The New Faces of the USA Basketball Program

Updated: August 2, 2013

As every american should know the USA Basketball Team won the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics but it’s safe to say that we are coming into a new phase of the USA Basketball Team. Kobe is getting older and is coming off of injuring his achilles and also Lebron is rumored to want to take a break with the USA Basketball Team to try to make time for his family which is understandable knowing that he had the best year of his career in and his life in 2012-2013 so Mr.James deserves a break.  Which leads us to the new face of the USA Basketball Team which is Kevin Durant who actually lead the team in the 2012 Olympics in scoring and he has confirmed that he will continue to score as he and Kevin Love have committed to the 2014 World Cup Games in Spain next year. Durant said that he personally wanted to come tell “Coach K” in person that he will be playing in the World Cup next year because, he respects him that much.

Which leads us to the USA Mini Camp that took place in Las Vegas where the USA Basketball organization is looking for the next talent that they can add to the national roster to join Kevin Durant and Kevin Love . This year included the following players below

46 Harrison Barnes

36 DeMarcus Cousins

42 Anthony Davis

41 DeMar DeRozan

37 Derrick Favors

31 Gordon Hayward

22 Damian Lillard

62 Greg Monroe

34 Klay Thompson

51 Dion Waiters

26 Kemba Walker

50 John Wall

24 Ryan Anderson

20 Mike Conley

25 Andre Drummond

33 Kenneth Faried

29 Paul George

27 Jrue Holiday

23 Kyrie Irving

35 DeAndre Jordan

32 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

21 Ty Lawson

39 Chandler Parsons

38 Tyler Zeller


They all played their hearts out to try to prove to “Coach K” that they were really ready to step up to the plate and play for their country. Playing for the USA Basketball team is an honor but it has now become a secret society that everyone wants to be apart of. The players that had stood out to me that I believe will be playing in Brazil in 2016 for the national team were Kyrie Irving,Anthony Davis,Paul Geroge and Damian Lillard they all displayed that they belong and even though Paul George didn’t have a great showcase on Thursday night the USA Basketball organization also bases their decision off of players individual seasons in the NBA this upcoming season and those 4 players will show that they belong with the Kevin Durants and Kevin Loves.

Below are interviews that I had with Kyrie Irving,Harrison Barnes,Damian Lillard,Deandre Jordan, and many more as they talk about the experience and also talk about the upcoming season.


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