Celtics Force Game 6 Back In Boston Friday

Updated: May 1, 2013

The Celtics came into the game on wednesday down 3-1 and the Knicks had funeral arrangements already set for the Celtics as they showed up in all black. The Celtics started off sluggish down 11-0 to start te game and then Brandon Bass asserted himself into the game and willed the Celtics back into the game. The Celtics came back to end the 1st quarter 22-20 down by 2 and it seemed like the Celtics had everything going their way as they had an overall effort. Jeff Green,Paul Pierce and Jason Terry and Kevin Garnett all came out with the Celtics pride and they held off the Knicks with great defense and also they all did something different tonight they were all aggressive. The Celtics came out with Celtic Pride and in this game the X-Factor had to be Brandon Bass and his aggressive play as he rebounded and made all the tough shots the Celtics needed when given the opportunity as he poured in 17 points on 6-7 shooting which is exactly what the Celtics fans need to see on the daily. Jeff Green had come up big time in the clutch as he hit 2 big corner 3 pointers in the 4th quarter and had a monster dunk that edged the Celtics to a 15 point lead in the game. The Knicks had tried to fight back as they got down by 5 points but KG had hit the dagger that had brought the Celtics to victory and a sigh of relief.  Jason Terry has woken up since he got elbowed by JR Smith and it seems like JR woke up his game as he went for 17 points tonight as well and played a major part in this victory.

The Celtics forced a game 6 that will happen on friday at 7pm and if they show this same fight they can brings this to a game 7 but, game 6 is what is at task right now. If the Celtics want to make history they have to treat every game like its game 7 and take it one game at a time like Jeff Green said. The TD Garden will be rocking on friday and the Celtics will have to try to hold Carmelo and JR Smith down again like they did tonight if they want to force a game 7. The Serie got a little scrappy and thats exactly what people want to see from New York vs Boston and at the end of game 5 Jordan Crawford and Carmelo had some words for each other that almost got both benches riled up.

Below is Jason Terry’s interview,Iman Shumperts and Jordan Crawford and Melo #ENJOY




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