Wimbledon Wrap Up- Serena faced the World and Lost

Updated: July 14, 2013

Wimbledon is over and Serena faced the world and lost.  Down 3 games to zero in the final set to Serena, Big banger Sabine Lisicki found a way to stay in the final set and win.  She closed out Serena and Serena allowed a victory slip away and Lisicki went on the final and lose to Maria Bartoli. As for the 28 year old French woman, Bartoli won her first major while taking advantage of a draw that did not include one top 15 player.  The stars were aligned and instead of facing Williams, she faced Lisicki. As for Ms. Liscki she beat three former Grand Slam champion but fell short in the finals as Bartoli made her historic breakthrough.  Serena had one bad half of a set and Lisicki took advantage while playing the game of her life.

As for the men, the elites beat the world as Murray defeated Djokovic and the rest of the field.  In the first week, Federer and Nadal were out by the second round and there was hope that someone not named Federer, Nadal,             Murray and Djokovic would win but as the second week progressed, the final two of the big four simply went through the final week but both had one tough match before their final match up.  Murray had to come back from a two set deficit in the quarter finals and Juan Del Potro gave Djokovic a tough match in the semifinals. 

Murray became the first British in 77 years to win Wimbledon but it could be equally as long before the next American male wins Wimbledon and there is no evidence that any Americans will win any majors over the next five years.  Ryan Harrison and Jack Sock, the young Americans who are the latest hopefuls to break through, are still mired below top 50 and are a combined 11-20 in match plays this year.   15 year old Stefan Koslov may be a bright hope but he is still years away from challenging the top.

Madison Keys, Sloan Stephens and Wimbledon girls runner up, Taylor Townsend do offer hope for the women side in the future as Keys and Sloan reached the second week of the tournament.  If women Tennis do have some stars ready to blossom, there no single men tennis players presently on tour ready to challenge the big four, much less challenge the top ten. 

As for American Tennis presently, there are three players who keep American Tennis from sinking into the abyss. SerenaWilliams and the Bryan Brothers, who now own all four major titles and Olympic Gold, are presently the best of American Tennis. The Bryan brothers are the best double team in the world and Williams is still the best female player.   At least on the women side, America has hope for the future of American Tennis.


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