Sergio Garcia; We Fried Chicken Eatin’ Black People Thank You

Updated: May 24, 2013

Thank you Sergio Garcia, thank you, from the bottom of my deep-fryer . . . thank you.


I know you want the Chickens to go-away, but not yet.


It’s always entertaining when a White person “slips” and falls out-of that ridiculously concocted  and contrived “color-blind” character camouflage suit most slip into and out-of on a whim . . .  and say what they truly believe in terms of race, sexuality, religion and/or economics.


Sergio, being an emotionally high-strung spaniard decided to employ a 100 year-old stereotype to backhand and belittle Tiger Woods. And yes, for those millions of White folks who’re either have the CCA syndrome (Convenient Caucasian Amnesia) or  happen to be deliberately ignorant of History – US  and Western Civilization, i.e., their own story . .  . the depiction of Black folks as luving themselves some Fried Chicken n’  Watermelon is akin to telling a Mexican to “shut up Pedro and go eat some Tacos n’ beans,  get drunk on Tequila . . .”


Akin to depicting Russians as drunks strung out on Vodka or Japanese people eating only raw fish, bowing incessantly to one-another or Chinese as barbarians who cannibalize the family dog.


No wait, for those White folks who don’t understand this is a jab, a shot, an insult . .  . compare n’ contrast it to telling a American Indian to hey, stop-bye for dinner,  we’ve got plenty of firewater . . .!”


See, I’m disgusted by the unbelievable notion being furthered by Conservative White people regarding Sergio’s remark – “How is Fried Chicken an insult? ”So now we can’t say Blacks n’ fried chicken in the same sentence because its not PC?” Those type statements, which are littered all-over cyberspace  just drives me crazy. The idea  that the “most privileged” people on the planet, the self-proclaimed most-developed and advanced brand of mankind . . .  tries to “play dumb” when these “slips” come up.

It is the personification of “don’t piss down my back . .  n’ then try to tell me it’s raining . . .!”


My willingness to get down in the mud with duplicitous chumps like Garcia is because I know, for a fact Jack, White men can dish it out all day . . . but they can’t take one- second of it.


And yes Garcia is not Mexican, not 3rd world, not “of color” – however he is the descendant of those who were prominent in European Colonialism, Imperialism, trans-Atlantic slavery, the pimping n’ exploiting of red and brown people and their land . . . so he’s White.


But back to playing the dozens, talkin’ bout folks mommas  . . . trust me; any locker-room insults concerning the White man’s individual/collective abilities or lack-of abilities . . . would inflame White men if dragged onto the table.


The R-e-s-p-e-c-t Aretha Frankiln’s talked about . . . is earned . . . as is love. And I can guarantee you there’s not a lot of either one in this world for White folks.


Fear?  Yes


Respect, love? No.


The widespread belief held by most around the globe . . .  we are living in the fallout of Euro-Colonialism, their empires built by their proclivity for pirate -ike barbarism and their lack-of remorse over “how?”


The “end” rationalized, minimized and ultimately justified the savage means employed to construct the greatest civilization of all times . . .


Ask the American Indian, or rather Redskin his feelings on the US Empire?  Ask the Australian Aboriginal, folks in Panama, Puerto Rico, Mexico,  Guam, India, Hawaii, the Dakotas . . .


Please, please, please ask the Black South Africans, Hell, any African. Ask the Japanese . . . the only victims of a nuclear attack.


At the end of the day, White folks, be they Brits, Poles, Spainards  or Mississippians . . . They’ve  no monopoly on brains, morals r values  as many of them claim – that US exceptionalism propaganda stuff.  And as far as the mundane is concerned – hey’ve no rhythm, only minimal athletic skills and their sexual prowess and luv making skills are not the stuff legends are made off . . .  .


If Tiger were to have counter-punched, with a racially charged response the Caucasian pundits and fans would have snapped, lost their minds, mounted-up, slipped on their White sheets n hoods and came after Tiger.


Had Tiger said “Serg,  baby,  I love a good fiesta as much as any drunk Spaniard . . . “ or alluded-to how long their midday fiesta last . . . into the afternoon, the night.   Or perhaps Tiger should have asked if there’d be a lot of “Cocain” served at the fiesta, since it’s the one thing that allegedly props-up such supposed lazy-ass intoxicated people . . . . Spain is, have other Euros tell it –  the greatest consumer of Cocaine in Europe.


Now had Tiger verbally  swung back in that manner . .  the sky would be falling and it’s be Woods who was admonished for  trading insults and jabs.


Quite predictably there’s little empathy, sympathy, or understanding for an  angry White man like Sergio. Virtually no pity for who n’ what he represents in a racial debate  – the ultimate oppressor, the country club aristocrat who wants to cry to a world where once, not too long ago, the sun never sat on the empire’s of England, Spain, Germany . . . he’s a victim.


A victim? The White guy?  The guy  who demands to know why can’t he call Black folks Niggers? Women Bitches? Latino’s Spicks and Asian’s Chinks? All the traditional terms-of-endearment n’ respect the White race has for their fellow humans.

Adidas, one of Garcia’s corporate sponsors ought be faced with the obvious dilima; continuing to do-business with Sergio may incline all those ”colored” guy types the European Tour CEO George O’Grady spoke of  Garcia hanging-out with  . . .  to decide to cease fattening the pockets of a sports apparel firm which stands by their Spanish Redneck . . . .


Hey Serg . . . Chickens can’t fly, they’re home to roost.

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