Long live the legacy of King James!!!

Updated: June 23, 2013

Yes, the Lord of the Rings returned to claim his crown by winning his second consecutive NBA championship along with his second NBA Finals MVP trophy Thursday night in Miami against the San Antonio Spurs by scoring 37 points, collecting 12 rebounds,  and dishing out four assists,  as well as hitting a clutch jumper with 27.9 seconds remaining in the game to seal the Heat’s  95-88 victory .

But, it wasn’t easy.

Because despite going into Game 7 averaging 33.6 ppg in Game 7’s, which is the highest average in NBA history, he played with a sense of fear in the first three quarters of Game 6, when he went 3 -for-12 from the field.

Matter of fact, it looked as if King James was having another mental meltdown and experiencing another anxious attack.

He, in fact, had that far away look in his eyes like he did against Boston in 2009, before making his Decision to “take his talents to Miami”.

Seriously, his confidence seemed to be fading.

He looked confused.

Could this have been another tragic ending for the reigning King?

It sure felt like it.

Then, all of a sudden, he snapped out of his zombie-like trance in the 4th quarter, losing his headband in the process, revealing his thinning hairline, and went in attack mode, scoring 16 points, while shutting down Spurs’ guard Tony Parker.

It was a gully gladiator performance without a doubt.

But, he almost fell on his own sword, stabbing himself in the heart, when he stumbled and bumbled during the last two minutes of regulation by creating two terrible turnovers, which caused many Heat fans to walk out the coliseum cursing his name.

Fortunately, for the kid from Akron, Ohio, the Basketball gods were looking out for him this year when they guided a loose ball into the hands of his newly required team mate Ray Allen aka Jesus Shuttleworth, who calmly caught the ball and shot a three-pointer deep from the left hand corner without hesitation.

Swish!! All nets!!!

And with the help of Chris Bosh, who bravely blocked the Spurs’ Danny Green’s three-point attempt at the end of overtime, Lebron got another opportunity to win another ring in Game 7.

And the rest is history.

Because in Game 7, LBJ proved to the world why he deserved to be on the throne and remain the king for another year after his 37-point performance, which included five three-pointers.

But truthfully, King James dominated the entire Finals.

Because statwise,  he led the series in points (177), assists (49) and steals (16), which no one else has ever done in a NBA Finals since Earvin “Magic” Johnson did it in 1987, when he led the Los Angeles Lakers against the Boston Celtics in those categories.

With that said,  “Long live the legacy of King James”

The sega continues.

The Ruler’s Back!!

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