Mayweather Remains On Top, Decisons Guerrero

Updated: May 6, 2013


Mayweather connects

In the first of six fights in 30 months under an exclusive pact with SHOWTIME, Floyd Mayweather’s debut was a success. Mayweather (44-0, 26 KOs) retained the WBC welterweight championship with a unanimous decision against interim titlist, Robert Guerrero (31-2-1, 18 KOs) last Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV.

All three judges scored the bout 117-111 for ‘Money,’ who earned his 21st victory in world title fights and his first bout in exactly one year.

They call Guerrero ‘The Ghost,’ but it was Mayweather who couldn’t be found through twelve rounds. Whether Floyd moved to his left or to his right, inside, outside, and even straight-forward, Robert Guerrero’s punches missed high, low, wide, and long. Mayweather made Guerrero miss before catching him with straight-right hands square in the face.

“The less you get hit in this sport, the longer you last,” Mayweather said.

Mayweather, trained by his father Floyd Mayweather, Sr., showed much better defense and footwork against Guerrero, as opposed to his battle with Miguel Cotto last year. Mayweather spent a lot of time shoulder-rolling his punches off the ropes and countering Miguel effectively.

“Everyone was saying that at the age of 36, I didn’t have it no more,” Mayweather continued. My defense wasn’t sharp after the Cotto fight, but I have proved myself. Cotto is a future Hall of Famer. I’ve been in with some of the best.”

Against Guerrero, Mayweather spent less time against the ropes, showed more efficient footwork, ducked, dodged, and countered Guerrero effectively and efficiently.

“I needed my father this night and we were victorious,” Mayweather continued. “The less you get hit, the longer you last. Continue to box. If the knockout came, I was going to take it.”

Guerrero put forth a great, great effort. He attempted to pressure Mayweather by throwing punches, chasing after him, and even attempted to trap him against the ropes and punish him. However, Mayweather was so conscious defensively, he was simply able to avoid Guerrero’s attacks by moving his head, blocking punches with his arms, and constantly moving.

There wasn’t anything on Guerrero’s resume that would suggest that he had a remote chance to defeat Mayweather. But given Guerrero’s track record, we knew his fight with Mayweather would be entertaining with some dramatic moments. The drama was all in watching how a 36 year-old Mayweather was superior to Guerrero in terms of skills. It was intriguing to see Mayweather’s brilliance shine brightly for twelve rounds.

“He was barely slipping by the punches,” Guerrero lamented.  “I landed some good punches.  He’s a great fighter.  He’s slick, he’s quick.  He came out and did his thing.  He was a little better than I thought.  I thought I was going to catch him.  He was on his game tonight.”

Mayweather would have loved to KO Guerrero, but he said he injured his right hand in the fight.

The injury will not deter Mayweather from his plan of fighting again in September. While there is no official word yet, unified WBC/WBA super welterweight champion Saul Alvarez is a possible option. Former unified WBC/WBA junior welterweight champion, Amir Khan is also a popular choice. Either way, Mayweather is committed to fighting in September and fulfilling his deal with SHOWTIME.

Mares defeats DeLeon wins third division title

 At age 27, Abner Mares (26-0, 14 KOs) became a three-division champion by stopping defending WBC featherweight titlist Daniel Ponce DeLeon 44-5, 35 KOs) in the ninth round.”I wasn’t just fighting some opponent,” Mares said. ”He’s my friend. The second time I dropped him I wanted him to stay down. I didn’t want to keep hurting him.”

Mares dropped De Leon with a left-right combination in the second round. The two engaged in an intense battle in the middle of the ring. It wasn’t until the ninth round when a right hand sent DeLeon to the canvas again. DeLeon beat referee Jay Nady’s count of 10, but was greeted by a barrage of punches that forced a stoppage at the 2:20 mark.

Mares has become a star on SHOWTIME by winning SHOWTIME’s Bantamweight Championship Tournament  in 2011.Mares owns a pair of victories against Joesph Agbeko, Vic Darchinyan, Anselmo Moreno, and Eric Morel. All of whom were considered amongst the very best in their division before Mares came along.

Mares has an even brighter future ahead of him to complement his already stellar career.



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