ESPN IS RELOADING (Basketball style)

Updated: August 19, 2013

ESPN IS RELOADING (Basketball style)

By:- Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter

In 1981 (ESPN) The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network was a wonderful idea with a multitude of various sports venues. In 2013 forty two years later The Sports Leader has fallen to the crassness of the today’s media circus. The managers, producers, directors, and broadcasters should rise above the fray and report the sports news the way it’s supposed to be. ON THE GAME!!!

The Mouse is getting ready to make its move on the sports world, getting ready to make the 3rd wave of attacks on African American Males who play the games they love. Beware sports fans and check this article six months from now, the words will be sobering.

This is a current lull in the sports world a lull before the next racial storm. ESPN is adding to the racial turmoil in this country by this bias broadcasting. What happened in Sanford, Florida is a byproduct of The Sports Leader doing its thing? If you don’t respect men of color how can one report fairly?

When someone repeats the negative mantra- you’re not good enough, you’re not smart enough, you’re not champion material, and you’re not valuable to the team. This affects the player’s mental makeup and player’s ability. This is a travesty and a mockery to the sport of basketball. Just report on the game, and it’s results.

Old superstar Michael Jordan and new superstar LeBron James overcame the white noise; they overcame the criticism and became champions. Now ESPN love these two Black basketball champions because they can no longer claim that number 23 and number 6 cannot win.

These new attacks will not be against Minnesota Timberwolves Kevin Love, Los Angeles Lakers Steve Nash, or Houston Rocket Jeremy Lin. These three wonderful basketball players have not won a championship yet they do not draw the ire of ESPN’s Sports Center. The question should be asked WHY?

The Rodent lost its whipping boy and team the Miami Heat and LeBron James so they have to find new victims, new blood, and a new agenda for their network to function this fall and winter.

Last spring LeBron James and Dwayne Wade put a damper on The Rat’s party. The Miami Heat rained on the Bristol, Connecticut parade by winning back to back NBA Championships and closing the door on the network’s criticisms. Question, when are sports fans going to stop falling for the Okey Doak?

Do these names sound familiar Dwight Howard, and James Harden(Houston), Carmelo Anthony, and Amar’e Stoudemire,(New York Knicks), Daron Williams, and Brook Lopez,(Brooklyn), Russell Westbrooks, and Kevin Durant, (Oklahoma City Thunder) , Chris Paul, and Blake Griffin,(Los Angeles Clippers), last, Zack Randolph, (Memphis Grizzlies)

Day by day this network will pick and pick and pick at these ten Black basketball players because they have not won the National Basketball Association Championship. Bristol, Connecticut has nothing better to do.

It has already started with the ESPN “First Take” interview of Dwight Howard by Steven A. Smith. Howard has moved on from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Houston Rockets. Mr. Smith has committed more Black on Black crime on television then people on the American streets with his interviews and continues with the DH12 interview.

Creating conflict with teammates where it never existed for example asking Mr. Howard about his past relationship with former teammate star Laker guard Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles and his future teammate Rocket guard James Harden in Houston. WHY?

ESPN has tried this same tactic with the New York Knicks and their stars forward Carmelo Anthony and center Amar’e Stoudemire. (THE RAT) repeated this nonsense with the Oklahoma City Thunder and their team tandem of point guard Russell Westbrooks and center Kevin Durant. Then last basketball season (THE MOUSE) scurried around trying to find the presumed conflict between guard Chris Paul and center Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers.

All of these players need to take the stand that THE KING LeBron James took last spring, stating that he will no longer be talking to certain reporters of this network.

Imagine all ten of these fine basketball players doing this what would The Sports Leader do? How could (THE RODENT) continue their little game without the players interview?

Sports fans are gaining positive alternative networks with each passing day. The (CBC) Canadian Broadcasting Company, (TSN) The Sports Network-Canada, Fox Sports Net, Fox Sports One, Comcast Sports Network, NBC Sports Network, and CBS Sports Network. Less we forget the local area sports casting networks like (MSG) Madison Square Garden and WWOR in New York with the Superstations TNT, and (TBS) Turner Broadcasting System, in Atlanta and WGN in Chicago and last the internet sports network.

Sports fans are acquiring their information without the racial spin. African American sports fans are getting tired of the shenanigans that ESPN plays each week and it costing them viewership in the coming years with young Black viewers. The Question should be asked do they care in Bristol, Conn.?


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