The Number 4

Updated: June 4, 2013

The Number 4

Popsicle Brothers Stanley Cup Conference Finals

By:- Gary Norris Gray and Michael-Louis Ingram BASN Staff Reporter

The number 4 is very important in the National Hockey League and this year it became profound. 16 victories and the cup becomes your prize divided by 4.

This might be unbelievable. The last four Stanley Cup Champions will meet each other this weekend in their conference championship. The four teams are The 2012 Los Angeles Kings, the 2011 Boston Bruins, the 2010 Chicago Blackhawks, and last the 2009 Pittsburgh Penguins. In 2008 the Detroit Red Wings took The Cup and they were the last team to be eliminated in this year’s playoffs. Talk about science fiction, nobody could have written this.

It takes four series victories to win the Stanley Cup unlike years ago when it was two. It took teams 8 victories for the cup now it is 16 a long grueling trek all number divisible by four. It is still the toughest championship to win in major sports and the most exciting to watch.

Home ice this year became very important for example in Los Angeles; the Kings won the last game of the regular season over the San Jose Sharks to gain home ice if the two teams meet in the playoffs. In the 2nd round they played against each other and each team won their respective home games. The Los Ang. Kings moved on to defend their 2012 Stanley Cup Championship with a thrilling seven game series against the Sharks.

This year the four best teams meet for the Eastern and Western Conference Finals Championship. The Boston Bruins with their powerful and strong defense played The Pittsburgh Penguins with their powerful explosive offense. In the west The Los Angeles Kings with their determination returned to the western conference finals to play the Chicago Blackhawks with their combination of all of the skills mentioned above.

The four best men were put in between the pips for their respective conference title and they are a team’s last defense. Don’t be surprised in seeing 14 low scoring games in the next week. Boston’s Tuukka Rask claimed the position after the Bruins released Tim Tomas in January, Pittsburgh’s Tomas Vokoun, took over for Marc-Andre Fleury in the first round. Vokoun has only lost one game since. In the West it’s the two headed monster of the Chicago Blackhawks Cory Crawford and Goal Brother Ray Emery. Emery was 17-1-1 and started the season 10-0-0 a National Hockey League record for goaltenders. Emery once again fell on hard luck with an injury at the start of the playoffs. Crawford has played well as the Hawks move on to the Western Conference Finals with a thrilling overtime victory over the Detroit Red Wings. Last Jonathan Quick (THE CAT) of the Los Angeles Kings defeated the San Jose Sharks standing on his head the last three games. Quick is slowly gaining the respect from other teams with a 2 goal against average in the playoffs this year.

Of course (African Americans/Blacks) can’t stick with the script, of the number four, they just had to add flavor to the playoff spice. It has been an outstanding year for Black hockey players. This year’s high of 27 players in the league and we have to overdo it with five great Goal Brothers playing in this year’s Conference Finals.

Goalie Ray Emery, Right winger Jamal Mayers, and defensemen Johnny Oduya of the Chicago Blackhawks,

The Los Angeles Kings have right winger Antony Stewart from the Carolina Hurricanes,

The Pittsburgh Penguins traded for the Godfather of Goal Brothers, winger Jarome Iginla and former captain of the Calgary Flames.

The Pittsburgh-Boston series will be a contrast of style if the Pens can stay out of the corners they should outscore the Boston Bruins. The Bruins have to contain wingers,Malkin, Iginla, and Crosby to keep them in this series. Jaromir Jagr returns home to Pittsburgh in a Bruin uniform and that will not be friendly. The Pens have to stay away from the bodies of defensemen Zdeno Chara and Johnny Boychick. Center David Krejci has to score more for the Baby Bears to advance.

Pittsburgh Penguins, in seven

The Chicago-Los Angeles series might be a scoring marathon if the defense does not show up. This could be a very interesting series and the first team that scores might be the winner each game with the outstanding goaltending from each team. Hawks wingers Marian Hossa, Patrick Kane, and center Marcus Kruger have to carry Chicago this series. The question will Goal Brother Ray Emery get a chance to play in a game because he stopped every Blackhawk losing streak this year.

The Los Angeles Kings keep finding ways to win and defend their Cup. Just like the English comedy Mighty Phaethon, “We are not dead yet”, this has become the motto of the Kings. The Brown, Carter, and Kopitar line blossomed against San Jose they will have to repeat the performance against the Blackhawks. Jonathan Quick has the goalie edge in this matchup

Chicago Blackhawks, in seven.

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