Baseball Being Baseball Again, The Ryan Braun Case

Updated: July 24, 2013

By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter

Doping continues…

One year ago this article was written Today Major League Baseball Suspended Mr. Braun for over 60 games. Mr. Braun is an example of  everything wrong in Baseball since the 1980′s. MLB will now attack Latino players instead of cleaning up the game. Here is the current list

Alex Rodriguez, Melky Cabrera, Nelson Cruz, Francisco CervelliRobinson Cano . Bartolo ColonYasmani Grandal, Francisco Cervelli, Jesus Montero, Jhonny PeraltaCesar PuelloFernando MartinezEverth Cabrera, Fautino de los Santos and Jordan Norberto

OAKLAND, CA. (BASN)–-This recent incident is just another example of why Major League Baseball continues to lose credibility in the minority communities and continues its double standard of enforcing their own shabby drug policies.

Ryan Braun, outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers received a get ‘out of jail free card’ last week. Mr. Braun was allegedly caught with elevated testosterone in his blood stream.
It is very difficult to find the high grade of synthetic testosterone in the body without injection. So what really happened to his sample?
Major League Baseball stated that their carrier did not execute the job by sending Braun’s urine sample directly to the league drug offices via FedEx. So the chain of custody was broken which opened the legal door for questioning the results of the test.
But why ruin a good story about the 2011 MVP. Last year Mr. Braun became the face of Major League Baseball. This is the hypocrisy of MLB suspending Manny Ramirez and running Home Run King Barry Bonds out of baseball and letting Sammy Sosa leave the game unnoticed, then turnaround and let alleged cheaters like Braun, and Mark McGwire to continue their jobs.
Sounds like white male privilege.
Ryan Braun should not be allowed to play until his case can be resolved. Of course Mr. Braun went on the field last weekend and continued his spring training.
The ‘Wheels of Baseball’ justice moved quickly to clear the Milwaukee Brewer outfielder compared to the swift and ongoing negative public judgment on Barry Bonds and others accused of alleged use of steroids. Mr. Braun was given the excuse me card and moved on with his life.
Braun will be allowed to play all spring training games. Why? Because he is a member of the 2011 National League Central Division winner, Milwaukee Brewers.
Braun was given a trophy and a contract bonus. Why because he is the 2011 MVP. The Most Valuable Player trophy could have been awarded to four other players including former teammate Prince Fielder. This brewing incident may be the reason Fielder wanted to get out ofMilwaukee.
Prince Fielder will be playing for the Detroit Tigers in 2012. The Brewers will miss Fielder’s bat in the middle of the lineup and might not make the playoffs. Braun had the distinct advantage of hitting behind Fielder.
Braun will be allowed to play this year, the question is why? Because of number 31, the Commissioner of Baseball, Bud Selig owned the Brewers some time ago. Mr. Selig cannot stand to see his former team dragged through the mud of another drug scandal.
Last but not least, the question why? Maybe it could be because he is of lighter hue. There is a racial overtone to this decision and if you don’t believe this you are sticking your head into the sand. When other players were accused of illegal substance abuse they were escorted off the field until their suspension ended. Mr. Braun will continue to play until this issue is resolved.
Is this fair?
Major League Baseball executive administration officers continue to be dishonest. It has plagued the league for 35 years and will continue until the leadership changes direction.
It is very interesting to note that Mr. Braun is the only player in MLB history to challenge the out dated drug policies. The question should be how he attained the right to do so and win.
The next question should be asked were the other players allowed to appeal their suspensions like Manny Ramirez, Barry Bonds, and David “Big Papi” Ortiz, and Sammy Sosa. What about the many other players currently being suspended; can they exercise this right under Major League Baseball Drug policies?
Ryan Braun, the Milwaukee Brewers, Bud Selig, and MLB used privilege in this case. Major League Baseball fans should inform Commissioner Selig, the owners, and general managers enough is enough. Get a real drug policy in place and enforce the policy no matter who violates the rule. They should be punished. This issue has a great influence on Major League Baseball as it continues to lose avid minority baseball fans. Do they care? This sport needs to look into the mirror and stop being arrogant and aloof to their loyal fans.
It would be nice to hear a major sport admit they made a mistake. Major League Baseball will not be the one.
Clean up your act Major League Baseball.
Be the number one spectacular sport of the past not the controversial boring sport of the present.
PS:- The Collector stated Wednesday February 29,2011 that he followed MLB protocol in sending Braun samples

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