Do The 20th Century’s Best White Athletes Deserve An Asterisk Next To Their Names?

Updated: June 23, 2013

NBC’s Pro Football Talk is  orchestrating  a rather simple-minded  yet ingenious Mt Rushmore contest. In it  sportswriters and fans determine what four gladiators in the glorious history of that individual NFL team has earned a place high-atop their prestigious pedestal of popularity.


I think we’ve got a problem America . . . .


Through the unveiling of different team’s icons,  it seems abundantly clear the  impact of racism and discrimination was never more apparent nor undeniable.


Teams like the Seattle Seahawks, created in 1975 when the US was not as racially segregated as it had been – their Mount Rushmore is 75% Black, with the only White guy making the foursome – Steve Largent. While Green Bay’s Mount Rushmore was void of a Black face . . . . coach Lombardi, coach Curly Lambeau, receiver Don Hutson and quarterback Bart Starr.


Hutson  played and Curley coached when Blacks were banned n’ barred from the league, while the other two, Starr and Lombardi  are from an time n’ place when Blacks were still branded mere “tokens” – one or two on a team to appease the “Negro-Lovin” politicians of the day.


Lombardi wasn’t a racist . . . and that made him unique.


Seattle’s choices reflected the results of fair and open competition,  “all qualified comers” were given a shot, as opposed to the  gilded 1961  process which was fixed, rigged – the best were excluded in a calculating manner.


It’s interesting: there’s an endless, ongoing debate about whether Hutson, if he played in the modern-era . . . some claim he’d be as good as the great Jerry Rice; the argument is the game was different in a multitude of ways – the emphasis on the run, etc’. But never do the White sports pundits and fans mention the game Hutson played in – no Blacks were allowed.


Had Blacks been allowed to play, at the high school/college and pro-level, do you really believe a White kid could have started at wide receiver for the University of Alabama?


Roll Tide Roll.


Had Hutson gone to the NFL and Black men were permitted to play . . . do you really believe he would have beat them all out and started?  Do you believe, had Blacks been allowed to play – Hutson could not have been covered by Black defenders?


From every conceivable angle, it’s almost inconceivable that Hutson would start, let-alone dominate.


Yet another glaring example; Indianapolis had Peyton Manning, Johnny Unitas, Raymond Berry and Marvin Harris.I’m here to argue Unitas and Berry might not have made their college team had it not been for racial segregation . Let-alone would they had entered  these “hallowed” mountains or shrines  had Afro-American players been permitted to compete.


Am I lying?


Matter-of-fact, I don’t care what NFL franchise you site, regardless of the team, any team – the White players from pre-1975 or so . . . are suspect, and ought have an “asterisk” placed beside their names, denoting that they played during a reign of apartheid, where the most-talented athletes were not permitted to play.




Please understand what a contradiction in common-sense and fairness this is,  to “reward”  guys who wouldn’t/couldn’t some might say  compete against the best. The White American sports fan is minimizing, slighting, rationalizing  and by doing this somehow justifying  the undeniable and well-documented  historical discrimination which allowed White men to falsely dominate sports  . . . and all other aspects of life in America.


By playing-along with this today, in the 21st century,  it only legitimizes and authenticates the  tainted accolades and achievements . . . which  were obtained under what were not simply questionable terms . . .  but abhorable rules. This  claiming to be the very-best amongst the best is akin to banning players over 6 feet tall from playing basketball, then declaring the cats who are under 6 ft and playing  . . . as the best or greatest.


It makes no sense and it’s insulting to those who were good enough, yet excluded.


Why must Black folks pretend, make-believe the NFL’s  blighted, bigoted  history holds little weight, and  it  matters even-less Black men were deliberately and strategically  forbidden from playing thru what the game considers its “Glory Years” the golden era of  . . . segregation?


Must I be silent to appease the fragile egos of White guys who can’t come to grips with the rock-hard, stone-cold fact their childhood heroes were  . . . fabricated paper-tigers in many instances? We’re bestowing greatness upon those who didn’t really achieve it,  yes? And mediocrity upon those who don’t deserve it, no?


Not-to-mention . . . the present-day integrated gridiron was only achieved with the White establishment  bitching, crying n’ whining the entire way. The NFL did not honestly, willingly, wantonly integrate . . . The American Football League integrated the NFL.


And need I state the obvious; once Blacks were permitted to compete . . . we’ve come to predominate and dominate the gridiron. The Ebony gladiator has redefined the game . . . to the point where very few White guys, a mere Hobbits handful  can play the running-back or defensive-back position in today’s game. The NFL’s best defenses are “all Black” as are the best ball handlers . . . excluding Quarterback.


Quarterback is where Blacks have meet a stone-wall surrounding the last make-believe bastions of White Alph-Male superiority.  Nonetheless,  as we all see . . . a  change is a’comin’.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out a head coach like Grambling’’s Eddie Robinson would be on some teams Mt Rushmore . . . if the NFL would have permitted Black head coaches. Nevertheless, as we all know Black men were not even allowed to be assistant coaches in the NFL until the 1960’s n’ 70’s.


So perhaps there ought to be a asterisk next to the coaches  who are declared the best of all times?


George Allen . . .*


And if an asterisk is justified and required here, on a mythical mountain-top . . . then  I dare suggest that some similar distinction be applied at the NFL Hall Of Fame . . . just to make it all official-like.


Now,  with that in mind and with clarity as my motivation . . .   I called the NFL Hall Of Fame in Canton Ohio, spoke with Joe Horring the shrine’s VP of Communications on the eve of game 7 for the NBA finals. We chewed the fat – discussing the  possibility of applying some designation which states these men played in an era where the Black sportsman was tactically denied the opportunity to participate, compete, dominant and probably rewrite the record books . . . .


