Doc Rivers To Clippers for (3-Years/$ 21M)

Updated: June 23, 2013

The Boston Celtics have traded the rights to Doc Rivers to the LA Clippers for a 1st round pick in 2015 NBA Draft. So what does this mean for the Boston Celtics and the fans it simply means “Trouble”. The fact the we all know that KG is loyal to Doc might mean that KG will end up in a Clippers uniform because, KG is at that age where he probably wants to play for one coach and that coach is Doc Rivers. The future of Paul Pierce is still in the shadow too and we don’t know what will happen next with his situation Ainge has until June 30th to figure out what they will do with the Finals MVP and Celtic Legend. Doc Rivers leaving is a huge blow to the organization right now because, Doc was the mastermind behind this whole team and kept everyone afloat with his great leadership and his chemistry with all the players.

Now that Doc is in LA he has CP3 and a lot more pieces that can help him to try to get another ring which leaves the Celtics guessing who will be head coach next season. There are a lot of coaches that can easily take this position but I believe the Celtics need to think defense and Hollins from the Grizzles has that embedded in his teams from his past history and I think he will be a great fit in replacement of Doc. The NBA draft is a few days away and usually Doc and Ainge are on the phone about who they like now Ainge is under the microscope for every move he makes and in my eyes he can’t make a huge mess of this season coming up or the fans might turn on him and his decision making.

Ainge could try to bring in Josh Smith of the Hawks if we lose KG but KG brings that energy and toughness to a game and it will be hard to replace but, Josh Smith rebounds,scores,defends and does it all. This offseason has started off bad but we still have some time to see what Danny does in free agency and see what he does with KG and Pierce but Doc going to the Clippers was a huge blow and could determine the state of our Hall of Famers.

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