My final picks For Mayweather-Alveraz

Updated: August 30, 2013

It is almost show time and I am still hanging tough on my picks.  Alvarez will upset Mayweather and Mattysse will knock out Danny Garcia.   My reason hasn’t change and I must admit, in the case of Alvarez, it is a gut feeling as much as anything.  Alvarez is young and on the rise; Mayweather may be close to his prime but he is not at his prime.  At 36, he is facing a bigger fighter with better defensive skills than many pundits give him credit.   This is the fight that Mayweather had to make because of both the economic and timing. Economic is rather easy, there was no other fighter that could match Alvarez in gate appeal and Showtime was not about to have another one-sided Mayweather- Guerrero fight on their hand. They wanted some big and something that make a ton of money; thus Alvarez-Mayweather.

This fight has the potential of having big numbers and I am talking big numbers in a historical sense since Alvarez has a built in audience that could match anything or come close to matching anything that Manny Pacquiao could have match in his heyday. Timing was equally important since Mayweather is not getting younger and the longer he waited for Alvarez, the better Alvarez became or take the chance that Alvarez moved up to a higher weight division and nixing the fight on that ground.  Or simply one of these fighters lost in the meantime while waiting for r the perfect deal. That is certainly what happened to the Mayweather-Pacquiao matchup that had everyone mouth salivating. Instead, Pacman lost to Bradley in a close and very controversial decision and getting knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez, which killed any further interest in the fight as far as a big money goes.  And Mayweather certainly is not going to give Pacquiao half of the purse under those circumstances. ‘\

As for his match up with Alvarez, Mayweather could not wait until he got older since the only thing that would happen is that Mayweather skills would have eroded enough for Alvarez to win.  So common sense prevailed and Money Mayweather went for the fight that would net him the biggest money and one that fans would enjoy. If the fight is close, which I anticipate it will be; can you spell rematch regardless who wins!

Add Matthysse-Garcia and you have the potential of a having a boxing card that everyone will be talking about.  Matthysse fights like a search and destroy mission and the only fights he lost were close decisions to men he actually sent down.  He could easily have been undefeated  and his power will prove too much for Garcia.  Garcia had trouble in the late rounds against Judah, who nearly stopped him after easily losing early rounds. Matthysse gets stronger as the fight continued and asks Judah or Alexander about Mattysse.  Matthysse nearly stopped Judah in the late round and he nearly did the same to Devon Alexander.  He had the misfortune of fighting in their backyard and they got the benefit of close rounds and walked away with a close decision.  Garcia can outbox Mattysse but as the old boxing adage goes, you can run but you can’t hide in the ring.   Garcia will not be able to hide in the ring and he will lose his recognized title as king of the junior Welterweight. 

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