Geno Smith Has A Good Old Fashion Lynch Mob Hunting Him.

Updated: May 8, 2013

Boys . . . get a rope.

Tell me what you’d call today’s sportspress but an angry lynch mob when it comes to the treatment of newly crowned NFL Field General Geno Smith. There’s always present that easily discernible over-the-top hostility and contempt reserved for the Black Athlete. Sports writers with a TEA Party agenda; to halt the assault the Black athlete is having on the Golden Boy” slot.

Envision the hooded Mob Don Johnson’s “Big Daddy” was heading-up in Django Unchained . . .

The wrath is especially intense for those Black players who don’t accept their “place” is anywhere but behind the center. . . for those who dare to play the “Signal Caller” position they receive that 1967 evaluation . . . expect the rednecks like Nolan Nawrocki and Jason Cole to declare ”The boy looked me in the eyes, spoke far-too directly, confidently and with too much belief in his own abilities.”

“Boy makes me uncomfortable. . . . ”

It’s another version of that old scenario; A White man is described as “assertive” while a women with the identical attributes and behavior is “aggressive,” while the similar  Black man is “arrogant,” and “acts as if he’s entitled and privileged” . . . and this jaded critique comes from the sector of society -White cats,  who “fixed” the games we play and the game-of-life so they could only win. These are the very guys who’ve maintained an exclusive monopoly on arguably the most glamorous position in all of American sports, NFL Quarterback, and they did it by racism, discrimination and exclusion.

And these chumps want to tell me that Johnny U. was the best? I don’t think so, he didn’t compete against the best at his own position – those Negroes were not permitted to play QB in the college ranks or the pros, so we know the accolades players recorded during the era of American apartheid are painted n’ tainted by bigotry.

Now I understand all the NFL draft experts had the two Black Signal Callers in this years 2013 NFL draft  going after the 4 White Qbs who they’d predicted would go well before EJ Manuel and Geno . . . it seems talent n’ ability, the “need” to win games  outweighed the unspoken rule to always elevate the Great White Hope.



All, every single one of the White QBs in this 2013 NFL draft – were proclaimed to possess, according to the experts an abundance of inherent intelligence, moxy, guts, brains n’ heart . . . while the black guys were simply “missing links,” half man/half great ape. We’ve got all the physical/athletic skills in the world . . . yet little intelligence, character or work ethic.

Nonetheless it seems Geno’s elevation to the top of the 2nd round, coupled with his dismissal of his agents – the two . . . gentlemen whom he deemed didn’t have his “best interest” at heart – this business-move has garnered the ire of, hell, seemingly brought-down the wrath-of pigskin critics – i.e.,  the angry White men who compose the sports writing industry in America.

Smith, behind the exclusive White guy only doors of Internet media outlets like Yahoo Sports and The Bleacher Report has been  labeled, no “branded” is much more apropo . . . an “uppity Nigger”  . . . by well known , yet unknown NFL sources these journalist can’t revele.


When these envious, jealous, ex-Junior Varsity benchwarmers, ex-waterboys and trainers tactically toss-around loaded-terms like “entitled” and “arrogant” . . . most Americans-of-Color decipher those Caucasian code-words  into what they really mean.

“The Nigger don’t know his place . . . .”

Trace this typical, predictable historical reactions to Jack Johnson and Ali; these are the “types” of Black gladiators/men which White men naturally fear, and thus damn n’ despise. The kinda man who will look any White man in the eye, and inform him, “I’m better than you, and I’m gonna beat your ass today boy . . . .” White America has made it abundantly clear they like their Blacks either a docile dummy, a mindless buffone or an obedient savage , but not an confidant, defiant alpha-Male.

They hate . . . and fear that type of Black man.

And we Black folks love that type of Black man. Go figure?

It’s obvious, clear to all – even Helen Keller and Ray Charles could see it . . . these wordsmiths seem to be orchestrating a witch-hunt, or rather manhunt, actually a Black man hunt . . . just like back in the good ol’ days.

Cam Newton was/is a target. Mike Vick was/is a target, Donovan McNabb became a target after he said Black Qbs are treated differently, which is akin to saying Seattle is wet. As was JaMarcus Russell and Vince Young.

And the moment RGIII or Russell Wilson say anything one of the Hobbit’s handful of Black Republicans wouldn’t utter, then White America will turn-on them too. Watch. You saw how fast Tiger was deserted by his fair-weather White colleagues and fans. Folks who still applaud Brett Favre – who cheated on his Cancer ridden wife. And love Rob Gronkowski who loves a good time more than he does the gridiron . . . .

Yes, have no question about it; in Black American barbershops n’ sports bars . . . we all know the real deal; Geno Smith is a marked-man, there’s a lynch mob relentlessly chasing him because he didn’t dangle in the hurricane force winds they created. He wouldn’t keep his mouth shut, he begged-to-differ with the White man.

Hang on son, these bastards will do anything to try to turn you ‘round – ride hard, smart n’ fast . . . they’re comin’ after you.



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    September 16, 2013 at 1:49 am

    You really over reacted to this

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