Charles Barkley Is A Useful Idiot . . . .

Updated: July 21, 2013

Last week President Obama interjected his racist/militant/socialist/Marxist/opinion into the Trayvon Martin lynching with his acknowledging 30-years-ago . . . he could’ve been young Trayvon. Doubling-down on his, earlier, loaded: “Trayvon could‘ve been my son” statement last year which infuriated already angry White America.


Yes, just by merely stating the truth, the burning-bush truth,  the President  garnered the wrath and elicited the fear of White folks . . . that some warlord like Obama could set-off the savages they so-fear.


Think Crazy Horse and the Ghost Dances . . . .


The “Right,” i.e., 3/4ths of White America  – is extremely incensed Obama won’t shut his mouth, remain silent and only speak . . . when told-to. However, just  as some monolithic TEA Party tabernacle chorus, they’re ecstatic over Charles Barkley’s observations of the Martin hanging . . . . Chuck almost made me up-chuck when he threw this line-out. “I agreed with the verdict, I feel sorry that young kid got killed. But they didn’t have enough evidence to charge him (George Zimmerman


Over many, many, many moons,  the US press has sought-out Black gladiators to douse the flames of racism which occasionally ignite with-in one of this country’s skirmishes within this nation’s never-ending racial cold-wars. So they summoned Joe Louis, Floyd Patterson,  George Foreman and Smokin’ Joe Frazier  . . . and Jackie Robinson to ‘put out the fire” . . .  “tell the masses that Negroes like Malcolm, Huey P or Angela Davis were  crazy”.

Look at Robinson; he was active in politics throughout his post-MLB life. He regarded himself as a political independent, he once wrote Martin Luther King, Jr. to defend the Johnson Administration’s Vietnam  policy, He supported  Nixon in his 1960 presidential race against John F. Kennedy. But later  Robinson was angered by conservative Republican opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He became one of six national directors for Nelson Rockefeller’s unsuccessful campaign to be nominated as the Republican candidate for the 1964 presidential election.] After the party nominated Senator Barry Goldwater instead, Robinson left the party’s convention commenting that he now had “a better understanding of how it must have felt “to be a Jew in Hitler’s Germany”.

See, most everyone’s eyes open at some point, Chuck’s might also oneday . . . .

Sir Charles has willingly, wantonly interjected himself into a conflict within the cultural war that has gripped this nation for well-over a century, and he’s allowing himself to be “utilized” by the likes of Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh – Barkleys one of the midget’s handful of  so-called enlightened Negroes in America who fails to see the Martin case as a travesty in justice.

White America ponders; ”Why can’t all darkies be delusional like Chuck?”

Barkley said this last week;  “Something clearly went wrong that night. Clearly, something went wrong and I feel bad for anybody that loses a kid. But if you look at the case, and you don’t make it … there was some racial profiling, no question about it. Something happened to change the dynamic of that night. And that’s probably not a popular opinion among most people but just looking at the evidence, I agreed with the verdict.”

But hang-on, then the round mound of rebound gets it twisted inside-out;  “It gives every white person and black person, who’s racist, a platform to vent their ignorance,” Barkley said. “I don’t like when race gets out in the media because I don’t think the media has a pure heart [when discussing race],” Barkley said. “Racism is wrong in any shape or form. Sometimes when people talk about race, they act like only white people are racist, there are a lot black people that are racist.”

“I don’t think the media has clean hands.””

“Pure heart?”  “Clean hands?   I can only assume Chuck means Black folks too have “Black hearts” and “dirty hands” . . .  just as the descendants of European Conquistadors do.”

Are you serious Chuck?

Come-out here into the moonlight,  serious-moonlight,  where you can see who’s got blood on their hands.  You can see “who” bent “who” over. And “who” got the ass kicking and “who” gleefully did the ass whippin’.

Golly-gee-winkers Charles, unquestionably this nation is full-of racist people, but there’s little argument about who’s benefited. Who denies White folks were been the architect of this still peculiar-relationship between Blacks n’ whites.  Few question who’s been the invader, provoker, raider, aggressor and abuser! And there’s little debate about “who’s” been the pimp, and “who’s” been the raped, beaten battered-whore forced to work for crumbs-off-the- table she can’t eat at. . .

Who can argue White  America has begrudgingly, half-halfheartedly gone from officially regarding Blacks as property . . . to reluctantly and half-assedly treating us as 4th- class, steerage-class –  if hot human sewage?

Chuck, were it not for your superior basketball skills, you’d be . . . just another Nigger, instead of that opinionated Colored boy who agrees with Conservatives on this volatile, flammable, all-so potentially combustible controversy,

Barkley added; “That’s the thing that bothered me the most. I watched this trial closely and I watched all these people on television, talking about it. A lot of these people have a hidden agenda … The bias comes out.”

Bias? Agenda?  . . . . this mildly-educated negro is talking ‘bout an bias agenda? Why hell yes there’s an bias agenda; Rand Paul’s Republican Party wants to return this nation back to 1951, that’s the Republican TEA Party’s bias-based agenda. That’s what the entire Reagan Revolution has been about.


And yes Charles, Black folks, along with other Americans-Of-Color, we’ve had an agenda . . . to fight the White Backlash to our dying-day.  The Liberal/Progressive agenda has been  to be recognized as humans by the WASP establishment and the rank n’ file Rednecks.


Chuck, in your unthought-out juvenile effort to be an “Independent”  you’ve branded your dumb black-ass as just another half-blind buffoon, akin- to Michael Irvin, JC watts and Lynn  Swann,  You’re “one of the few good ones”   i.e., an  useful babbling idiot.



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    You twisted racist.

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