The Hi’ And All-So-Mighty Tebow Has Come Down From The Mountain Top . . . Empty Handed.

Updated: May 2, 2013

The hi’ n’ all-so-mighty Tebow has come down from the mountain top . . .   empty handed.

Lionization  . . . My little-mind can’t conjure-up a better descriptive term to describe the fawning adoration which has surrounded Tim Tebow much of his college career and all his however short-lived pro-career.

Tebow, like Simba the “White Lion”. . .  to go-along-with Peyton Hillis – the “White Rhino” . . . .

Here you’ve two Great White Hopes . . . their superhero gridiron abilities apparently, let-us-say exaggerated, perhaps slightly inflated and enhanced, far-beyond not merely mythical standards, but, and dig this – beyond their actual athletic abilities . . . The question – but for what purpose?

It was like a bromance with  “Thor” and “Captain America” for awhile there, uh boys?

And today both are officially out of the NFL . . . fair and open competition revealed these men to not be contenders, but rather pretenders. And that’s what a level playing field does in all endeavors, it reveals that those who contend they’re the best, without facing the best-of-the-best . . . ain’t really nothin’ but a paper-tiger.

The question I find fascinating and bothersome, to the point it’s akin to a an elephant tap-dancing on my back  . . . “who” placed these two stuffed-toys atop fictional 10-foot high pedestals, and what was their motivation?  “Why” n’  what for?

Let me tell you the nitty-gritty . . . they both got pushed-up so-high because they’re White and the NFL is one of the premiere battlegrounds in the US cultural Wars,

In following their exploits . . . we all just witnessed “affirmative action” for White men.

And yes, it was White America, ” patriots and producers” who love  football – fans, along with the sports press who thrust these two into the spotlight; Hillis was propelled to the cover of “Madden” by a segment of US society desperate and desirous of a White man excelling at ball handling positions – White boys . . . and White men.

Tebow had blown-up to cartoonish like proportions . . . because he’s White. And because  Dorthy from Kansas adores Timmy  in his superhero underwear. And because he’s a born-one more time Christian gladiator trying to do God’s work.

Heal the sick, raise the dead.

Forget Hillis – the “White Rhino” is now unofficially “extinct.”  Let’s focus on the combustible, flammable topic of TT.

Tebow was “given” a college career, free-of-competition . . . via the elimination of his prime QB competition while at Florida St. – one, young,  greedy and naive Cam Newton, who may have allowed himself to be set-up and played by folks with hot lap-tops and even hotter finale exams. People who were paving the road for the Chosen One, Tebow, who could walk on water . . . and seemingly not get wet.

Now granted, Newton is clearly, obviously the better QB and athlete, and appears to be embarking-upon a Hall-Of-Fame career which will far-exceed Tebow ‘s NFL feats. And Cam will have accomplished this “against all-odds,”  he’s navigated a man-made minefield . . . while Tebow’s road has been customized and paved.

Tebow  was rewarded for his “All-Americanism”- i.e.,  for his love-of God, mother, masturbation  pigskins, pig’s feet  n’ country – with a first-round selection in the NFL draft. Shockingly picked  by another privileged character – Josh McDaniels, a “Golden Boy” who’s been a benefactor of White male affirmative action . . . , the Good Ol’ Boy network.

The Bronco’s benched a decent journeyman, the liberal and unrepentant Kyle Orton, and gave Tebow the starting job as “Signal Caller” for the Denver Broncos. The Mile-Hi press minimized the fact the  “Orange Crush” defense was resurrected, and instead predictably anointed Tebow the “second coming” of Elway.

The Bronco’s marginal  success was laid at Tebow’s  feet.

And this all plays out with TT being portrayed and pegged as  the “only good, decent, god-fearing man” on the gridiron, the only one you’d “want your baby-girl to bring home to marry.”  The only “All-American” kid suited-up who hits his knees every night.

