Arron Hernandez: Does White America Take Glee In His Demise?

Updated: July 3, 2013

The pathetically-low percentage of Black head coaches in the NFL fails to illicite even a cry of “foul” from the fans, or from the journalistic sports pundits who cover this century’s version of “Gladiators.” Nor does the woefully inadequate percentage of Black Quarterbacks garner any complaints from the same NFL base and the consistent media critics and haters of the gridiron game.


But now let  29 players  in a league of 1695 players  . . . less than 2% of the league find themselves on the wrong-side of Johnny law since the end of the 2012-13 NFL season, and the chant is to purge the game of its ghetto/gangster element. This over-the-top reactio coincides with the rumble we all hear. For if you were to put your ear to the frozen tundra . . . you’d think that 2% percentage was somewhere around 50% or 60%, perhaps even 75% of the league was on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” List.


The paiting n’ tainting of the entire barrel as bad-ass apples is akin to listening to FOX News where you’d have the opinion the President of the Free World, Barack Obama  was a Commie/Pinko/Socialist/Marxist half-Black Muslim Militant hell-bent on destroying the American Empire. No?


Kinda like how New York New York (so-nice they named it twice)  Mayor Bloomberg believes his police force isn’t harassing Blacks and Latinos” enough”  considering we constitute  all the robbing and killing in the Big Apple.


It’s as if the aristocratic mayor is oblivious to the obvious; Johnny Law turns a deaf ear n’ a blind eye to White crime . . . and I don’t mean White-collar crime. No,  I mean “White-skinned” criminal activity on the Blue-collar level. And there’s no question the legal/judicial system almost refuses to punish the wealthy and rich. . .  who out of pure happenstance happen to be White guys . . .


I’d submit all the games have been rigged.


Now,let me go out on a limb here and proclaim what can’t be denied any longer – white people, on a whole, not all but the vast-majority simply don’t “like” Black people. And it’s clear they’re not too-keen on Latinos, Indians, Africans, Arabs, Asians, etc. etc.


Significant numbers of White folks seem to take “glee and pleasure” in our failures, no?


So I’m not surprised in the least-bit the sports press, the football fans and casual observers seem to harbor some intense resentment and contempt for Black players gone astray. This attitude leaves them always searching-for anyone Black  to pile-on, assassinate, crucify, castrate and berate.

Please see Treyvon Martin – somehow he’s the bad guy . . . unflippin’ believable.


What the hell ever, you can shake your head in disgust, roll your eyes in disbelief . . .  but you can’t deny high school level history . . . White folks have shown a propensity to want to “see a nigger swing . . . . “


Chorus; White folks have shown a propensity to want to see a nigger swing. . . ! It brings millions of them pleasure, there’s no denying it.


The annals have dozens and dozens of documented examples of White Americans waging what can only be termed Genocide upon Blacks, and in the process gathering for the lynching and burning of Black people, making a celebratory festive time of it.  So-much-so there are those historians who contend the word “picnic” is derived from White folks eatin’ n’ drinkin while Black women n’ children (pick-a-ninnys) were swinging . . . .’


Disregard the daily racial  discrimination and exclusion throughout US History, which takes a toll on Black folks,  The red-lining of homes, and segregation of schools which stifle if-not murder all dreams.Blacks being continually the last hired/first fired . . .Yet how can one dismiss the headlines, the  Emmett Till’s’, and little girls being killed in Birmingham church bombings and assassinations ? As New York history is littered with police brutality. As is the history of  the police forces in LA, Chicago, Detroit, Houston  . ..  name the metropolis.


There’s more-than-enough societal evidence to support my contention most White folks want to see a nigger swing . . . . Trust me son, that’s more than a mere-notion.


So when rich Black men, and dig this,  it’s relevant – when they flaunt their gold, their loot,  their booty  . . .their White female booty –  that ignites a blue-flame under the asses of millions of White folks who haven’t moved beyond where their parents and grandparents comfortably sat, “comfortably” I say – when it came to their opinion of Blacks – they all want to see a Nigger swing.

 With that in mind . . . you can hear the contempt and disdain held towards Blacks when you read the sports pages. “Wave-of-arrests continues to plague NFL, “Criminal cases put focus on NFL vetting” it  all reads sounds like a Broadway play! Rush Limbaugh contends the league is a gang fight . . ..


There’s a wave-of-arrest which ought-appear on Wall Street and in the hallowed halls of Washington DC . . . but we’ll never see it because those fatcats operate under the privileges of being both rich and White – meaning the powers that be . .  are them – they’re biological brothers and fraternal brothers – the entrenched  WASP establishment.


The owner of the Cleveland Browns Jimmy Haslam III, has serious debt problems with his Pilot Flying J company., the FBI is in his ass, and . . . who gives a damn?


Here, let me break-it-down n’ load-it-up; It appears Hernandez should go to the e-chair as should Cleveland’s Ausar Walcott,  if he too is guilty. However, to “paint n’ taint” the entire league, to want the book thrown at all of them because of a few idiots is wrong –  but it is conducive and consistent with how White America over-reacts to Blacks and other Americans-of-Color doing wrong.

I’ve said it a gazillion times; the world-of-entertainment, starting with America’s national pastimes, sports – this is the prime battleground for this nation’s cultural war. White men want to put Johnny U.,  Elvis,  Donny Osmond and Ronnie “666”  Ray-Gun back on those pedestals they never really climbed-atop; Ty Cobb,

Ted Williams and Red Grange the Galloping’ Ghost  might not  have earned a roster-spot . ..  let-alone a sacred-place in any hall of fames – had it not been for American apartheid legally excluding the Black competitor – who would quickly upon the racial walls coming down, vanquish the pale-skinned pretenders.


There’s an endless-effort to highlight the ills and woes of Black players, politicians and business people – while simultaneously there’s an equally strong PR effort to highlight Great White Hopes – even if they’re “dopes, ” i.e. George Bush, Tim Tebow, Mitt Romney . . .George Zimmerman . ..  ”  An nonstop attempt to minimize, slight and rationalize the endangered  White man’s shortcomings and faults.


Gentlemen at ESPN, Yahoo, FOX Sports, SI and Bleacher Report – the informal Redneck  fraternity houses . ..  tell me, who do you believe the Republican TEA Party card carrying White cop follows-out of the restaurant or nightclub parking-lot at midnight . . . Brett Favre or Donovan McNabb? Cam Newton or Aaron Rodgers?


America, White America once had a luv-affair with sports, they were like wide-eyed cheerleaders . . .  blind to their human flaws n’ faults . . . until integration and Black domination came along, then jealous bench warming White guys became the holier (and Whiter) than thou “moral majority,” the envious eyes n’ ears of angry White men, charged with ridding the game of unwanted, undesirable elements.


They want to see a Nigger swing . . .. Hernandez is close-enough.



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  2. Byron Middleton

    July 8, 2013 at 12:21 pm

    The behaviors of these young men can be attributed to a number of factors chiefly among them is the fact that these young men are set up for failure, the academic syllabus for a college player is patchwork at best to get them the necessary passing grade,they are afforded little to no custodial guidance, there is no financial planning programs for these men,they live,eat and crap football,most of them come from broken,dysfuncyional or adoptive families which have historically as well as statistically been shown to effect the nurturing and rearing of a testosterone filled body of hormonal energy..boys..We as a society have to look at ourselves as the village and the youth are the vessel that will represent our it or not Mike Tyson…Ray Carruth…Adam Jones yes even Ray lewis..if these young men had a modicum ofcare and or concern for their future and not just the advancement of a program or person the program as well as the person would be the better for it…thanks for your time.

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