NEW!! Here Comes The Hater vol.172

Updated: July 26, 2013

1. Have you ever seen a UFO?

Yes. And I ain’t afraid to tell you, I saw one just like Minister Farrakhan did. Oh yeah, the MotherShip is Real.

2. Do you have any ties to Biogenesis?

No. But I do have some bow-ties from Brother Tony 2X

3. Do you have nightmares about Monsters chasing you?

Yes. Last night, in fact, I dreamed that George Zimmerman was chasing me with a gun in the rain as I was going to my dad’s house.

4. Is this the year that the Dallas Cowboy’s QB Tony Romo wins the Super Bowl?

Nope. It will still be the same Tony-Two Step. One step forward; Two steps back.

5. What’s your philosophy on life?

Fight, get money, spend money. Fight, get money, spend money. Repeat. Floyd Mayweather taught me that….  6. Do you think the 4 lbs. gained by Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick can help him this season?

No. But, maybe four extra offensive linemen could help him from getting sacked.

7. Do you think God has a special place in his or her heart for Tim Tebow?

No. Because if he did, he wouldn’t allow him to play for the Devil..I mean, New England’s Bill Belichick.

8. Did you watch the ESPY awards on ESPN this year?

Nope. I was in my bathroom, with the door locked, reading some of my uncle’s old Jet magazine. 9. Did you watch the George Zimmerman Trial?

No Sir!!!

10. What do you think of attorney Don West?

He is a creepy A** Cracker.

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