Knicks Exorcised One Foe, Now Off to Another

Updated: May 6, 2013

are no joke, but Knicks appear ready

NEW YORK – It’s the second round ladies and gentlemen. Yes the second round. That is something longsuffering Knicks fans haven’t experienced in 13 seasons. That’s a sports lifetime so it’s better delayed than never.

It was by no means a classic series against the former champion Boston Celtics, but whenever the two teams lock horns it really doesn’t matter. It’s still Boston verses New York. Much like in baseball; both the Yankees and Red Sox can be winless with 20 losses apiece, but if they play a series against one another, its Game Seven.

The Celtics were without their best player in Rajon Rondo and the Knicks were without Amare Stoudemire (although some say the play better without him), so both sides were missing pieces. It’s been stated however, ‘injuries are a part of the game.’ The Knicks in the end certainly cleared a serious hurdle; especially on the psychological side of things.

Carmelo Anthony hasn’t been out of the first round but one time in his 9 year NBA career. He wouldn’t admit it but it weighed heavily on his mind. But, one thing is for sure, he never let it show and he didn’t run or hide from the consequences. People must not forget, Melo wanted to come to New York. Not too many athletes can face much less deal with New York and its mass media. It’s a tall order for any athlete in any sport.

The Knicks ridded themselves of the Celtics in six games; although it very well should have been 4 games. Had it not been for a crazy elbow thrown by Sixth Man of the Year, J.R. Smith the Knicks may have finished off a tired, old and beaten team. Lesson learned by J.R. use your elbows for shooting basketballs.

The Knicks now face a tough and rugged Indiana Pacers team who is big as they are talented. They are now led by surprising All-star, Paul George with Danny Granger out with knee problems. Roy Hibbert is a behemoth, so Tyson Chandler and perhaps Kenyon Martin must play big for this series to be meaningful for the Knicks.

Jerald L. Hoover

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