Scappy Night on ESPN Friday Night!

Updated: July 14, 2013

In a battle of undefeated fighters, Glen Tapia got the better of the first round as he stunned Abraham Han with solid combinations including body shots.  In the second round, Han showed more activity as he attempted to stem the tide of the first round while Tapia went from the pursuer to being a boxer.  

Over the next two rounds, Han moved forward and while he managed to land some solid punches; he also left himself open to Tapia counters.   In the fifth round, Han nailed Tapia with a solid body shot that doubled Tapia over near the end of the round and Tapia survived as the bell may have saved Tapia. Tapia returned the favor with series of combinations that shook Han up in the middle of seventh round and a Tapia right hand forced Han to the rope and it was the rope that kept Han up.  The referee gave Han an eight count but with only seconds left, the bell saved Han just as the bell may have saved Tapia in the fifth round.

Tapia continued to hit his opponent in the eighth round with solid combinations but the big punch was a right hand that opened up a cut over Han’s left eye.  Blood flowed from Han’s face and Referee Jay Nady stopped the fight as blood continued to stream from Han’s eyes.  Han lost his first fight while Tapia won his 19th straight fight in his young career.   This was a scrappy affair but it was Tapia straight punches and better technical skills that won him the fight.

Chris Avalos and Drian Francisco faced off in the battle of two tough junior featherweights.   In a good start in the main event, the best punch came when Francisco nailed Avalos with a left hook as Avalos pulled straight back.  Avalos continued to press the action in the second round but Francisco effectively used his space as he moved half step and countered effectively.  For the first eight minutes and thirty seconds, Avalos threw nearly double the punches but he missed much of what he was aiming at.    At the end of the third round,  Avalos finally connected with two solid left hooks that sent Francisco reeling into the rope.  Throughout the fourth and fifth round, Avalos made adjustments as he looked to punch inside of Francisco wider punches.  Avalos started to be more accurate with his punches and he added a jab to compliment his sharper punch.  In the  eighth round, Francisco nailed Avalos with three upper cuts for the best punch of the round but he got nailed by a solid left hook at the end of the round.   

In the ninth round, Avalos threw some sharp combinations and caught Francisco with a big left uppercut that stunned him.  Avalos took controls of the final rounds in attempt to seal the deal. Throughout the tenth round, Avalos nailed Francisco with solid shots after solid shots as Francisco slowed down.  Over the last thirty seconds. Avalos trapped Francisco against the rope to take the rond on my unofficial card.  Over the second half of the fight, Avalos youth and more accurate punches took hold and allowed him to take a decision.

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