You Gotta Lotta‘Splainin To Do pt.25

Updated: May 9, 2013

1. Johnny “Football” Manziel needs to explain why his Heisman Trophy was holding a marijuana joint.(You Gotta Lotta‘Splainin To Do.) Is it photoshopped? You make the call.

2. The New York Jets need to explain why they let Tim Tebow go. Maybe, he can’t throw after all.

3. People magazine needs to explain how Gwyneth Paltrow is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World.Really?(You Gotta Lotta‘Splainin To Do)

4. Somebody needs to explain why the fake Harlem Shake is more popular than the real Harlem Shake.(You Gotta Lotta‘Splainin To Do)

5. Maxim magazine needs to explain why they placed Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend on their Hot 100 list at No.69?(You Gotta Lotta‘Splainin To Do)

6. The Lakers need to explain why they fired Mike Brown and the Cleveland Cavs need to explain why they fired him and rehired him.(You Gotta Lotta‘Splainin To Do)

7. Manti Te’o needs to explain why he thought someone was pranking him when the San Diego Chargers called him in the 2nd round of the NBA Draft.(You Gotta Lotta‘Splainin To Do)

8. Somebody needs to explain why Amanda Knox is not in jail.(You Gotta Lotta‘Splainin To Do)

9. The Detroit Lions have never won a Super Bowl or been to one. Therefore, Nick Fairly needs to explain how the Lions are going to win the Super Bowl this year.

10. Somebody needs to explain who is worse Gloria Allred or Nancy Grace. They both make me sick to my stomach.

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