Mr Horring politely and extensively explained to me the solid and worthy attempts the HOF has done in a genuine effort to unpeel the stinky-onion that is the history of race relations, different exhibits and all . . .


It was all fine n’ dandy . . . nevertheless I believe myself  . . . and a few other million Black sportsfans would like to see a “confession” and “explanation” 14 year old Black . . .  and White boys can understand, regardless how uncomfortable it may be.


We’re anointing men who didn’t face the best competition . . . the guy across town on the other-side of the tracks . . . . and when those guys,  like Marion Motley and Jim Brown were permitted to play by the great White fathers . . . they ran over, through, around n’ bye all them “All Americans” from Mississippi . . . what did that say.


It’s akin to BYU facing any big time program where the entire starting 22 are Black . . . you know the outcome.


Sorry, my dad didn’t say a damn thing about be polite, he said ‘tell it like it is son.”


Between the concocted  Mount Rushmore and the brick n’ mortar NFL HOF – there exist an air of half-truths and misspeaks. It’s left an misleading impression that White America produced all these grandiose pig-skinned role-models for young mancubs to aspire-to  . . . in a fair contest. And that’s a lie.


To go-along to get-along in this case is spineless, and I refuse to play-along.


The best athletes across the land were forbidden from competing – because White America knew that what Jack Johnson, Jackie Robinson and Joe Louis were doing,  the same type of ass-whuppin’ would occur in the sport of football.


And it did, we’ve, Blacks, come to predominant and dominant when the field is level.


Not being satisfied with Mr. Horring’s  rationale and conclusions . . .  I’ve got an E-letter on the desktops of a handful of HOF Board of Trustees,  the head, Thomas W. Schervish, and members  Bernard McRae, Jr.,  the great Kansas City Chief Willie Lanier and Pittsburgh Steelers owner Daniel M. Rooney –  inquiring about the possibility of placing an asterisk where one belongs – for I don’t believe telling the truth ever did anything but shame the devil.



    June 24, 2013 at 5:18 am


  2. Brad

    July 22, 2013 at 2:23 pm

    This is the most egregiously racist website that I have seen since the Ku Klux Klan terrorized black people throughout the South. All you’re doing is creating racism from another point of view. In fact, this entire website is creating racism from another point of view. I can’t imagine reading a article titled “eight principles to white male empowerment.” It would be on 60 minutes calling the author a racist, prejudiced journalist that has no place writing to the populace of the United States. This is a shameful article and it’s a shameful website and this does nothing but attempt to turn the tables on Caucasians in America as if we had something to do with the racism in American history. My entire family came from Sweden, and never had slaves and were never part of racism in America. However, because my skin is lighter, I’m grouped into those who were southern plantation owners who whipped, flogged and wreaked tyranny over by people for many decades. It’s just shameful and doesn’t do anything to create equality in America. All it does is draw deeper lines between people of all races and creates a black superiority complex among African-American people who now are programmed to believe that they are superior to other races. Being a non-racist is about ignoring the color of a person’s skin. Did not Martin Luther King Junior say “we should be judged not by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character?” How does this website do that? Or does everyone who claims to be a journalist on this website think Dr. King is full of crap? Because, from what I’m reading on this website, Dr. King would be ashamed of this. Is it time for America to have “White Entertainment Television? As a reaction to Black Entertainment Television? How about a white Miss America, or white people radio or maybe HBO could have a white people moving channel like the black HBO channel? Do we now need a United White College Fund, or a white people movie and television awards show? They have a black one: “Image Awards”. How about a totally white college for Caucasians? Grambling University is a four-year coeducational college with exclusively black people and black athletes. Could you imagine Harvard, Yale, Brown or Columbia deciding it is now going to be a whites only collegiate educational Institute? I think it’s important for people to realize that the goal isn’t to turn the tables 180° against those who oppressed minorities once. My father and my father’s father had absolutely zero involvement in racism in America and I’m tired of my government, my society making me feel like I should be ashamed of being a Caucasian American. I can’t believe this is going on and I can’t believe that the people who put together this publication can’t see how racist they are being by producing some of the most blatant examples of hate and aggression against people of a different color. Shame.

    • Desi Cortez

      July 22, 2013 at 3:06 pm

      I wouldn’t know where to start . . . you’re so misguided its a waste of time n’ effort.

      If you read King, which you haven’t, he’d not be ashamed of us, no, instead he’d understand our position, just as he understood Malcolm X’s mentality, ad that of Huey P Newton, Booby Seal and Angela Davis.

      And its not about “you didn’t enslave Blacks,” it’s about how you benefit from it in today’s America. It’s about how white folks sat silently by – the Civil War was not about “good white folks freeing Black folks from Bad White folks,” and honestly screw slavery – account for the racism and discrimination which ruled the land from 1900 until 1970 . .. ? Hell, Blacks were 3rd class citizens who could hardly accumulate real estate or knowledge

      Lastly my friend, we didn’t start this fire, we didn’t control and orchestrate US History – we’re reacting to a set of perverse elements, I don’t have to come to you with my head down, hat in my hand, and use a soft voice to ask you . . . “Sir, might you consider not kicking my wife and daughter in their ass every day . . .”

      Really, you’re kicking me in the ass, and now you’re telling me how to respond in manner which does not irritate White folks. . . well my answer is . . . fuck you and them.

      Thanks for the input, please continue to read my work and pass it on to your White friends.


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