Stevie Wonder Boycotts Florida; Is Lebron James Leaving?

Updated: July 17, 2013

In the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin public lynching, leave it to Stevie Wonder, the conscience of his Sensational Sixties generation to declare he’ll not be performing in Florida until the “stand your ground laws” are-off-the-books. Perhaps other entertainers should follow suit . . .  as well as athletes.


The Miami Heat’s King James and D. Wade., . . what can you gentleman “do”  to object-to the treatment of who was most-probably one of your fans, young Trayvon Martin? Afro-Americans in your state by the White population and coinciding power structure? Both of you have sons who are clearly also ‘targets” despite your millions of dollars . ..  they still dangerous Black males in the eyes of virtually all Whites, so-much-so there’re laws on the books, and with the lynching of Trayvon Martin – legal judicial precedent which condones and encourages White folks to “shoot first . . . ,” ask questions last.


Its a good chance these two will do little if nothing more than “Twitt” a few words of outrage  . . . post some words on their Facebook pages . . . when they have the power to do so much more..


Today’s ebony spartans aren’t embodied with the inclination, social interest, political principles or testicles of say a Jim Brown, Ali, Curt Flood or Kareem Abdul Jabbar – there’s too much moo-lah at stake. They don’t want to alienate any possible corporate (White)  endorsements.


My thought; if Stevie Wonder can see the injustice which has just taken place in Sanford Florida . . . why can’t the Miami Dolphin’s  Mike Wallace and Brent Grimes see it . . . and be prompted to stand-up, motivated to speak-out? Players on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jacksonville Jaguars as well as the MLB teams in Florida


If Stevie won’t play in Florida . . .  why will you cats?


Granted that’s  a tad-more difficult for ballers based in Florida, so perhaps its other players from visiting  teams who might have the gumption and awareness to refuse to perform in a state which devalues Black life like Florida obviously does. Maybe Black Buccaneers and  Dolphins can refuse to reside in the state and contribute to the economic enrichment of the state? I don’t know, but do something constructive with the fame n’ fortune you’ve accumulated to put pressure on gun-totin’ rednecks.


That’d be an demonstration of “Black Power” in the face of White racism  . . . .


Look, what the hanging of Trayvon Martin graphically and dramatically illustrates in Highly Defined vivid, horrific Black n’ White – the total, complete disregard  and disrespect mainstream White America has for Black folks.


Having labored in the field of public education for a couple of decades, I can’t count the times I’ve had  White missionaries tell me “Mr Cortez . . . that kid just sends chills up n’ down my spine . . . and they’re referring to some 137 pound Black mancub . . . who they see as savages . . . . I believe that perception is rampant and widespread – despite the savage history of America, Europeans raping, pillaging, looting and killing people of color . . . it is the oppressed victims who’re the savages . . .


Ain’t that an unbelievable bitch?


Denial is a ravaging, raging river which runs deep, deep through WASP culture.


And need I add the fact the nationwide perception of the Black athlete by Whites  is basically what Rush Limbaugh says it is; semi-literate, quasi-educated  millionaire gangsters and thugs who happen to be able to run fast n’ jump high. White America would have no problem branding all Black sportsmen as ‘gorillas in the mist,” for they apparently believe Blacks embody all that is twisted, crooked &  wicked.


Recall when Tiger Woods world fell-apart . . . the joke was his behavior confirmed what many questioned . . . he was Black – because Black men, virtually all of us disrespect our women and are unfaithful to our mates. Yes, somehow We’ve a monopoly on all that is evil . . . and the almost lily-White jury in this tragic case confirmed that sentiment.


“The Niggers guilty until proven innocent!”


Just as Bill Clinton’s sleepin-round made him America’s first Black President.  It’s all insulting, degrading and belittling of Black Americans, and it’s about time we confronted those abusive remarks with a sharp tongue, blunt words and whatever the situation calls for,

Martin was wrong in all his actions; wearing a hood in a rain storm, walking too-slowly, defending himself against an unidentified gunman who’s stalking him, however, and this is what lites a blue-flame under my black-ass – by not responding to Zimmerman’s “hey coon, what the hell you doin’ ‘round here boy” with a Herman Cain like Uncle Remus “Oh, I’s be sorry Sir, I just be gettin home, here’s my papers Mister . . .” Because we all know that’s what in-essence played out –  this ridiculous notion that a White person has the authority to question a Black or Brown person anytime n’ place they so-desire . . . like it use to be back in the good ol days. when we all knew and accepted our inferior lot in life.


Am I lying?! Am I lying?!


So if we’re going-back to yesteryear, 1965, then I hope I see some Tommy Smiths and John Carlos’ emerge, throw-up some Black gloved fist when the national anthem is played. . . .  Black gladiators willing to be more than million-dollar sportsmen but real men with heart and convictions beyond the track n’ field, the gridiron or hardwood court.


And if the gunning-down of Trayvon, coupled with the acquittal of his killer implies times haven’t really changed in America, and Black folks remain sub-human . . . then Blacks are going to have to go-back to the 1960’s tactics of Malcolm X ,  Dr King, Huey P and put pressure on the situation from all sides. All sides . . . all fronts – so that angry White folks can’t drag us back to 1957 . . .


Somebody go put-on James Brown’s “Say it loud, I’m Black and I’m proud”  45 record and let’s tune-in, turn-on and start takin’ care of business, TCB baby.

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  1. Hector Cortez

    September 12, 2013 at 11:37 pm

    What a racist slime.

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