Three Bouts, Three Stories

Updated: June 17, 2013

Mikey Garcia puts his undefeated record on the line against Juan Manuel Lopez in what everyone felt would be a close and tough battle. It was for the first three minutes as both fighters gave as they got in the opening round.  After the first round, it was Garcia putting on a clinic.   In the second round, Garcia launched a picture perfect short right hand that sent Lopez down and concluded the night with another picture perfect left hook. 

As for Garcia, he won the match and lost his title because somehow, he forgot the proper weight for the fight.  While HBO made the point that Garcia worked hard over the last 24 hours to lose the weight; one has to ask, what about the rest of the training camp.  Exactly who is responsible to ensure the fighter is on target with his weight? 

In the bout before the main event, lightweight prospect Terrence Crawford pounded veteran Alejandro Sanabria with a variety of shots.  Crawford spent most of the bout not as a slick boxer but as the hunter looking for prey.  Crawford nearly stopped Sanabria in the third round with a right hand and for the early rounds, he devastated Sanabria with body shots to go with head shots. Sanabria had no real answers for Crawford and in the sixth round, a Crawford left hook sent Sanabria down and the fight was waived off.

Friday night, Bryant Jennings kept his undefeated record intact and the record will show a TKO victory but the fight was closer than the TKO victory would indicate. His opponent Andrey Fedosov put the pressure throughout the bout and there were times that the smaller Fedosov got inside the Jennings 84 inch reach to pound the body.   While Jennings rocked Fedosov a couple of times in the bout with solid upper cuts, Fedosov never went down or came close to going down. Jennings sharp punches managed to close Fedosov eyes and that ended the bout as the referee chose to follow the ring Doctor suggestions after the end of the sixth round. Jennings is the best American Heavyweight but there is nothing to suggest that he is an elite Heavyweight ready for a title shot. 

Garcia looked like he is ready to fight as a junior lightweight but his inability to make weight for this bout has to take away from an impressive victory against Lopez, who at least showed up at the agreed  upon weight. 

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