Alexander and Matthysse Wins Crucial Bout!

Updated: May 19, 2013

Showtime featured what promised to two great fights last Saturday night. Devon Alexander came into the fight ready to defend his Welterweight title but Lee Purdy came into the bout over weight  and unable to claim the title. So this wasn’t going to be a championship bout but  a good fight with not title on the line.  In the second bout, Lucas Matthysse faced Lamont Peterson, with the winner most likely to fight the current recognized junior Welterweight title, Danny Garcia. 

Alexander began the fight by being aggressive and landed solid combinations through Purdy’s guard.  Going into the last minute, Purdy landed a solid right but Alexander got the best of Purdy to win the first round.  The last minute featured both fighters going toe to toe.  Alexander quicker hands showed up in the second round but Purdy found Alexander in front of him; so would Purdy be able to wear Alexander down to take control of the second half of the fight? It was not like he had to find Alexander, who normally boxes as oppose to stand in front of his opponent.

Purdy punches did not have much steam in the third round despite landing more punches than the previous two rounds.   Purdy managed to land punches in the fourth and fifth round but over the first five rounds, Alexander connected with right hooks to the body, which wore Purdy down.  Going into the second half of the fight, it would have been hard to score any rounds for Purdy. 

The seventh round simply repeated the attern of the previous six rounds as Alexander nailed Purdy with combinations with hooks to the body and head along with solid lefts to Purdy’s face. As Purdy came back to his corner, his trainer stopped the fight as Purdy’s face swelled due to the punches. Purdy wanted to keep fighting but his corner viewed this hopeless. 

Alexander looked impressive despite hurting his left hand as he threw different combinations from hooks to upper cuts to dominate the game Purdy.

Lamont Peterson began boxing against the Argentina Lucas Matthysse and for the first round, Peterson was able to use the ring as Matthysse did not cut off the ring effectively.  If Peterson mobility won the first round, Matthysse started to get rough and landed effective shots in the second round.  This included a big a left hook that sent Peterson down for eight count in the second round. 

With a minute left in the third round, both fighters nailed each other with left hooks but Matthysse hook sent Peterson down.  Peterson staggered back up but Matthysse finished off the job with another left hook.  Matthysse simply dominated Peterson after the first three minutes with his power.  Coming into the fight, Matthysse right hand was the feared punch but in this fight, it was his left hook that won the fight.

Matthysse two losses were to fighters who lasted all twelve rounds and lost close decisions.  Devon Alexander and Zab Judah survived with their boxing skills but even those fights were controversial and many felt that Mattysse should be undefeated.   No junior Welterweight matches Matthysse’s power and this probably goes for welterweights as well.   Matthysse is following his fellow country man Sergio Martinez into the elite ranks. Matthysse is not the undisputed junior welterweight champion but he is the best junior welterweight.  His slaughter of Lamont Peterson must give some pause to team Danny Garcia, who is supposed to be on the docket for a unification championship bout.

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