Does was published on BASN,  Rant Sports  took down their original story and re-edited their article on the Hottest female golfers on Thursday.

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