Now understand this pronouncement is an camouflaged innuendo meant to be insulting to the mostly Black-skinned n’ Black-hearted savages he plays with and against. Like Rush said, to much of America an NFL game is some sort of a gang fight between Black thugs and hoods and TT represents the unsoiled, pure White crusader.

Who can really blame Tebow for much of the hoop-la . . . it comes with the turf- this is a nation of  good ol” boys and rednecks who are starved, starved I say for Elvis-like cultural icons. However I do believe Tim believes the hype . . .  he believes he’s the Chosen One, the Messiah . . . No, not Jesus, an NFL Field General.

Unquestionably the blame can be laid at the  Conservatives feet.  That uncontrollable sexist/racist/elitist/homophobic/anti-immigrant flock of God’s children Tebow can’t lead, yet keeps him popular, in-demand and personally filthy rich. It’s a big-tent, think “Texas-size”  – full of rootin n’ tootin’ bible thumpin’ gun-loving, moon-shine sippin’ Southern fried Confederate rebels and aristocrats.

From Hooterville to Petticoat Junction to Green Acres . . .  they luv themselves some Te-Bow.

Tebow’s become their poster boy – because  he embodies and embraces most of their medieval religious philosophies . . . Tebow is a Christian Soldier, and George W. did see himself as a Christian Soldier, and the Boston Murderers see this nation as full of Christian Soldiers  . . . .

If I’m a team owner, from a advertising angle . . . Tebow’s religious following alarms and concerns me, as it does most of us who aren’t caught-up in the backyard brawl over who’s god’s penis is bigger. It’s those fanatical christian evangelistic football fans who’ve turned this kid into their Trojan jackass, and stuffed-inside of him their 1953 time-capsule of White superiority hopes and dreams.

Tebow is a willing pawn piece, a Knight, willing to raise a little hell in order to heal the sick n’ raise the dead.

Good God!

This full-grown man belongs to the slice of the American apple pie which is home to the nutty fruitcake wishes n’ whims of angry, paranoid, insecure White folks.

Tebow represents really, really, really religious White folks, who want their “America” back. And it was their wishful thinking which propelled the “Tebow Affair.”

Tebow’s fanatical fan-base knew if he could “take back” the “Golden Boy” position in what has become this country’s national pastime – the NFL,  the Super White Man  position, which appears to be under assault by Black guys like Cam, RGIII, Wilson, Kapernick, . . . EJ, well that feat would be a victory, a PR victory for baby Jesus loving zealots across the land.

It just ain’t happening . . . .

Tebow winning a Superbowl would have the same effect Obama did painting the White House Black . . . it would be a cultural victory in a war to determine “who and what” is Americana . . .   Obama redefined who could become President of these so-called United States Of America . . . Millions of Americans sought for Tebow to re-redefine the NFL, for Tebow to become the face, the name, the feel n’ flavor of the league, of the nation

Tebow fits in Boston, with the Patriots, he can sit behind arguably the “best in the game,” and because it’s Beantown, where we all know there’s an affinity towards Great White Hopes . . . .


  1. Eric Graham

    May 2, 2013 at 4:38 pm

    Good article!!!

    • desi

      May 3, 2013 at 1:17 am

      Thanks man, I try.

  2. B. Tyler

    May 3, 2013 at 9:20 pm

    What do yo expect man?!! 98% of the people in the stands are white. As a Black man, I always cheer for the brother or sister. It’s human nature to pull for someone who looks like you. Of course white people want to cheer for white athletes. The worst thing that could happen is if there were no white players and white folks quit watching. No white people = no revenue = less money in the black community.

  3. Boo Wilbury

    May 4, 2013 at 11:24 am

    Cortez, are you a janitor?

  4. Michael Clemons

    May 13, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    Tebow has very few good write-ups. Nobody on Browns spoke good of Hillis, the most outspoken was Thomas ( white). I like Tebow because he is a good guy. I’m white and if you want to call me a racist for liking Tebow then you are the racist. The person who wrote this article is a racist, pretty simple to see…the hate is there. This article should not have been published, terrible.

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