Little Black Sambos, Slow-Poke Rodriguez, Jezebel and The Washington Redskins . . . .

Updated: July 10, 2013

I’ll be honest with you . . . Robert Griffin III disappointed me, not with marrying Snow White, that was as predictable as it being 129 degrees in Death Valley . . . in the shade – but rather with his naive defense of his NFL team’s namesake and mascot, the Washington Redskins.

RGIII deems the objection to it politically correct.

And I quote, from Griffin’s Twitter page, in response to the ongoing criticism of the word Redskins; “In a land of freedom we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness”


I don’t know what world, what planet this bright lad hails from, but it can’t be earth. And it certainly can’t be the good ol’ US-of-A. It Can’t be Governor “Tricky” Ricky Perry’s Texas . . . ?


Clearly Griff has forgotten his Black-ass may be on the field, nonetheless there’re millions of White fans. players and journalist who believe he may be Black, like Michael Jordan is Black, but the rest of us are merely Niggers.


And since RGIII married little Red Riding Hood, there’re millions who hate him, and they’ll take it further than just hate –  they’ll campaign and advocate for his dismissal.  The spotlight he’s functioned under has just been amplified.


That stale-ass statement, In a land-of-freedom we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness”  is a corny, naive , simpleminded pronouncement – which makes me believe this kid is another JC Watts  . . . .  he’s been brainwashed by “conformist” to conform. . . starting with his ex-US Army parents.


As much as I respect  and idealize the noble Buffalo Soldiers and Tuskegee Airman . . . there’s no-denying the element of the Contemporary Black soldier being little-more than a willing, useful pimped n’ exploited proud pawn. . . .


I love the kid, you want your kid to grow-up to be more like RGIII than Kanye West . . . but, like Tiger once was –  Griff’s comments cement the fact he’s blind to US racial realities. I thought the reckless n’ careless manner in which .the Shanahan Leprechauns risked, sacrificed his career might be the 2:30 AM wake-your-Black-ass-up call . . ..   

And without doubt his mucho-grande moo-lah and superstar stature will keep Robert’s eyes closed . . perhaps all his life. Mrs. RGIII is from Boulder, the Peoples Republic of Boulder, home of Hippies with hip-replacements and wilting Flower Children . . . maybe she can enlighten the delusional icon.


Son, if they’ll call Tonto a Redskin, they’ll call you a big-lipped Coon . . . and that ain’t “correct”  in anyone’s politics.


You just  wait n’ see, perhaps even after all the “die-nigger-die” luv letters Griffin’s on the receiving-end of, they might alter his limited perspective, and if that don’t – give this kid about 3 years married to a White woman – as an ebony Alpha-Male gladiator . . . playing “Signal Caller” in a league,  a nation . . . which don’t take too-kindly to uppity Negroes.


Ask the President.


To abide by RGIII’s reasoning  . . . when some sports jock refers to his wife as a Niggerlover . . . if Griffin objects . . . he’s adhering to the politically correct crowd.

Here’s what I hear coming-out of the White world and specifically “White America.”


Why can’t we call Blacks “Niggers?”


Why Can’t we call Mexicans  “Wetbacks?”


Why Can’t we call full-grown  women “Gal,” little lady, sweety pie, wench, harlot , tramp . . .?


Why can’t we call Asians “Chinks?”


Why can’t we call  you Natives . . .”Redskins”?‘


Now here’s what I can’t grasp – the apparent complexity of   “Why” these mofos, who are vastly Conservative refuse to heed the words and wishes of Americans of Color.


Is it misplaced arrogance? Is it an voluntary ignorance of US History? Or is it an indifference . . . but what is it that propels most of White America to offend most other people?

How is it Washington’s team owner, Danny Boy Snyder refuses to consider the obvious. Redskins is not a term-of-endearment You know, if it’s ok to call his team the Redskins, then it’s ok for me to call snyder a Rich n well dressed Redneck . . . .


And here’s the thing . . . all those Conservative Right-Wing patriots that tell you it’s ok and acceptable to call people . . . whatever the hell they so-desire to call them . . . won’t walk-up to a brother in South Central LA , won’t walk-up to an Indian on a South Dakota or Arizona Reservation and call anyone anything but “sir” – yet they want to call-into AM hate radio stations across the land and call Americans-of-Color and women everything under the sun but what we asked to be called.


Wait, wait, w-a-i-t . . . ?


But now when you call White men, or at least one who’s half-White a  creepy ass cracker . these good ol’boys get their Fruit of the Looms briefs all in a bunch . . .

Here’s a nation, stolen from the Red and Brown man, an empire in -which the foundation/ infrastructure was constructed with the blood, sweat n’ tears of Black people, over a period of almost 300 years . . . and the  political “Right” of this country (about 65% of all Whites) can easily, effortlessly minimize, rationalize and tragically justify all of the thievery and bloodshed – by claiming those savage means were legitimized by the Utopian end –  the creation of America. A “White” nation specifically crafted-for” only White people.” The Help, the folks who are truthfully  responsible for the creation of this empire . . . remain redlined 3rd class semi-citizens.


Ain’t that a bitch?!


How caveman cold, how selfish is such an Neanderthal notion? A “stolen” land, of which its fruits are rationed/denied to those who built it? The rif-raff who must navigate a White man-made maze of obstacles placed there by . . . White men, insuring only he wins. An education which demands a breadwinner job, housewives who love n’ nurture children, nannies who get paid to raise little aristocrats . . . while the rest of us work 1 ½ jobse and what child today isn’t a latchkey/daycare child

That “indifferent” attitude which White America maintains is what prompts these racist/sexist/elitist asses to want to reopen “Sambos.”  that mindset allows Republican TEA Party politicians to openly refer to Latinos as “Wetbacks . . .” and it fuels this privileged perspective.

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