JaMarcus Russell: Reports Of His Demise Were Eagerly Amplified . . . .

Updated: June 7, 2013

Sunday is still the most racially segregated day in America . . . as it has been for the last few hundred  years. Now, by-n’-large Black and White churchgoers supposedly pray to the same God, but they hit their knees in different churches to do so. Yes, the churches are still segregated, as is Heaven “ Hell.


Hang-on, it get’s siller . . ..


White folks see their God as a Nordic Viking – long “Hippie-like” hairdo White dude, While Black folks are split between a Will Smith kinda youthful Jesus, a grandfatherly Morgan Freeman. (it would have been Bill Cosby till he put a foot in the tightly wedged shut behind of  Real Black folks by tellin’ it the way it really is.) Or the truly lost Negroes, they too see him as some White man, say akin to Kentucky Fried Chicken Colonel Sanders . . .


Same God . . . yet Black and White folks see him differently.


Turn this LP  record over, and you’ll find come fall, on Sundays the NFL is also one of the most-segregated organized publicized events still .  The unspoken but clearly observed and honored rule is “No Black Quarterbacks” No Black Head Coaches, No Black Owners and  just as impacting on society . . . No Black Cheerleaders.


Now of course they’re Black head coaches – a midgets mitt full, and there’re Black Quarterbacks – a Hobbit’s handful and as there’re Ebony beauties amongst the Cheerleaders, perhaps a fairy’s glove full – but let’s be honest; their mere presence is a feat in itself.


The White gridiron establishment has fought  against this type of progress  tooth n’ nail. They’ve had to be dragged kickin’ screamin’ into the 20th century, and here it is the 21st century. The rank n’ file rednecks have behaved like neanderthals – resisting Black participation in the game out of fear of Black domination and their ultimate elimination from the game because they can’t compete on a fair, level playing field.


The White guy’s  fear? The Blackening of the NFL, just as the WASP establishment fears the Browning Of America. When the Golden Boy positions falls in the hands of Black men, it’ll be as locker room monumental as Jack Johnson beating any Great White Hope who came along.


Why? Because the White sports  establishment has always claimed Blacks were too-dumb, far-too- emotional and child-like to lead men into battle – hence Buffalo Soldiers with White commanding officers. This age-old, widespread mentality is beyond belittling, slighting or insulting – it’s a kick in the crotch, with my wife n’ kids watching, nor is it saddled to yesteryear. White America has yet to have an epiphany, an awakening regarding Black folks.


Most of them . . don’t like us. End of story.


But I meander like the Rio Grande . . . ‘


When JaMarcus Russell was drafted #1 by the Pride n’ Posie Boys, the Silver n’ Black . . . there were millions of White male fans who wanted this kid to fail . . . simply because he’s Black.


These same folks don’t want Black neighbors, in-laws or Hot Tub buddies . . . .


However, how flippin’ however Black folks can’t mention that little tidbit because White men won’t allow it in the discussion. They throw the “Race Card” and believe with that charge on the table – anything a Black person or any American Of Color says is painted n’ tainted by our claiming White racism plays any role whatsoever in the issue.


Sadly the dwarf’s fistfull of Black brothers n’ sisters  covering the wide world of sports at USA Today,Yahoo,ESPN,FOX etc., etc.,  . . . abide- by this unspoken rule. They obediently  tap-dance around obvious issues and instances of race – understanding if they say what Black folks are saying in sports bars, backyard barbeques and barbershops – it will get them fired.


Conservative (racism/sexism/elitist) White listeners/fans/sponsors and politicians won’t tolerate an uppity  . . . .


So before we chit-chat about the once-segregated fraternity composed of only  NFL Quarterbacks . .. let’s be upfront and honest about the country the NFL  game  is played in. The people the male soap opera plays-out in front of – fanatical football fans – a large segment being White men . . . who when asked, when polled . . . the vast-overwhelming majority of this sub-group will tell you they don’t like or respect Black people as a group, as individuals, collectively – however you want to put it – they don’t want their sisters nor daughters dating Black men


So here’s where I’m left damn near speechless . . .


How can we discuss JaMarcus Russell, Vince Young, Mike Vick, Cam Newton, Donovan McNabb, RGIII, Warren Moon, Doug Williams, James Harris, Willie Trotter or Fritz Pollard and not mention, not mention I say  the role skin color obviously played in how each man was weighed, measured and pounded by the football world and the larger world outside the sports world?


Each and every one of these men would contend White racism played a role in their careers . . .but White men won’t allow that conversation to be had.


They can’t handle the truth.


Russell came into the league like all Negro Signal Callers before him . .   with a target on his chest, back, head, behind. You name it, every Bronze Golden Boy  had a bullseye branded on him.  In the eyes of his nay-sayers the Black Alpha-Male must go down, and go down often.


If you’re a TEA Party Pigskin fan, and struggling to grasp the simplicity of my words . . . compare n’ contrast a Black QB to a Black President.


Need I say more?


The resistance and hostility directed at this Black President erases any questions, if there ever really where any – about the thoughtless rage and seemingly inherent blind-hatred a large-slice of White America harbors for Black people, one n’ all of us.


The hatred today . . . explains the racism of yesteryear.


Is anyone to believe the “Black Field General” ever had the Royal Red Carpet rolled-out for him? Vick was hated long before he electrified Snoopy. Cam Newton had to make the press corp eat black crow in his inaugural campaign. Recall Nolan Nawrocki, he damn-near choked to death considering the lynch mob he tried to raise to attack Cam.


Without debate nor hesitation Russell is to be blamed for his fall, he took all the wrong steps, made all the wrong moves . . . . But I can say with equal confidence, the White sports writers and fans not only rooted-for, they  lead the cheers for his fall, some  prayed to their Thor looking God for it to happen, and not because of any one thing Russell said or did. But merely because he’s Black, and they despise Black people.


Can those folks on the “Right” ever admit to their obvious racist beliefs, ever?

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  1. Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter

    June 7, 2013 at 6:21 pm

    a men my brother could not have said it better
    got a story coming out on baseball and the Miami drug bust

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