Prospects Loses Big on ESPN

Updated: April 7, 2013

This was supposed to be a night in which undefeated prospects took steps forward in their career. It turned out instead a night in which prospects found out that they were not quite ready for primetime on  ESPN Friday night fights.

It began with undefeated Jorge Maysonet facing Gabriel Tolymajyan and in the first round, Tolymajyan caught Maysonet with a left; sending Maysonet down for an eight count.  After one round, Maysonet was down 10-8.

In the early rounds, Maysonet looked raw and not polished as he threw wild shots but very few jabs but that could have been due to Toymajyan’s southpaw stance.   Tolymajyan looked the smoother and managed to connect with lefts to the body and head whereas Maysonet simply tried movement to set up his combinations.  Often Maysonet looked awkward and off balanced which added to his problems.

Maysonet simply looked confused as he launched one punch, move, and launched another punch.  He failed to set up combinations and as Ted Atlas noted, Maysonet head was ahead of the rest of his body as his head was often landing before his punches.

Tolymajyan landed some solid straight punches in the sixth round that nailed Maysonet.  One straight left bloodied Maysonet’s nose. Maysonet retreated quite a bit in the seventh round as Tolymajyan kept the pressure on.  Going into the fight, it was Maysonet considered the bigger puncher but throughout the fight, it was Tolymajyan who threw the harder punches.  Maysonet habit of going straight back hurt him throughout the bout and in the eighth round; Tolymajyan nailed Maysonet with a straight left that sent Maysonet reeling to the rope.   Tolymajyan won an easy decision and Maysonet simply didn’t have a plan B when he found that he couldn’t knock Tolymajyan out, he spent the fight moving away from Tolymajyan.  Maysonet showed that he may be a more an opponent than a future contender.

Undefeated prospect Jonathan Maicelo, a national hero in his native Peru, was fighting his television debut against Russian fighter Rustam Nugaev.   In the opening minute of the bout, Maicelo used his defensive wizardry to avoid shots and he nailed Nugaev with slick combinations.  Throughout the opening round, Maicelo maneuvered around the entire ring as he set Nugaev  upfor his flashy combinations.

Nugaev stayed in front of Maicelo and pressured the Peruvian throughout the second round.  Maicelo seemed unable to persuade Nugaev to back off despite raining one accurate punch after another.  This continued into the third round but what was obvious, Maicelo was the better technician and the only chance for Nugaev to win was to wear his opponent up.  Ted Atlas questioned Maicelo’s ability to withstand Nugaev assault and asked, did he become a star before accomplishing anything real in boxing?

The fourth round saw both men brawling but most of the round, it was Maicelo getting the better of the inside bout with his accurate straight shots. With one minute left, Nugaev landed a thundering right but Maicelo nailed Nugaev with a counter right and added a couple of more sharp rights to punctuate the round.

During the sixth round, Nugaev went to body while using his jab to keep Maicelo in reach in what was his best round at that point and Nugaev continued to pound Maicelo throughout the seventh round and with a minute left in the round Nugaev nailed Maicelo with two solid rights. As the seventh round concluded, Maicelo looked like a worn out fighter with three rounds left.   Nugaev brutal attack came to end as Maicelo threw a looping right hand and boom, a Nugaev short right sent Maicelo down for good.  It was brutal fight and the undefeated Maicelo showed weakness in his techniques as he moved back straight line, making him vulnerable to Nugaev’s right. Maicelo showed heart but his occasional dropping of hands, the use of looping shots as he got tired and a defensive lapses cost him the bout.  Nugaev won because he had a game plan to pressure the prospect and it worked.  The key to Maicelo, will he learn from his mistakes. The talent is there but boxing is more than just about talent, it is about hearts and street smarts.  Maicelo has talent and heart but needs to develop street smarts.   Ted Atlas was right when he stated Nugaev’s pressure would win the fight.


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