George Zimmerman Has A Home In Colorado . . . .

Updated: July 18, 2013

With the conclusion of the Trayvon Martin public lynching, George Zimmerman has little reason to go into hiding, he’s no reason to exile himself all the way to his mother’s South American homeland of Peru. No, instead I’d suggest he need go-no- further than a small-town America.


George, come to Colorado!


There’re small towns all across the state where George will be “hailed as an hero,” treated as a “victimized” man who was needlessly, needlessly I say dragged through the judicial process reserved for criminals, when as we all know due to the all-White jury member B-37 he was a good guy, “with a good heart” just trying to help – who ended up the victim of a dead Black “Boy . . .”


George, pack-up the wife and brother and move to Greely, Walsenburg, Gunnison, Montrose, the little towns I could list across Colorado is nearly endless where the population will willingly welcome and embrace you . . . and does that not speak volumes about those populations which condone George’s actions.


If not Colorado, move to Idaho, North Dakota, Montana – these states have a minimal Afro-American populations . . . meaning George has less to fear.  Oddly or perhaps  predictably the disgust, rage and anger . . . does not exist there.




 I can’t imagine there’re White people in these towns and even entire states who’re so-very angry and frustrated that they’d like to settle-the-score with George Zimmerman.


And therein lies the tragic proof . . .The prevailing Caucasian perspective hasn’t really changed over the last millennium . . . Blacks are “guilty until proven innocent.” and along with that comes the more cynical – “the only good nigger is a dead nigger.”


The United States is not “United.” There exist no “one nation under God, indivisible with liberty n’ justice for all . . . .”  except in the small-minds of angry, hostile White folks. For it is this portion of the Yankee stew, Conservative White people, who’ve concocted this make-believe fairy tale of a land where race is irrelevant and meaningless in all relevant aspects of life..


The only problem in this tall-tale . . . virtually no Black people, or Brown, Red n’ yellow Americans believe it.


Matter-of-factly – the only racist left  in the US-of-A are Blacks, for it is us who simply can’t get- over-it and move-on, accept that the Republican TEA Party card-carrier is colorblind.

Yes, It is in small town USA, out West that George will find an entire small town’s population who can disregard the facts;  George was a frustrated  wannabe cop, perhaps a alcoholic, who’d been rejected by police forces because he wasn’t up to snuff, he didn’t have the right stuff. George had assaulted a police officer and beat his woman. He’d taken months and months of barbarian training, where the question of George being on Steroidss. He’d call 911 dozens and dozens and dozens of times to report suspicious  men in his neighborhood  . . . all Black.

The murder scene was contaminated by disinterested cops who wanted to have a beer with George not place him under arrest.  The state of Florida had to be forced to charge and arrest a man who killed a boy. The prosecution team was, at best mediocre and one could say, as millions are, their half-assarguments lacked-depth, drama and details and reflected the fact that the state was going about their task of charging George is a begrudging, reluctant manner.


See, in small-town, lily-white America . . . none of that matters. Now understand it doesn’t matter in urban Yuppie conclaves where Whites are strategically/economically isolated n’ insulated  from the colored riff-raft – but Blacks are free to wander about . . . one may sneak-up on you, that won’t happen in parts of Utah and Nevada.


There was a Black Mandingo buck wandering the gated community minus his “papers” and therefore, just as it as in 1956, 1939, 1922, 1905, 1891 . . . any White man has the authority/audacity to ask “What you doing around here boy.” That’s the historical way it use to be, the “desired way” White folks would like to still have it. And I’d submit there’re millions of White folks across this divided land who’d love to go back to yesteryear when they could tell you ”Boy! don’t you dare look me in the eye, and don’t you dare look at my women, matter-of-fact, get off of the walkway when I approach, and scurry your way home, on the back of the bus to the other-side of the tracks, over n Coontown!


Before the sun sets on your Black ass!


I’m sure there’re Mormon towns all across Utah and Nevada who will provide this hero, George Zimmerman with a home, car and job . . . because here the facts don’t matter.


Now what does “matter” is this Black President said “if I had a son, he’d look like Treyvon” for in their paranoid eyes he’s the chief stirring-up all savages. What is deemed relevant – Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson  were on the Sanford Florida scene because in the minds of most White people Blacks are mindless, childlike creatures who are ruled by our emotions and we can be brought to the verge of violence by men like Jackson and Sharpton.


These are the FOX News facts which fuels the contempt, the hostility White America harbors for Blacks.  Those were the facts of the case you could hear Rush, Hannity and all the good ol boys amplifying on the AM hate radio airwaves over the last year n’ a half, because that’s all that matters to most of White America.


George Zimmerman, go West young man, go West!


  1. SJK

    July 24, 2013 at 7:35 pm

    I live in Colorado, and I think you are a dumb a$$!!!!!! You need to GFYS!!!!! Just because we might live in a small Colorado town does not make us a town of bigots and racist a$$holes. You are a mindless racist bigot your self if thats the way you think. SHAME ON YOU!!!! I give every man a fair shot, its about integrity and capability. I could give two shits what color a man is, if he works hard and shows up when he is needed. I guess you BIG CITY fellas need to take a trip sometime and see for your selves that there are good americans in these SMALL town you HATE so much.

  2. Hector Cortez

    September 12, 2013 at 11:32 pm

    I agree with SJK. Desi, you are an ugly racist. You are completely full of hate. It’s people like you that keep racism alive and well by crying wolf and accusing every white as being racist while ignoring flat-out racism in the black community (You included). Time to put on your big-boy pants and see things as they truly are, not through your hate-filled racist lens. Shame on you!

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