BRAND NEW!! Here comes the Hater vol.173

Updated: July 12, 2013

North Carolina-(BASN)1. Do you need an agent?

Yes. Why? Because, I am a 10-year old cartoon with a movie coming out on September 23, 2013. Plus, I can rap, dance and write a pretty good sports article.

2. Are you upset with the former NE Patriot Aaron Hernandez?

Yes. Because, of his stupidity, he has allowed Tim Tebow another chance to play quarterback in the NFL.

3. Do you think World War III is near?

Yes. Because, the Los Angeles Lakers just released Metta World Peace. Oh no!!!

4. Describe your personality?

My personality is a Rockweiler ready to attack a thief in his master’s house. I AM mean and vicious.

5. What do you have to say about Dwight Howard going to the Rockets?


6. Did you know that Robert Griffin III recently got married?

So What? Why? Because, I agree with Rob Parker. He ain’t nothing but a “cornball” brother.

7. Do you think the government is tapping your phone?

If they are, they need to tell my grandma to give me my phone back. I am sorry, I was playing Candy Crush during church. Lord, forgive me.

8. Have you heard Jay-Z’s new album?

Yes, I heard it. And Holy Grail, sounded like Holy Fail.

9. What did you learn from watching the 2013 BET AWARDS?

Uncle Charlie is not my real uncle. Too Chains wears more than Two Chains. Ciara can dance. Chris Tucker is not funny. And El Deberge is still getting high. (allegedly)

10. Did you watch the 2013 NBA DRAFT?

No, I was sitting on the toilet, with the door locked, sitting on the toilet, reading some of my uncle’s old Jet magazines.

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    July 19, 2013 at 11:34 pm

    the bobbee bee the hater cartoons are real funny and informative…this ERIC GRAHAM guy seems to be a creative writer and a very talented individual…….I am looking forward to the BOBBEE BEE THE HATER THE MOVIE…..

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