Updated: June 17, 2013

Updated: June 16, 2013

By:-Gary Norris Gray-BASN Staff Reporter

Major League Baseball will soon release the names of the players to be suspended the rest of the 2013 baseball season. Anthony Bosch the owner of the anti aging clinic called “Biogenesis” allegedly supplied 20 major league players with PED-performance-enhancing substances.

MLB filed a suit against Biogenesis in March for distribution of PED’s and then advised players how to avoid detection from drug testing.

One person that MLB, baseball fans, and The Sports Media, want to forget or ignore, is number 33. A player who wore the green and gold of the Oakland Athletics, and the red, white, and blue of the Texas Rangers has given these facts over and over again. This World Series Champion and All Star even wrote a book about The Steroid Era of Baseball. Jose Canseco has stated who, what, where, and when and the sports world still will not believe him. Could this be the final wake-up call for baseball to get it right?

Well, baseball has finally come to the conclusion that they will have to do something about the steroid era but are they doing it the right way?

This sport has to be led by the nose kicking and screaming before it sees the light.

Baseball also seems to always have to have a boogie-man, a man that EVERYBODY can hate. For years it has been outfielder Barry Lamar Bonds of the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants was the designated scapegoat. Yes, Barry Lamar Bonds even though there were others in the game that were caught taking illegal substances.

This year’s list of drug casualties starts with one of the highest paid players in the game, New York Yankee third basemen, Alex Rodriguez. Add to the list free agent Melky Cabrera of the Toronto Blue Jays among other Latino players included on the list of 20. There is only one reported white player and that’s 2011 MVP-Most Valuable Player Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers. Braun got off on a technicality and played the last year and a half without suspension.

MLB has lost its honor and its integrity with these current drug revelations, revelations that everybody knew. What makes this worst is the racial component. The owners and managers of the game continue to state that white players do not cheat and do not take steroids. YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS. What were Mark McGwire and Roger Clemons, purple?

MLB will have no choice but to clean-up its act to reclaim the throne of America’s past-time. It must be done now or Congress, (like they don’t have enough to do in Washington, D.C.) will have to do it for them.

Baseball still does not get it, cheating is wrong. But this game might need to change some rules. The game might need to change some attitudes before real change for the better happens.

One might question do they go after pitchers who scuff baseballs, or players that use pine-tar on their bats? Do umpires go after teams that water down their fields to slow down fast teams or groom the field for longer and thicker grass for teams that have spray hitters to slow the ball down through the infield? That’s cheating.

Next question every major league park has different field dimensions, why? How does this work with baseball records. A fly ball in Boston Fenway Park hits the Green Monster in right field for a double while that same fly ball in Citi-Field is an out. San Francisco Giant center fielder Willie Mays should have 100 more homeruns to his record but because of the strong Bay Area sea breezes Mays’ long fly balls come back into Candlestick Park for a can of corn (out) as Ken Hawk Harrison states on the Chicago White Sox television network.

Baseball die-hards and old timers say its sportsmanship, but is it cheating by the home team? The first example of Major League Baseball cheating was denying the entrance of African Americans to participate in America’s pastime until 1947. Most of America never saw one of the greatest catcher’s baseball has ever seen Josh Gibson. They also missed Chino Smith and Ben Taylor the last Black 400 hitters.

The second example of this shameful act the ample is the foul territory around the home plate of the ballparks in Oakland Athletics, California Angels, and Los Angeles Dodgers stadiums. A fly pop up around the plate would be an out, but in many other ball parks it is just a foul ball strike. The batter gets another chance unlike in Oakland, and Los Angeles.

Baseball has been and always will be a game of cheaters, for example, runners on second base stealing signs from the catcher or base coaches stealing dugout signs. A batter erasing the batter’s box lines at home plate so that he can step up or back outside of the lines. A pitcher throwing at a batter’s head on purpose is cheating but it is done. THAT IS CHEATING. The unwritten laws that if one team hits a player the next inning the other team has to respond my hitting a player. THAT IS CHEATING and very dangerous.

It’s just how far the cheating progress and what limits Major League Baseball tolerates. This sport continues the joke by now punishing the players who broke the drug policies. It no longer suits the (owners) monetary interest and so now they will punish the alleged guilty players.

I use to be a rabid baseball fan, with my beloved Amazing 1969 New York Mets and the Charlie O’Finley multi colored Oakland Athletics winning the World Series but the past 35 years has soured the game, MLB picks and chooses which players, teams, and managers they want to go after, letting the others slide, so it has become very hard for me to be a true baseball fan.

Baseball is failing. The Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees win the American League Eastern Division year after year. They have won 17 out of the last 20 years, while the Kansas City Royals, Pittsburgh Pirates, Houston Astros, Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs cannot get out of last place. Do you remember the last time these teams made the playoffs?

Baseball is failing young African American men and women. Black participation in the league is at the lowest number of since the 1950′s. Currently there are three black managers, zero Black General Managers, and zero Black owners.

MLB has failed the American sports public by producing a product that might resemble baseball. The Summer of Love was the summer of greed by the owners. They did not care that Mark McGwire or Sammy Sosa were taking performance enhancing drugs. It did not matter because fans were coming to the games, paying money to see this record breaking experience. The Summer of Love made the Lords of baseball rich. The well has run dry so they have to take action.

Of course MLB will not move until the United States Congress gets into the argument and the question should be why? As Spike Lee states “DO THE RIGHT THING”!!! Clean up your game.

Major League Baseball is just a complete mess right now from top to bottom and this fan wants to know if they are serious about cleaning up this wonderful, historical, and peaceful summer game this time.

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove on Disabled Community Activist. Email at

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