Brinson Wins by Upset!

Updated: June 9, 2013

Nick Brinson was told a week ago, come on ShoBox and fight against the big banger Jorge Melendez.  Brinson came in the fight with no preparation but he used his boxing style to confound the Melendez. For the first three rounds, Brinson moved to side while connecting on slick combinations.  Left jabs followed by right hands ad left hooks as Melendez looked more like a punching bag. 

At the beginning of the fourth round, a Brinson left-right sent Melendez down but Melendez got back up quickly and the two went toe to toe.  Near the end of the round, Brinsn went for the kill as he threw a four punch combination but a Melendez left hook sent Brinson down.  With seconds left, Brinson looked to survive.  The fifth round saw Brinson retreating and trying his leg backs while avoiding sledgehammer punches.

By the sixth round, Brinson got his legs underneath him and then he kept the fight in the middle of the ring.  Brinson avoided any firefights and simply used his skills to pound Melendez through the eighth round and he had the ninth round in control before he was nailed not once, not twice but three times with punches behind the head.  Melendez lost a point for the fouls but he could have easily been disqualified.  Brinson was hurt and here was consideration to stopping the fight but to do so would have resulted in Brinson losing the fight. Brinson begged to keep the fight going and he finished out in style in the tenth round.   Brinson won an easy decision and deservedly so.

Prospects Jeffrey Fontanez fought Alejandro Rodriguez in a fight to highlight Fontanez skills but for a second fight in a row; Fontanez was more lucky to survive. In his previous bout with Danny Attah, Fontanez ran out of gas in the latter part of a six round bout while winning the decision and this proved to be case again.  In the early rounds, Fontanez quicker hands were decisive but in the seventh round, he was knocked down and barely survived the eighth round.  For two fights in a row, Fontanez hardly looked impressive and questions now arise on whether he is prospect or a mere pretender.

ESPN featured Andrey Kilmov fought Johnny Molina in a close tight battle.  Kilmov threw more punches but Molina punches were harder in a bout in which each round was close and up for grabs.  Kilmov kept his undefeated record as he won a majority decision in a close bout.

In the first bout Farad Ennis won a unanimous decision over Anthony Hanshaw with a late rally including a knockdown late in the fight.  Hanshaw pressured early in the fight and Ennis seemed hesitant to throw punches in bunches but as the fight progressed, Hanshaw slowed down.  ESPN Teddy Atlas wondered if in the case of Hanshaw being a fighter who showed the effect of a four years  layoff, 300 plus amateur bouts and some tough professional bouts. 

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