Updated: July 31, 2013

By:- Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter

The Ryan Bruan suspension on Tuesday July 23, opens the back door for Major League Baseball to actively investigate other players that allegedly have taken (PED’s) Performance Enhancing Drugs. MLB did not waste time releasing the list of players most likely to be suspended from baseball this year.

The Gray Leopard Cove has no problem with the suspensions because if the players have broken the rules they should be punished. But it looks suspect when most of the names on the PED list have Latino Surnames. What are you saying MLB?

The Cheating Game has finally caught up with this sport. The sport that continues to condone cheating, what do you expect? Players are going to try everything to get ahead because Major League Baseball has turned a blind eye to cheating. The art of cheating has been perfected in baseball and now the chickens have come to roost. Please read the article “BASEBALL BEING BASEBALL AGAIN 2013″.

These questions should be asked when will MLB hold the Owners, General Managers, and Managers accountable? When will the media beat writers tell the truth about their knowledge of these substances in the locker room?

When will they get suspended, fined, or fired for knowing that their players were using these drugs? Are you telling America that Oakland Athletic manager Tony LaRussa did not know the Bash Brothers, Canseco and McGwire were taking PED’s? What? Tony LaRussa did not notice their bodies changing to Popeye status right before his eyes?

Instead of dealing with the issue at hand Major League Baseball has created another Boogie Man in the house, on the diamond. This man wears number 13 in pin stripes and plays for the Bronx Boomers. Major League Baseball continues to play mind games with the American public. Four years ago MLB pushed their new golden boy Alex Rodriguez to the forefront trying to make baseball fans forget about then current bad boy, number 25, Barry Lamar Bonds (who did nothing illegal until 2004).  It is not working and many older baseball fans are getting fed-up with the foolishness and the lies.

Meanwhile Milwaukee Brewer Outfielder Ryan Bruan came to the microphone not once but twice with a straight face informing America that he had not taken anything. REALLY? Remember Braun was allowed to play the full season due to a technicality. This is just Baseball being baseball, cheating remains part of America’s past time and that is why they are in the situation they are in today.

The lack of leadership from Uncle Bud-Commissioner of Baseball, Bud Selig has hurt the game and continues to stain the sport. America’s Past Time has truly past its time.

Alex Rodriguez, -Third Base-New York Yankees, A-Rod is number one on the new Major League Baseball hit parade. Currently Mr. Rodriguez is on the (IR) Injured reserve list in the minors and will be out another 5-10 days. Mr. Rodriguez may never put on the Yankee uniform again. Question, why MLB did not suspend A-Rod at the beginning of the season if they have so much evidence against Mr. Rodriguez. This is just Baseball Being Baseball.

Now it seems that the New York Yankees Baseball club does not want number 13 on the field in the Bronx. Once again it comes down to dollars and cents not morality and honesty. If number 13 plays, the Yankees have to pay the insurance and the salary owed.

Should Alex Rodriguez be allowed to play? That is between the players union and MLB. There are no positives in this power struggle, let’s be real here The Yankees do not want to pay Mr. Rodriguez.

Major League Baseball wants to give Mr. Rodriguez the Death Penalty and a ban for life because this is A-Rods 2nd time caught with illegal substances in his system. If MLB does this and Mr. Rodriguez has admitted to using then how does Ryan Braun get suspended for 65 games when he has yet to admit anything? Mr. Braun can come back and play the 2nd or third week of next season with pay. This is the hypocrisies of Major League Baseball.


Melky Cabrera, -Outfielder,-Toronto Blue Jays, Mr. Cabrera got caught once during last summer. He played for the World Champion San Francisco Giants and he won the Most Valuable player in the 2012 All Star game. Should he give back the trophy? This is a major problem in MLB; they have refused to police themselves until outside forces make them look into the mirror. The National League got the home field advantage in the 2013 World Series because of the National League victory and the Giants took advantage. Cabrera could have been the National League Most Valuable Player but he took himself out of the voting. Should Cabrera get the Death Penalty?

Nelson Cruz, -Outfielder,-Texas Rangers, Cruz is The Power behind the Ranger offense and the motor of the team. Cruz has 23 homers and is batting 275 and has 70 RBI’s. Two years ago he was the American League MVP of the 2011 All Star Game and won the 2013 World Baseball Classic for the Dominican Republic in San Francisco. This could put a major cramp in the Texas bid for another American League Western Division Title if he gets suspended. Once again the question should be asked should he be playing baseball next year?

Robinson Cano,- Second Base,-New York Yankees, If the Yankees lose Cano they would have no offense at all because Robinson Cano currently is the New York Yankees offense. Named after Jackie Robinson he gives a salute to his namesake by wearing number 24 -that’s 42 in reverse because players can no longer wear that number and Yankee relief pitcher Mariano Rivera will be the last player to ever don that number. Cano has a 299 batting average with 21 homers and has driven in 69 runs.

Bartolo Colon,-Pitcher, -Oakland Athletics, Colon is the best pitcher on the Oakland A’s staff and his suspension could hurt the green and gold run to the American League Western Division title race. Colon has 13-3 record with a 2.54 ERA which is unheard of in the American League with 60 games left. This would be 2nd time or 2nd strike for Bartolo with the PED issue and it does not bode well for the Oakland A’s. Colon is a well traveled man, playing for the Cleveland Indians, The Los Angeles Angels, Chicago White Soxs, New York Yankees, and now the Oakland A’s.

Yasmani Grandal,-Catcher,-San Diego Padre, – also had an injury that placed him on the 60 day DL Disabled List with a serious knee injury. There is the link with all of these players. Grandal was batting .218 (102 OPS+) with one home run and more walks (18) than strikeouts (17) in 27 games. He was suspended for the first 50 games of the year after testing positive for a banned substance. This would be the 2nd time for Grandal.

Francisco Cervelli, – Catcher,- New York Yankees, the player who replaced the beloved catcher Jorge Pasada in 2011.  Cervelli had numerous injuries and must have allegedly taken PED’s to speed up his recovery. There again in the common thread.

Jesus Montero,- Catcher, -Seattle Mariners, has a 208 batting average and is also coming back from a knee injury and is currently playing in the Arizona Rookie League.

There are seven more players on this dubious list, all of Latin decent. Major League Baseball better be very careful with these suspensions because it could result in a Civil Rights issue based on race.

Jhonny Peralta– Detroit Tigers- Shortstop who is currently batting 301 and was also suspended before, Cesar Puello,-New York Mets,-outfielder,  He is currently in the Mets farm organization, Fernando MartinezNew York Yankees,-outfielder,-he is currently batting 182 and has limited playing time at Yankee stadium coming from the Houston Astros, Everth Cabrera,-San Diego Padre,-Shortstop,- one of the best shortstops in baseball but unknown because he plays on the west coast, Fautino de los Santos,- San Diego Padres, -Pitcher-,a well traveled player. He comes from the Chicago White Sox, Oakland A’s, and Milwaukee Brewers.  Santos never stayed in one organization to make an impact on the team, and Jordan Norberto,-Oakland Athletics, from the Arizona Diamondbacks,-Pitcher now playing for the Sacramento Rivercats as a relief pitcher. Norberto did not make the parent club during spring training. There are too many great pitchers on the roster in 2013.

The issue of cheating and PED’s are not going away and MLB will have to face it head on. The Question will MLB do this fairly? From the look at this list we already know the answer.  Major League Baseball parks maybe empty next season if they keep looking for cheaters.


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