Why Does Rob Gronkowski Receive The White Kid Glove Treatment By The Sports-world?

Updated: April 8, 2013

Rob Gronkowski . . . The Teflon Man.

How does the man get-away with it? How can he he stay so-high . . . above the scrutiny of the “holier-than-thou” court-of public opinion? Why have the sportswriters played along with his Polish-American frat boy gone insane routine?

Here, let me give it to you straight, no chaser; I’ve no problems nor qualms about “The Gronk.” I get his life is an 21st century Animal House.  He’s apart of a new-breed stallion of NFL Tight End’s redefining the position, he’s taking-care of his on-field business. Whatever else he does . . . ain’t nobody’s business.

Now, noting his injuries – why the “Dr. Belicheckinstein” had him on the field when he did? Back even in the playoffs – and why he was  . . .dancing on a high-ankle sprain,  doing James Brown moves with a broken forearm. . . after a Super Bowl loss?

I do believe Gronkowski needs to grow-up, mature, pull-his head out-of-his-ass, slow the playboy/party animal stuff.

What does both concern and disturb me is; There’s not a Black player in the NFL, MLB or NBA who could behave this recklessly and “White society” would turn-a deaf-ear n’ blind-eye to his swash-bucklin’ neanderthal lifestyle. The drinking, and the drinking, followed by the drinking, the sexcapades . . . and yet not-a-peep from the Mayberry RFD citizen’s council. The usually tight-assed, anal, by-the book critics just chuckle, and dismiss his antics as sophomoric.

White guys just wanna have fun . . .


Do I have to convince anyone this is another one of those moments in time where we’re witnessing a White man get-away with just about any damn-thing he wants to . . . because, and dig this, it’s not deep but it’s tantamount  to our cocktail conversation here – the “Gronk’s” getting down n’ gettin’ off in a venue the Black gladiator has horrifically and tragically taken-over and come-to reign supreme over.

He’s something to brag about.

Like Tiger on the country club links, The Williams Ladies on the grass-courts, the Big O, Wilt, Dr.  J,  the Iceman, Magic and Jordan on the hardwood courts –  football is the “national pastime” and thus the premier sport’s battlefield in the American Cultural war for dominance, influence, clout and control, the place to prove who’s in-power, i.e.,  who n’ what is “Americana.”

Those battlefield losses make everyday, run-of-the-mill White men half-mad with envy and contempt. (hate).



“Real Americans” want to see more-and-more White guys (real Americans) at-the-top, as victorious winners. Additionally they yearn to see virtually every Black spartan fail.

So when a happy-go-lucky buffoon like “the Gronk” comes along, play’s for America’s team – the Blue-Blooded New England Patriots – an operation already given “a pass,” if not forgiven for cheating . . .my lord, it’s a given this kid is going to be anointed Tarzan, King of the Apes.

Let’s be real here, OK? There’d be hell raised, and more-than a-little-bit if Bengals Marvin Lewis is ever caught cheating . . . .

The historical/traditional deep-seeded hope some sportsfans share is; all key-elements of their team are White. The cerebral “Gepedto” pulling all the strings – Belichick.  Brady at Signal Caller, with all the ball-handling positions manned by White men. They’ll take Hernandez as the token-minority. On Defensive studs like Terry Bruschi – the thinking barbarian’s linebacker . . . this wet-dream is to show the world who’s the ultimate-man.

The behind-the-door motivation; to illustrate a team racially comprised along the semi-segregated standards of 1964 – when White folks had  already had-more-than-enough of this integration crap – that era a team, with as few Black gladiators as workable . . . can dominate, win-it-all . . . against teams which are vastly all-black.

It’s a marketing-plan;  “Give the people with purchasing power what they want . . . !” Blond haired golden boys, i.e., Thor.

Ocho-Cinco was too-dumb, Randy Moss lacked the manners n’ decorum – there’s a yearning across this nation by some to see Boston  field another team which can win without their kind . . . . It’s a good thing I can read between-the-lines and don’t fall-for all the little White lies . . . uh?

Racial Innuendos,  derogatory slights and malicious insinuations . . . wrapped-in pretty paper.

I don’t have to do a Harold Carmichael stretch to score this obvious touchdown, this is about testicle-size . . . who’s the ultimate alpha-male. The Great White Hunter must prevail. Surely no man-child-type indiscretions like Rob Gronkowski’s can derail his potential HOF career.

Now Let VY or Cam  behave like Gronkowski. . . .   It wouldn’t fly. Wouldn’t cut it. The “Different strokes for different folks” defense wouldn’t  work.  What you’ve got at-work n’ play here –  different “acceptable”  morals, values and standards for different-colored folks.

Its the duplicitous two-faced nature of America.

How cute and nonthreatening for White folks to act-a-damn-fool. Let Black men behave like this . . . someone’s calling more than the authorities, they’re calling SWAT..

Let’s cut-to-the-chase . . . .The Gronk, like Tim Tebow is a poster-boy for Great White Hopes. One’s a Hell raisin’ heathen, while the other is the rumblin’, n’ stumblin’ on water Messiah, the Chosen One. Ponder this hypocritical point – both are All-Americans, both, in the eye’s of millions of Americans are more American  than RGIII, Russell Wilson, Josh Freeman or Geno Smith could ever be.

They can do no wrong.

White America sees, hears, speaks nor writes any evil when it comes to guys like Tebow and The Gronk . . . .

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